Can Playing Bass Guitar
REALLY Be This Cool and Fun?

(Heck yeah!!)

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Let Me Prove to You How Easy Mastering the Bass
Can Be When You Discover the Little-Known Shortcuts and
Techniques That Most Teachers Donʼt Even Know . . .

Dear Bass Player (newbie or experienced, doesnʼt matter),

What if you could learn the magic of playing bass guitar way quicker than you ever expected?

And what if I also told you that if you already have a little experience playing guitar, then youʼll be even more blown away by what this incredibly cool instrument will do for you?

Forget about how learning bass will immediately make you a better musician and how it will open doors for you in picking up gigs and other musical opportunities --- those are givens.

Fact is, bass guitar is the power-pumping driving beat behind ALL styles of music. Whether youʼre into rock, funk, country, jazz --- heck, even rap --- there is just no more primal sound you can create with a stringed instrument than with this bad boy.

Think back to the last killer show you went to . . . as you sat there and the band emerged among the towering stacks of speakers, everything starting with a heart- thumping bass line that pounds straight into your chest, getting you out of your seat . . .

Awesome, right? Nothing connects to the human heartbeat like bass. Itʼs the foundation of everything you love about playing music.

Look, thereʼs no doubt that playing bass guitar is COOL.

But I honestly donʼt know why so many people think that learning to play bass has to take so long. Or feels difficult. Or seems complicated. Playing bass is none of those things, I promise.

But, sure, I get it: That grooving, thumping beat we feel when we hear a killer bass line sure SOUNDS mysterious, like it sprung organically from the soul of some rhythmical genius . . . but, really, when you break it all down, itʼs no more complicated than completing a paint-by-numbers picture.

Thatʼs because when youʼre shown exactly what to do and how to do it, mastering bass guitar becomes EASY.

Let me give you an example so that you can see
how so many people get this wrong . . .

Listen, thereʼs a LOT of myths out there when it comes to learning bass. Let me describe a few so that you can truly grasp how simple this is when you discard outdated techniques and embrace what really works instead.

Bass Guitar Myth No. 1: You should always keep the thumb of your plucking hand solidly anchored on the strings while playing.

The reasoning for this is that it provides a solid foundation to play off of. But this is a misguided piece of advice, and Iʼll tell you why . . .

First of all, there are MANY ways to attack the bass, not just one. To limit yourself to this one rule is just too limiting. Since there are so many styles of music, it helps to adopt a more "fluid" approach.

In my digital course I teach something called the "Floating Thumb Technique," which actually provides better muting than a solidly anchored thumb. It also makes more sense anatomically (physically, for your hand), meaning youʼll put less stress on your wrist.

This new technique is being used by more and more players today, especially with the advent of 5, 6, and 7-string bass instruments, which make a solidly anchored thumb impractical anyway.

Bass Guitar Myth No. 2: You should always use one finger per fret.

This just isnʼt true. Your fret hand approach depends on many factors, not the least of which is the style of music youʼre playing. I mean, think about how different funk differs from jazz. Or how metal differs from the blues. Do you really think that "one finger per fret" approach fits all? It doesnʼt. My course debunks this myth perfectly in my lesson on muting (more on that in a minute.)

Bass Guitar Myth No. 3: Only guitars should use distortion effects.

Again, this is a piece of outdated advice that will hold you back if you didnʼt know better. In my lesson on effects, youʼll learn that many sound engineers almost always add some amount of distortion to bass tracks.

If used tastefully, distortion can be KILLER for certain bass tones. My course tells you all about that.

Bass Guitar Myth No. 4: Bass guitar functions best in the background as a timing mechanism.

Yeah, sure, bass is the absolute bedrock of so much music, meaning that much of its essence is foundational. Bass is all about the groove, of course, and that will never change. But what you might not know is how much more out front bass has become in recent years.

Bass guitar can be the LEAD instrument in more ways than one. I show you many ways to exploit this reality, which opens up an exciting world of opportunity for your playing.

Okay, let me tell you one more secret. Itʼs this . . .

. . . Even if you think you have no rhythm or a musical bone in your entire body,
ANYONE can master bass guitar if they apply my techniques
for a few minutes per day.

Hey, my name is Finbar Taub. Iʼve been teaching these techniques to thousands of online students via YouTube for a while now, but only recently did I decide to package everything I know about beginner bass guitar into one, easy-to-learn system.

I put this together for one simple reason: There are many stumbling blocks to learning bass that can waste your time if you donʼt learn the right techniques correctly.

Let me put it this way . . .

Itʼs not just knowing how to play a clean, beautiful note . . . and being able to groove with that . . .

Itʼs also knowing how NOT to play. Itʼs also knowing how to SILENCE that note.

Look, anyone can grab an instrument and make noise with it. Even a total newbie can pluck a string and some noise will be created.

But to pluck a string and actually make it sound sweet? Well, thatʼs a whole ʻnother story. THAT takes some know-how. You could spend years spinning your wheels, fumbling around the fretboard, growing slowly frustrated with the noises youʼre creating.

And thatʼs why Iʼve dedicated the last year to putting together an all-in-one system for learning bass.

NOTE: This package is perfect for beginner AND intermediate players.

Regardless of whether youʼve even held a bass before, or whether you already have some experience, youʼll love these lessons because Iʼve packed in so much instructional material that there is plenty of room to grow to the next level and beyond.

Introducing . . .

Epic Beginner Bass Mastery
Digital Course

159.00 only $9.00

Let me tell you just some of what youʼll learn in this complete bass guitar system:

  • A complete tutorial explaining every part of the bass instrument itself. (Believe it or not, this alone takes away a lot of the mystery and when you walk into the music store you'll sound like a pro.)
  • Three different ways to tune your bass.
  • Master the killer "Floating Thumb Technique." This brings you current and will instantly take you to the next level. (Seriously: Itʼs that huge.)
  • The often-overlooked secret to avoiding wrist strain and carpal tunnel syndrome. (Keeping your technique anatomically correct will keep you playing forever.)
  • The single biggest technique that separates the basement noodlers from the studio pros. (Learn this and doors will open for you. Skyʼs the limit.)
  • Learn to read tabulature, enabling you to play literally tens of thousands of songs in any genre.
  • How to seamlessly adopt your playing to ANY genre. (Anyone who aspires to play in a band will love this.)
  • Learn the single greatest alternative to traditional sheet music reading in existence.
  • Master all the techniques used by the greatest players who ever lived: hammer-ons, pull-offs, string bending, slides, vibrato and more.
  • Discover how to infuse soul and emotion into your playing. Learn fiery licks, booming grooves, soulful riffs and more.
  • Find out why note duration and timing are so crucial. (I make this surprisingly easy; youʼll have no idea you just mastered something others consider complex.)
  • Learn every single essential fundamental, including the Major scale, power chords, the Minor Pentatonic scale, 12 bar blues, and 12th fret Q&A.
  • "What are all those knobs for?" Youʼll learn each and every one, dialing in the exact tone you want on your bass.
  • How to jam with a drum machine. (Youʼll want to practice ALL the time when you see this!)
  • Learn to play it ALL. Learn how to play a vintage "darker" and "heavier" bass like Black Sabbath .... or go with a higher treble and cut through the mix like Geddy Lee of Rush ... or go modern and "active" like Victor Wooten. Your bass, your choice!
  • How to add emotion and range to your play by creating that uber-cool, bell-like shimmering quality.
  • Slapping and popping: Learn the tricks used by legends such as Flea and Stanley Clarke. Get out front and get it ON!
  • Discover why using cool effects is not just for guitars anymore. Learn how distortion, chorus, and a bunch of other cool effects can add that magic tone to your bass playing.

Epic Beginner Bass Mastery

159.00 only $9.00

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Want more detail? Check out everything youʼre getting
below on this killer digital course:

Chapter 1:

Anatomy of the Bass Guitar
Here I go over every single part of the bass from head to toe. Hey, youʼre a bass player now, so you may as well know all the correct terminology!

Learning the Notes
Learn the fretboard and all the notes. Shortcut tricks included to accelerate your progress. Not only will get you get familiar with the fretboard but you also get some tips and tricks to help you remember all the notes on all the strings.

Bass Guitar Techniques
Thumb placement and finger techniques for your plucking hand.
The "Floating Thumb Technique"
Adopt and master the most effective techniques right from the start

Chapter 2:

Muting Techniques
Learning to mute the strings properly is where you go from "pretender to contender"! This is what separates the professionals from everyone else. Once you learn this, youʼll have the tools you need, or even get you primed for playing in a band. Seriously, this may be the most important part of your training if you really want to improve your playing dramatically.

You will also:

Learn how to read tabulature.

Play all the songs youʼve always loved.

Unlock the key to playing literally tens of thousands of songs that have been transcribed and are available to anyone who wants to play them.

Master hammer-ons, pull-offs, string bending, slides and vibrato techniques.

Learn note duration and timing. (I make it so easy youʼll have no idea youʼre actually learning a complex skill.)

Pick up all my favorite warm-up exercises. (Warm up EVERY finger, including the oft- overlooked pinkie finger.)

Chapter 3:

Major scale and more

Learn the major scale across the neck.

Discover the power of "going horizontal" by learning how to play ALL across the neck instead of just one spot.
Youʼll be all over the fretboard, which is where most of my students begin to "get it" and their skill vaults forward by leaps and bounds. This is where it all "clicks"!

Learn power chords.
Can you really play chords on bass? Of course you can! And you should! Can be applied and used in all genres.

Learn the Minor Pentatonic Scale.
If there is one thing that will get you grooving in the right direction itʼs learning this five-note scale. Ever wonder how great bass players like John Entwhistle of the Who just seem to instinctively KNOW where to take their bass lines and solos? Well, this is their trick! Learn it and improvise in any key, any style, any genre.

Learn the 12 bar blues.
Every single bluesman knows this simple progression, and you will, too, after this lesson. Allows you to know a staggering amount of both blues classics and new stuff.

12th Fret Q&A
This device is used not just by all the great bassists but by ALL musicians in all styles of music. Learn how to create these patterns all over the fretboard -- from headstock to bridge -- and also learn how to create your own songs. (Yes! Itʼs way more doable than you think!)

Chapter 4:

Getting a Good Bass Tone

"What are all those knobs for?" Learn how to precisely dial in the tone you want.

How to express yourself with your own individual tone.

How to affect the sound of the bass by adjusting the knobs.

Delving into the three band EQ and blend knobs.

Passive and active pickups.

Learn how to get a more modern, "active" sound.

Bass harmonics:
How to create the bell-like shimmering quality that adds range and personality to your playing. Essential!!

Slapping and Popping: Learn the tips and tricks mastered by such legends as Flea and Stanley Clarke.
Who says bass is just for background grooving? Get out front and get into the stratosphere with these hard-hitting techniques.

How to incorporate "drone notes" into your playing.
(Youʼd never believe a bass could sound this awesome.)

Learn bass effects.
Notice: effects are not the sole domain of guitar players anymore!

BONUS Lessons:

Beginner Bass Set-Up
Everything you need to know about how to string your bass and make all the necessary adjustments. This alone will save you tons of time! Do not fear the dreaded Truss Rod adjustment. Get to know your bass inside and out -- you guys are going to be together a looooong time making each other happy.

Bottom line: Youʼre getting EVERYTHING you need to begin mastering bass guitar, period.

Whether youʼre a total newbie or someone with some experience, this package will get you to the next level quickly on the coolest instrument ever created, the bass!

I hope you can hear how passionate I am on the subject of bass guitar. If you ask me, nothing rocks out more than the primal rumbling of a well-played bass .... and I am dedicated to share every secret I know to get you playing the way youʼve always dreamed.

Take advantage now of this killer deal Iʼve put together and get started right now.

Bass ON ...

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