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Discover the Secrets of B.B King and
Transform Your Blues Guitar Playing Forever!

How? By Learning to Solo in the Same Sophisticated Style
as 'The King of Blues' Himself, Along with Learning His Revolutionary Techniques
That Still Inspire Every Great Blues-Rock Guitarist Today ...

Watch This Video and Let Us Show You Step by Step …

Hey, this is David Taub, co-founder of Next Level Guitar.

I want you to imagine something...

Imagine being able to play the same sophisticated style of blues soloing as B.B. King...

...and then making it your OWN...playing it YOUR way...

...even learning how to approach the guitar in the same way as the universally recognized "King of Blues!"

Sound crazy? It's not.

I'm here to not only tell you that it CAN be done, but that it's INEVITABLE when you simply follow the simple steps in our special series.


"The Thrill Is ON: B.B. King-Inspired Blues Lesson Series"

This special lesson series contains:

15 HD video lessons totaling over 4 hours of blues lesson content in the B.B. King style
5 jam tracks (the same ones used in lessons, making for easier learning)
A detailed 41-page PDF eBook with crucial charts, diagrams and added tips

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only $39.95

(This product is the digital equivalent of a 5-DVD set)

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Here's WHY You Want to Do This …

Look, this is not exactly late breaking news, but it bears repeating ...

B.B. King is quite simply one of the most influential blues musicians of all time. From his humble roots on a cotton plantation in Mississippi, to his rise as the “King of Blues” who performed relentlessly into his 80s, Riley Ben King (“B.B.” was short for "Blues Boy”) introduced a sophisticated style of soloing based on fluid string bending and shimmering vibrato that continues to have a profound influence across the world's musical landscape.

You could hardly pick a better role model on guitar. And not just because he’s in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame … or because he’s won 15 Grammy Awards … or because he’s consistently on everyone’s Top 100 Guitarists of All Time list.

Nope. Those are all quite valid reasons. But as a guitarist who’s always looking to take my playing to another level, my reason for studying B.B. King stems from this: The man worked at his craft with a diligence that’s a shining lesson for us all.

“Even now, at 82 years old,” he once said, “if I don't learn something every day, you know what I think? It's a day lost.

"Get yourself a teacher, take music lessons, and learn everything you can about your instrument. Later on you’ll be qualified to play whatever you want."

True that! But do you want to know why WE are so passionate about teaching B.B. King? It’s the sheer beauty and coolness of his SOUND!

His playing is so identifiable and phrased so well. All you need to hear are a few of his sweet notes, or hear just a bit of his stinging vibrato, and you KNOW it’s B.B. King. No one else provided such melody and harmony quite like that before … or since. Go listen to his legendary “Live at The Regal” performance sometime and be blown away.

As Lenny Kravitz put it: “Anyone could play a thousand notes and never say what B.B. can say in one."

His technique was one of spareness and emotive playing. I remember him saying once in an interview: “It’s just not the notes that you play, but also the notes you don't play.” That always resonated with me, and I keep it in mind in my playing to this day.

Small wonder that no less than Bonnie Raitt says, "B.B. King has done the most for blues in the history of music."

Okay, so sure, we can all agree that learning the techniques of B.B. King is one of the best things you could ever do for your blues guitar playing.

But CAN you play like him?
And SHOULD you?

These are good questions. The short answers are, resoundingly, YES and YES.

However, let’s get one thing out of the way immediately — there was obviously only one B.B. King. And you will never BE him. That goes without saying :-)

But guess what?

You CAN create the same sounds as B.B. King.

You CAN use his same techniques to take your blues playing to entirely special and more sophisticated level.

You CAN use his playing to reinvigorate your blues play to take it into ANY direction you want.

Here's HOW You’re Going to Do This …

We just put the finishing touches on a remarkable course on everything B.B. King.

It’s called "The Thrill Is ON: B.B. King-Inspired Blues Lesson Series”


"The Thrill Is ON: B.B. King-Inspired Blues Lesson Series"


only $39.95

(This product is the digital equivalent of a 5-DVD set)

Sale price and bonuses expire in ...

This comprehensive lesson series contains:

15 HD video lessons totaling over 4 hours of blues lesson content in the B.B. King style
5 jam tracks (the same ones used in lessons, making for easier learning)
A detailed 41-page PDF eBook with crucial charts, diagrams and added tips

Here's What You’ll Be Able to Do After
Watching the Lessons in These Lessons:

Go with us on a deep dive into everything B.B. King — all his best licks, tips, tricks and devices.
Discover exactly HOW to get that signature “sweet” sound that made B.B. King famous.
Learn the simple yet sophisticated soloing style that can say so much with so little.
How to take bits and pieces of everything and then make them your OWN ... and then blast it across ALL your playing for maximum effect.
Learn all about gear as it relates to achieving that precise B.B. King tone. We’ll get you “in the wheelhouse” even if you’re on a small budget!
Adopt new and exciting strategies so that you can jam out with anyone on a moment’s notice
Learn all the devices that will take your blues playing to the next level: string bending, vibrato, string raking, dynamics and more.
Licks, licks and more licks! You’ll learn a TON of them, as well as crucial aspects such as how to build them, how to vary them, how to move them all over the neck, and more.
Learn about positional mapping for maximum playing impact.
Discover how to blend major and minor sounds together for that beautifully complex sound everyoneloves. (B.B. King was a master at this, and you can do it, too.)
Learn just enough music theory to take your note selection to new and inspired levels.
Finally get the hang of mixing scales when jamming the blues. (You will LOVE how this sounds!)
Get inside the head of B.B. King to learn how to use improvisational devices, techniques and concepts for your lead playing.
How to “put it all together” as you join us in a jam session with our awesome-sounding custom backing tracks.

Here's What's So Cool About This Instructional Package...

We teach you how to apply the techniques you are learning by playing over the exact same jam tracks that are included in the lessons.

This is bigger than you might realize!

Why? Because learning a technique is one thing — that’s fine as far as it goes.

But actually APPLYING those techniques and using
them in a musical context is EVERYTHING. It’s the entire point of your playing, after all!

This is not something other instructional programs do, by the way. But we insist on it for one simple reason: Because it WORKS.

Even MORE Extras You Don’t
Get Anywhere Else ...

You’ve already seen that this course contains 15 high-def videos totaling more than four hours of step-by-step lessons. PLUS five custom-recorded jam tracks. PLUS a 41-page eBook that ties it all together for you.

Now, that’s already a LOT. But what you might NOT know is that we break everything down into small and easy digestible pieces. Then we demonstrate and teach you how to practice the material and apply it over the included jam tracks.

Not only that, but all lessons feature on-screen tablature and close-ups of the fret and pick hands with multiple camera angles to make it easy to follow along. We also demonstrate the examples at both slow and regular speeds so you can learn with ease and not have to constantly hit the rewind button. That’s a big time-saver you will appreciate, believe me!


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Grab "The Thrill Is ON: B.B. King-Inspired Blues
Lesson Series" for just $89.95 $39.95
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You can begin watching these lessons immediately. Stream them online 24/7 wherever you have an Internet connection, or easily download them to your mobile, laptop or desktop device. Simply watch the tutorials and begin applying them to your playing! You will love hearing the results once you work with them a bit. As with all our products, we offer a full 90-day unlimited guarantee. Order now and see you in the lessons!

Here's my 100% Risk-Free,
No-Worries, Guarantee

Let me make this easy for you. Just dive in and soak up all the learning material in this package for 90 days. Put the methods to practice and watch your playing get to the next level all while having fun.

Your purchase is unconditionally guaranteed for 90 days.
No questions asked, period, full stop.

Let Me Bottom Line This For You …

I’m very proud to offer this package of lessons to you. We have always wanted to dive deep into the secrets of B.B. King, and now that it’s finally finished, I can honestly say that this is one of the most exciting offerings on blues we’ve ever created. I’m confident you’ll LOVE it, and I know you’ll be AMAZED what it will do for your playing. The “Thrill” is indeed ON, and please let me know how you like them.

Rocking on,

P.S. I wouldn’t blame you for asking yourself: "Is it really possible to duplicate that same sweet sound made famous by The King of Blues?” "Can I really jam and improvise in the same way?” "Could I really learn the techniques necessary to get that emotionally sophisticated sound?"

The answers: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes!

Look, even if you are just starting out, know that our lessons will help get you there. And here, listen to what B.B. King said in an interview when he was asked how he was able to bend notes with vibrato when no one else at the time was doing so.

Said B.B. himself: "I just wanted to be able to do like my cousin, Bukka White and some of the other great slide guitarists. I have stupid fingers. They just wouldn't do it. Or stupid head, one or the other … But after I practiced for a while, you learn that you can sustain it. I could hold it until I get ready to turn it loose.”

Exactly. It just takes some practice, that’s all. And that’s exactly what we show you how to do in these special lessons. (And yes, we DO show you how to execute that exact same vibrato that B.B. King made famous :-)

See you in the lessons!

Grab "The Thrill Is ON: B.B. King-Inspired Blues
Lesson Series" for just $89.95 $39.95
During This Special Limited Time Offer

Sale price and bonuses expire in ...