Take your acoustic guitar playing to the next level fast!

Hello Good People David Taub here,

I am very proud to announce that we now have available a new digital course that will absolutely take your acoustic guitar playing to the heights you've always longed for.

Look, the acoustic guitar may very well be the ultimate instrument. It's portable, lightweight, you can take it anywhere, and you don't need an amp or cables. It's one of the most popular instruments in the world.

That's the good news. The bad news is that unless you follow a structured blueprint that leads you by the hand, step by step, you'll find it extremely difficult to reach any level of proficiency.

You'll just feel like you're banging around some chords not making real music, and you might eventually get discouraged and quit. Don't let that happen to you!! You CAN play this awesome instrument if you follow a series of proven methods and precise routines that let you easily climb the guitar staircase, "step by step" and we will get you there fast.


I have created a four-part digital course with more than eight hours of crucial instruction on exactly how to take your acoustic guitar playing to the next level and even how to go about purchasing a new acoustic when you feel ready to upgrade.

Here is what you get. You get EVERYTHING

Your Cost: $149.95 $99.00 $26

I've done all the work for you, and now
all you need to do is:

Plug Yourself into this program, and listen to
yourself making beautiful music with my proven methods.

Our lessons include enjoyable practice routines and critically important practice tips that will ensure you are practicing exactly the right things as you move forward in your guitar journey.

We know that you are probably busy and may not have a lot of free time, which is why we designed our methods to work in the fastest, most efficient manner possible. This ensures that your playing and practicing is productive and FUN. I mean, seriously, you didn't pick up the guitar to have it feel like drudgery, did you??! Of course not.

For the last five years, I've made it my sincere passion to help tens of thousands of students all over the world play better guitar... and making it FUN in the process.

That's why we are the No. 1 guitar guru teacher on all of YouTube. Our methods are proven and they work.

Bottom line:
We absolutely guarantee that we can get your playing to the next level in the fastest and most efficient manner.

Here's how you'll improve your acoustic guitar playing, watching these DVDs...

  • You'll play along as I show you how to make chord changes effortlessly.
  • You'll earn how to add rhythmic elements to your acoustic playing like the chuck and rhythmic slap.
  • See my nifty little trick that lets you totally change the sound and tone of a chord with just one finger.
  • Take your acoustic guitar playing to new heights by learning to hammer-on and pull-off chords
  • Learn fingerstyle acoustic guitar put those picks away for these lessons and create beautiful finger picked music!
  • Learn a myriad of new chords, pseudo bar chords, strum patterns, and much more!

This four-DVD set has over eight hours of instructional materials, as each DVD is crammed with two hours of enjoyable, practical lessons.

And here's a great benefit that may
not have occurred to you...

Since this course is on real, physical REGION FREE DVDs that we mail to your home, you can watch the lessons on your big TV screen and not be chained to your computer screen or held back by a slow Internet connection. This is huge!

You can sit in your favorite chair and get comfortable instead of feeling cramped at your desk.

These lessons include on-screen text and close ups of the fret and pick hands. Plus two-camera picture in picture so you can see all the action and techniques that are going on up close and personal.

Do you want to know why so many people give up the guitar before they've really given themselves an honest chance?

It's because they had the misfortune of trying to learn from old-school teaching methods. (Can you say, Mary Had a Little Lamb? Ugh!) Look, if you have ever gotten discouraged before, let me tell you one thing straight-out: It's not your fault!

I had one student tell me that he literally fished his guitar out of the dumpster because he found my methods to be so refreshing and enjoyable. Seriously! He began playing like he always wanted and you can do the same thing. (He wasn't the only student who achieved success after giving up, but his story was one of the most memorable.)

While our methods are remarkably fun, we utilize
a proven structure and teach solid fundamentals and techniques.

I make it a point in my lessons to leave nothing to chance. I'll show you every technique in detail, and I'll show you exactly what to practice. We teach concepts by breaking them down into bite sized pieces and explaining them thoroughly at regular and slow speeds. This way you never feel like you are being left in the dust or feel you have to constantly be working the rewind and pause buttons to catch all the details.

Plus we include on-screen text to spell out all the strum patterns, chords, and progressions. This makes learning so much easier to see everything spelled out as you are playing along and learning.

I can't stress enough how crucial it is to have a structured plan as you continue to climb the guitar staircase. On this DVD set we lay out the structure as if it was a connect-the-dots drawing, teaching you ALL the necessary techniques.

Many other guitar methods leave out this sort of structure or worse move way too fast. See, if a guitar teacher doesn't take the time to explain what to practice and WHY it's important you'll just end up frustrated and spinning your wheels.

Remember you just can't be practicing anything you have to be practicing the right things. My course gives you all of them.

What is mastering the acoustic guitar worth to you?

Look, I know these are tough times for many, which is why I've really slashed the price on this program. Ask any reputable guitar instructor what eight hours of his instructional lesson time is worth, and the answer you'll get is hundreds of dollars.

However, I'm keeping this 4-DVD set at a rock-bottom price of $149.95 $99 $26.

Special price: $149.95 $99 $26

You only pay $149.95 $99 $26 for everything. I really do want to make this as easy for you as possible.

Look, I'm clearly biased I happen to think that playing the guitar well is one of the most rewarding things you can do with your life, which is why I say that life is too short to delay your acoustic guitar dreams.

Try my methods right now without any risk whatsoever, and take your acoustic guitar playing to the next level FAST all while having an insane amount of fun!

I wish you the best in all your musical endeavors and remember ROCK ON!

-David Taub


DVD Lesson Menus:
  • DVD Introduction & Practice Tips – Here we have a short introduction followed by valuable practice tips on how to not only use the materials in this DVD set in the most efficient manner but also how to maximize your practice time. We understand that everyone is very busy and time is of the essence. So we teach a very structured curriculum of lessons and practice regimens that get your playing to the next level in the fastest and most efficient manner. We also discuss tuning, gear, guitar physics, guitar playing evolution, muscle memory, keeping a practice log, and lesson order.
  • Chord Library – One of the most important things you need to do as a musician is to keep expanding your chordal knowledge. This opens so many doors to what you can do musically on your instrument. You want to know and be able to whip out and apply many different types of chords and chordal embellishments. In these lessons we teach you a boatload of chords to add to your guitar arsenal. You will get close ups of all the chords with on screen text to tie it all together. You will also learn what I call pseudo bar chords. These chords emphasize the open strings and not barring across strings like a standard bar chord. These are an amazing batch of chords to get creative with.
  • Chord Changing Techniques – In this lesson we teach the proper techniques for chord changing. It is absolutely critical to use the proper techniques when changing chords. Many of these techniques are about muscle memory combined with knowing the proper techniques and how to apply them. You will learn the best way to practice your changes and how to get them to the next level fast. Learn all about chord change mechanics, shared fingers, clustering, and practice tips for maximizing chord changing efficiency and getting crystal clear chordal tone.
  • Progressions – This section is divided into four lessons to teach you about adding new chords into your songs and progressions. You can really dress up your playing by substituting more interesting and sophisticated sounding chords and chordal movements. Learn about chord intervals, chord colors, and what makes these chords sound different and interesting. Throughout this group of lessons we will be enhancing progressions with 7th chords, major 7th chords, minor 7th chords, and more. On screen text makes playing along fun and easy. Plus we add plenty of practice progressions and strums to practice these techniques and tie everything together that you learn as you move your playing forward.
  • Strumming & Strum Patterns – In this lesson you will learn a bunch of different strum patterns. It's important that you are armed with a huge arsenal of strum patterns. In this lesson learn about quarter notes, eighth notes, and sixteenth notes. We teach you how to break strums down when first learning them and we demonstrate strum patterns at slow speeds with on screen text of the strum written out with downs and ups so you can grasp them quickly and easily. Proper strum technique is also covered as well as many of the common mistakes players make when strumming.
  • Strumming – This section has two lessons on strum patterns and strumming techniques to dress up your rhythms and strums. First learn a new strum pattern and some tips on how to break down patterns rhythmically and play them by ear. In the following lesson you will learn a technique of combining strum patterns. This are no rules saying that you have to play the same strum pattern through an entire song. You want to vary and change the pattern at your discretion and have the tools to do just that. So we will teach you how to take patterns and mix them together for a much more interesting, complex, and melodious sound.
  • Embellishing Chords Techniques – This section has three lessons that will teach you how to embellish chords into more interesting and richer sounding chords by adding certain notes. It's the easiest and fastest way to really dress up your playing and add richness, texture, and melody. And you will be doing it fast and then using the techniques all the time in your playing. We start off slow and simple getting you to embellish for full measures on chords. There is also a great practice routine included using a long progression to really work these concepts and your chord changes. Then we apply all that you have learned by teaching you how to pepper in embellishments for part measures. This is what you will be doing with your songs and it is a killer technique that you will love and add to your guitar arsenal fast and easy!
  • Hammering Techniques – This section has two lessons to teach you all about the techniques of hammering notes to chords for embellishing added tones. These techniques are all about hammering-on and pulling-off chords to add much drama and interest to your playing. We start easy by taking chords you already know and start spicing them up with hammer-ons. Then in the second lesson we expand the technique to also include scale notes and hammering while holding down rhythms in time. Learn all the techniques and you will be blasting this across all your playing fast.
  • Chucking Technique – In this lesson you will learn one of the all-time favorite acoustic guitar techniques the technique of rhythmic chucking or right hand muting while playing chords. This will really dress up your playing and throw in added rhythmic elements that add drama, interest, and intensity to your playing. We start off basic and teach the technique at slow and regular speeds as well as with two-camera picture in picture allows you to see all the action up close. In this lesson we teach the technique with open chords and later on in this DVD series you will learn it with bar chords as well as combining the technique with open and bar chords you will love this for sure!
  • Rhythms – In this section there are two lessons. One on an acoustic blues rhythm and the other on acoustic bluegrass. In the blues lesson you will learn some different techniques for really dressing up a blues progression. This will give you more options in your musical toolbox to whip out as you see fit. This is also great work for the pinky as you add different notes and tones. In the acoustic bluegrass lesson you will learn some basic bluegrass rhythms and techniques. Also learn some hip licks to add in while playing these styles. All the chords, rhythms, and progressions are all laid out in text and explained in detail to get you playing the techniques fast and easy.
  • Rhythmic Chucking – In these two lessons first learn to add that rhythmic accents by employing a chucking technique with bar chords. Then in the second lesson learn how to combine open chord chucking technique with bar chord chucking technique. On screen text displays all the chords, strum patterns, and progressions to make learning fun and easy. Plus plenty of practice examples, progressions, strums, and two camera picture-in-picture close ups of the fret hand will get you adding these techniques to your guitar arsenal in no time!
  • Fingerstyle Rhythmic Slapping – In this lesson you will learn how to add rhythmic slapping to your fingerstyle playing. It's a unique technique that will add much interest and variation into your acoustic fingerstyle playing arsenal. Get the secrets in this lesson and you will be applying it in no time.
  • Rhythms – In this acoustic blues lesson you will learn many cool licks and lead fills that you can blast across all your playing. You will learn all about a killer blues rhythm and how to embellish it with different scale notes and licks from the Minor Pentatonic Blues Scale. You will learn how to rhythmically add interest by making bends and hammering on and pulling off cool notes within the rhythm. Plus learn a cool rhythm technique to move up the entire neck with all the chordal variations spelled out easy and fast.
  • Fingerstyle Technique I – In the four lessons in this section you will learn the basics of fingerstyle guitar. Throw those picks away for now, as you will be playing with your fingers and soon making melodious music. Fingerstyle guitar is so beautiful and we bring you the proper way to get started off in these lessons. Learn the proper playing posture, terminology, history, proper practice and metronome use, and the proper mechanics of the two most common strokes the rest stroke and the free stroke. Learn the proper way to grow and shape your nails if you decide to use nails. Included here are plenty of exercises for developing the rest stroke and the free stroke and how to use the metronome when practicing them.
  • Fingerstyle Technique II – In the five lessons in this section you will continue to develop and practice your fingerstyle playing. You will learn a major and minor scale and the proper way to play and practice them. Then we start to get into more musical exercises where you will learn right hand patterns while playing chords and progressions. Then we take you through some more patterns and variations using chords and scales as well as all about proper strumming techniques with fingerstyle guitar. By the end of these lessons you will be ready to take on full pieces of music get ready to have tons of fun with fingerstyle guitar.

How to purchase an acoustic guitar

This fourth DVD of the set is all about how to make a well-informed decision when purchasing an acoustic guitar one that will bring you endless joy for years and years to come. It is so awesome with all the acoustic guitar choices out there in the marketplace today.

All the different sizes, shapes, all the various woods used, all the manufacturers, different model lines, dreadnaughts, jumbos, parlor guitars, grand symphonies, grand concerts, electric acoustics, cutaways, slim lines MAN there is just so much stuff out there it is truly awesome but it also can be truly overwhelming

Go into any big guitar store and you will see what we mean where do you even start?

  • How do you go about this choice? Well, that is what this DVD is all about what to look for, what to listen for, and why the acoustic guitar sounds the way it does.
  • How to use that knowledge to make the best-informed decision when making an acoustic guitar purchase.
  • How to find that voice you are looking for. Acoustic guitars are like snowflakes, there are no two the same. And each one has a different tone or mood. Some acoustics sound brighter, some darker, some louder, some boomy and bassy, some more cutting. So they each have a mood to them and you want to be able to find that magical one among the thousands that sounds the best to your ears and feels the best in your hands.
  • An acoustic purchase in an important decision and before you plunk down your hard earned cash you want to be as sure as possible that you are making the right choice. By arming yourself with the knowledge we bring to you in this DVD then you will be able to make the most well informed decision possible. We arm you with the knowledge of why acoustics sound the way they do and how the woods used in their construction affect the tone of the instrument. Each acoustic is different and we will go over in depth all the different types, sizes, and shapes of acoustics and how each of these factors affect the tone of the guitar.
  • We also take a field trip to one of the premiere acoustic guitar stores in Southern California. We want to show you what you want to look for in an acoustic guitar store, where you want to go to make your purchase. You want to go to a guitar store with a MASSIVE selection, like this one so you can PLAY and HEAR as many acoustics as possible. And in this DVD we play many different acoustics and point out all the differences as we compare them.
  • Arm yourself with the knowledge in this DVD and you will have no regrets about your acoustic guitar purchase and you will be happy with it for many, many years to come as you continue your guitar journey.

Menu lessons on this DVD:

  • DVD Introduction - In this section David explains the format for the coming lessons and sets the stage for this DVD. This DVD is all about how to go about making a well-informed decision when purchasing an acoustic guitar. Each acoustic has a mood to it based off several factors and David begins to explain the whys in this section. David explains that if you spend the time to arm yourself with a little knowledge on why acoustics sound the way they do you will be in such a better place to make a well-informed decision. A decision which you will be totally happy with and not regret later, as it will bring you joy for the rest of your life.
  • Why The Acoustic Guitar - In this section David explains why acoustic guitars are so sought after and so popular. He discusses the shear easiness, portability, and grab-and-go nature of the acoustic guitar. He also discusses how to use the acoustic as a practice and songwriting tool. David also talks about the acoustic guitar personality
  • General Purchase Information - In this section David goes over some general purchase information when shopping for an acoustic guitar. This information will really help make your guitar shopping and purchasing much easier, smoother, and more enjoyable. He discusses the importance of patience, comparing guitars and not taking them out of context, the importance of research with price points, and price matching. David also talks about the importance of playing as many acoustics as possible and why that is such a critical step in the purchasing process as well as thinking long term with your purchase.
  • Acoustic Guitar Overview - In this section David teaches an overview of the acoustic guitar and why quality is so important when shopping for an acoustic. He talks about string tension and how that affects the instrument and what you should be looking for in this area when purchasing. David discusses the BIG 4 which are the four biggest things to consider when making an acoustic purchase and he goes over each in depth tone, playability, craftsmanship, and ability to stay in tune. He discusses how to look at this BIG 4 and relate it to an instrument with the tone and playability that you are looking for - how to find the acoustic that feels best in your hands and sounds best to your ears.
  • Types & Tones - This section is broken down to two sub-sections:
      Acoustic guitar types - In this section David takes an in depth look at all the different types of acoustic guitars. For this DVD he focuses mainly on the steel string acoustic. There are many different types of steel string guitars and David goes over each of them and defines the different characteristics of each. David discusses the nylon string acoustic vs. the steel string acoustic with playing and tonal examples of each. He also goes over arch top acoustics, electric/acoustics and the positive aspects of having built in electronics in an acoustic. He also goes over thin line acoustics, smaller sized parlor, baby, and travel acoustic guitars, acoustics with cutaways, dreadnaught acoustics, jumbo acoustics, and other sized acoustics - all with playing and tonal examples, guitar demonstrations, and in depth discussion of the positives and negatives associated with that type of acoustic. David also plays these guitars one next to another and teaches you how to compare guitars tonally, how the size and shapes affect tone, and what to listen for in each acoustic.
      Acoustic guitar tones - In this section David teaches why acoustic guitars sound the way they do. What gives them their own voice, tone, and mood. Arm yourself with the knowledge of these factors and they will point you in the direction of the acoustic that you are looking for. David goes in depth to discuss the WBSS principle or Woods, Built, Size, Shape and how these factors influence tone. David explains which parts of the guitars are responsible for most of the tone and the importance of the guitar top or soundboard. He goes over the different woods used in making acoustic guitars and how each affects tone. He also plays various guitars made from different woods and explains the tonal characteristics of each so you get sound examples one next to another just what you should be doing when shopping for an acoustic. David also discusses how acoustics are made and solid wood construction vs. laminate construction and the effects on tone. David also makes recommendations for woods and construction when making a purchase.
  • DVD Outro - This section is broken down to two sub-sections:
      Shop for acoustic guitars in a store like this one In this section we take a field trip to one of the premiere acoustic guitar stores in Southern California. This is what you want to look for in a store where you go to make your purchase. You want to go to a guitar store with a MASSIVE selection, like this one so you can PLAY and HEAR as many acoustics as possible. And in this store is where we will play many of the acoustics we are demonstrating and teaching with on this DVD.
      Outro In this section we do a brief wrap up and give you pertinent contact info.

100%, No B.S. 365-Day Money Back Guarantee

Let me make this easy for you. Just dive in and soak up all the learning material in this package for 365 days. Put the methods to practice and watch your playing get to the next level all while having fun.

Your purchase is unconditionally guaranteed for 365 days. No questions asked. Period.

Thanks as always for letting me share in your guitar journey.

Keep on rocking!

P.S: Remember, my methods are guaranteed to get your acoustic playing to the next level, so the risk is all on me. Order now before my current production run of DVDs runs out.

P.P.S: Learning from me on DVDs is even better than paying much higher prices for an in-person guitar teacher. Why do I say that? Because I'm offering you a system that you can replay or rewind as many times as you want! You'll go at your own pace, never have to leave your house, and with more than eight hours of instruction, this makes it a no-brainer. So please consider trying our methods you wont be sorry and take your acoustic guitar playing to the next level FAST all while having an insane amount of fun. I wish you the best in all your musical endeavors and remember...

P.P.P.S: These DVDs are region free which means they will work on any DVD player or computer, guaranteed.

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