Start Making Music Virtually Overnight

Start Making Music Virtually Overnight

How can you get better so quickly?

It's by being able to create music by no longer playing just the same chords …
the same strum patterns … and the same rhythms. It's by being able to
play chords effortlessly all over the guitar neck — immediately!

How can you get better so quickly?

It's by being able to create music by no longer playing just the same chords … the same strum patterns … and the same rhythms. It's by being able to play chords effortlessly all over the guitar neck — immediately!

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So let me tell you a little bit about my "Chord Magic" program ...

Look, if you want to:

  • Start creating music by putting an end to always playing the same chords ... the same strum patterns ... and the same rhythms ...
  • Start playing chords effortlessly ALL over the entire guitar neck and get out of that blasted first position ...
  • Breathe new life into your playing and start sounding musical ...

Then you owe it to yourself to grab this course and watch your talent explode.

Grab them here or keep reading for more detail ...

Hello Good People!

If you are a beginning guitar player — or even an intermediate player — then it won't be long before you hit the dreaded "Wall."

What do I mean by hitting "The Wall?"

It's this: After you learn the few basic chords required to play songs, everything you play starts sounding the same.

As you'll soon see, this is an understandable mistake. But if you don't resolve this problem quickly, it can literally kill your desire to play guitar. That's because when everything you play starts sounding the same, you get bored and discouraged.

I see this over and over again. Here's what happens . . .

You get a guitar and you learn those handful of cowboy chords. "This is awesome," you think. "I'm really playing guitar!"

And you are, of course. But then eventually you hit a damaging plateau. That plateau can be heard in the sameness of everything you play. Everything begins sounding flat and mechanical. It doesn't sound like music. And it feels like absolute drudgery to continue onward.

This is because you're playing all those chords from the same position on the guitar neck.

There's actually an amazing solution to this dilemma . . . and it will vault
you to that next level of skill almost immediately . . .

You may not know this, but there is a way to instantly play dozens of new-sounding chords without having to learn anything new.

Seriously! This is how all the guitar players you admire got from "here to there.".

Let me show you an example, and then I'll tell you how you can do this for yourself to explode your playing skill right away.

Okay, you know how changing chords can be difficult because you have to pick up your fingers and move them to another part of the neck as well as place them onto different strings?

Well, I've come up with a much simpler method that shows you how to slide your fingers across the neck without moving the position of your fingers.

Result: You have just created a completely different voicing that now opens up new melodic possibilities! No longer do you have to limit yourself to the same mundane chord over and over again. This is like trading in a black-and-white television for a 50-inch high definition color plasma TV!

And here's the best part: There's almost no limit to how many different ways you can do this on every conceivable chord!

This opens up an entirely new universe of sounds
you can now create for the first time.

That brief example is just one trick of many that I've bundled up into a comprehensive course that will breathe new life into your playing immediately.

Perfect for beginning and intermediate players for both acoustic and electric guitar, it's called "Chord Magic," and it will revolutionize your playing very quickly.



Here's What You're Getting with My "Chord Magic" program:

Throughout these lessons you will:

  • Learn all kinds of new chords and chordal techniques.
  • Master chordal devices to add interest and melody.
  • Discover smooth new killer chord changing techniques.
  • Learn new rhythm techniques and tricks.
  • Play new voicings and inversions of chords without having to learn a new chord itself.
  • Learn all about triads.
  • Discover how to master new strum patterns to explode your repertoire.
  • Learn to move around on the guitar neck seamlessly and smoothly.
  • Discover how to create your own music and musical sounding progressions.
  • How to to take a "songwriting approach" to string chords together.
  • Create musical sounding progressions that can be melded into songs.
  • How to take all the frustration out of learning, playing, and chord changing using the "F" chord.
  • To start playing outside the box and throw musical "curve balls".

This course works great for both acoustic and electric guitars.

Listen, any ONE of those techniques above could get you to the next level alone. I mean, just imagine yourself being able to take a single cowboy chord and turn it into a lush-sounding chord without learning anything new.

Or imagine how stoked you'll be when you're able to turn one chord into four chords .... and then four chords into 16 chords!!

Not only that, but in this package, I give you all kinds of musical-sounding practice exercises and practice progressions to refine these techniques and devices. So even while you are practicing you are still sounding musical and melodic and you will be more motivated and empowered to practice and create music.

By the way, these techniques and devices that you will learn can then be blasted across ALL your playing. And these techniques work for ALL genres and playing styles. So its not like you are learning one or two tips or tricks that can only be used here and there.

These techniques will make your entire playing come alive
and you will sound better on the guitar than you ever thought possible.

And here's something else you may not have considered . . . .

In case you haven't caught on yet, what you're really doing by learning these techniques is mastering the fretboard. And let me tell you, when you open up the fretboard, you open up a whole new universe of possibilities with guitar!

Let me make a couple more points about
why these lessons will help you so much . . .

Let me make a couple more points about why these DVDs will help you so much . . .

Chord Magic Digital Course

I want to make a couple more points about why these packages are so critical to your play . . .

Look, first off, I would never insult your intelligence and tell you that playing guitar is easy. Hey, we've all got the calluses to prove it, right?

However, you should know that there truly is an accelerated path to getting better -- MUCH better -- when you learn just a few of these really simple movements on the fretboard.

In many cases, just a single movement with one finger is all that's necessary to create an entirely different sound. Can you see how quickly you could be creating a whole new palette of sounds by doing this? I can't tell you how excited I was when I first discovered these techniques when I was embarking on my guitar journey.

I'd like to point out something else, too . . .

I see so many students who want to learn how to play rippin', screaming solos .... at the expense of playing rhythm.

Don't get me wrong --- I LOVE blasting out a scorching solo like nothing else. But about 90 percent of all your playing will consist of playing rhythm --- and nothing will get your rhythm playing to a high level better than the techniques you'll learn in these lessons.

To put it another way: Your lead guitar playing is only as good as your rhythm playing. So let's get that mastered and watch your entire repertoire of guitar skills skyrocket!

Transform Your Overall Rhythm Playing!
Learn tons of new strum patterns, rhythmic techniques, and take your rhythm
playing to new heights. For example you'll learn:

  • How to get different sounds by arpeggiating chords.
  • Rhythmic twists and turns to get a totally different feel.
  • How to add low bass notes to chords and move them around the neck.
  • How to manipulate chords for all kinds of cool and different sounds.
  • Lots of new strum patterns, arpeggiation, rhythmic stops and string muting.
  • How to add hammer-ons and pull-offs to your chords to dress up your playing.
  • The importance of variation in your playing with different rhythms and rhythmic techniques.
  • How to add licks into your strumming to get single note notes mixed into strumming patterns.
  • How to combine arpeggiating and strumming together for even more tonal and rhythmic possibilities.
  • How to play pseudo bar chords with open strings to get full sounds without having to play full-on bar chords.

Are You Tired of Playing In Just One Position?

Feel Limited In Your Playing ... Have You Hit a Wall?

Then Let's Take a Sledgehammer to That Wall and Discover . . .

- How to expand your chord catalog ten-fold…..and then some!

- How to achieve warm, pretty sounds by manipulating chord voicings.

- How to chordally UNLOCK THE FRETBOARD and move chords effortlessly all over the neck.

- How to practice within a musical context with musical progressions, exercises, and song ideas.

- All about TRIADS, how to move them around the neck and how to make music with triads by layering them over chords and progressions.

- How to add open string drones, suspended chords, and ringing open strings to get full huge sounds out of a few easy chords that make your guitar sound massively HUGE!

Get Your Playing Sounding More Musical Than Ever

We also teach you how and what you need to practice. Remember like I always say: You cant just practice anything – you have to practice the right things within a structured plan. And with these lessons you get all the structure and practice tips to get your playing sounding more musical than ever.

And practice become FUN as we play everything in a musical context. Throw away all those boring exercises that make practice feel like drudgery! All the exercises and practice progressions we give you are designed to sound musical to empower and motivate you to WANT to pick up that guitar and start playing MUSIC.

You will also get a good fret hand workout. In this digital course we build fret hand strength and dexterity with musical sounding chordal exercises where we get all your fret fingers involved, stretched out, and moving around on the neck.

Special Offer — Lowest Price Ever!
Chord Magic Video Series

Special Offer — Lowest Price Ever!
Chord Magic Video Series

And, As Always, You're Covered By My
Rock Solid, No-B.S. 100% Guarantee ...

Here’s my Totally Risk-Free, No-Worries,
“Rock On” Guarantee

Let me make this easy for you. Just dive in and soak up every lesson and free ebook for 30 days. Put everything to practice and watch yourself playing guitar and having fun in the shortest amount of time possible.

How cool is that? You’re in control, not us.

Your purchase is unconditionally guaranteed for 30 days, no questions asked. Period.

A Final Note About What Makes
My Style Of Teaching Different From Others . . .

If you are familiar with our teaching methods, you know that we take chords and related movements one section at a time and break them down into smaller sections, explaining every piece as we go along.

This is really important because if you aren't taught in this manner it's too easy for something to "slip through the cracks," which means you'll stumble on something later on, and that's where a lot of people get discouraged and quit. I won't let that happen to you!

All chords are demonstrated with up-close shots of the neck. Unlike most instructional products that blaze much too quickly through everything, I demonstrate every technique, device and pattern slowly and precisely. So instead of constantly having to hit the "Rewind" button, just sit back and let me show you at both regular AND slow speeds and keep your hands off the remote and onto your guitar where they belong!

I also show you how to tie everything together. We also have on screen text, multiple camera angles, close ups of the fret hand and pick hand to make the learning process even easier.

I also include on-screen tablature for ALL lessons in my package, which shortens the learning curve BIG-TIME!

When you put all this instruction together, you have the ultimate, "one-stop" chord library that will serve you for a lifetime. I'm beyond stoked to offer this to you, and I'm excited for what it will do for your playing.

Get started right now and I promise you'll thank yourself later.

As always I wish you the best in all your musical endeavors and thanks again for letting me help you in your guitar journey.


Next Level Guitar Inc

P.S. If you find yourself playing the same things over and over again, then this package is perfect for you. You should know that I take great pains in breaking everything down to its smallest piece. When you combine that with my on-screen text, multiple camera angles, close-ups of the fret hand and pick hand, you simply canʼt fail. Take advantage of my guarantee and donʼt put your guitar dreams on hold any longer!

So what are you waiting for?

Let's do this!!

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