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Hello Good People – David Taub here from Next Level Guitar and I want to tell you about a new DVD course release titled “GYPSY JAZZ RHYTHM & LEAD GUITAR”. The course consists of FOUR region free DVDs with over four and a half hours of killer GYPSY JAZZ guitar lessons. .

Over this four DVD course instructor Jeff Ross teaches you the techniques, devices, and practice materials necessary for you to apply and understand Gypsy Jazz rhythm and lead guitar.

Throughout these lessons you will learn the characteristic style Gypsy techniques, devices, rhythms, and licks. Learn the techniques used by the Gypsy masters. In this style, playing the chords and voicing them in a certain manner is critical to the sound – and we teach you all the needed techniques to get that trademark Gypsy Jazz tone. This is one of the most comprehensive courses on Gypsy Jazz guitar on the market today!

$52.50 $39.00

Throughout this DVD series you will learn:

Tons of Gypsy Jazz chords and chord inversions

Fun Gypsy Jazz chord progressions and rhythmic devices

Tons of soloing devices, licks, arpeggios, and soloing stratgedies

All about the critical Gypsy Downstroke or Rest Stroke technique

How to improvise and solo over each chord in the Gypsy Jazz style

A HUGE batch of chord subsitutions to keep your rhythms fun and interesting

All kinds of percussive rhythms and techniques that give this music its fast swinging feel

How to embellish your rhythms with walking bass lines, inversions, and chord comping

All about the Gypsy Jazz gear utilized and how to get that authentic Gypsy Jazz tone

These lessons will get your playing moving around on the guitar neck and get you exploring all types of rhythmic and lead guitar possibilities in this style. All lessons feature on screen tablature so learning is fast and easy! All chords and lead lines are written out with on-screen text and are demonstrated with up close shots of the neck so you see all the action up close and personal.

Plus we demonstrate every technique, lick, and pattern slowly and precisely and teach them at both slow and regular speeds. We also teach with close ups of the fret hand and pick hand so its eay to understand and follow along with the lessons.

Our instructional products are unlike most that blaze through concepts at breakneck pace where you are constantly on the rewind button. Our products are different as we take things at both slow and regular speeds as we make it easy to learn and follow along.

Improve your overall rhythm playing and also take
your lead playing to new heights, learn:

- Django Reinhardt style licks, chords, and devices
- All about triads and triad use in lead and rhythm playing
- Tons of arpeggios and how to apply them all over the neck
- Different voicings and inversions of chords you may know already
- A huge batch of Gypsy Jazz licks and riffs and how to move them around
- How to play lead lines and patterns over each chord for a sophisticated sound
- All kinds of practice exercises to hone your Gypsy Jazz skills to a sharp edge
- Chordal devices, embellishments, and tips to keep your rhythm playing exciting

Plus you get all kinds of musical sounding practice exercises and practice progressions to refine these techniques and devices. So while you are practicing you are sounding musical and you will have that Gypsy swing to your music. This means you will be more motivated and empowered to practice and create music in this style.

These techniques and devices can then be blasted across ALL your playing. So its not like you are learning one or two tips or tricks that can only be used here and there. These techniques will make your entire playing come alive with that trademark Gypsy Jazz tone.

Learn all about Arpeggios and how to apply them
all over the fretboad

Arpeggios are the bread and butter of the Gypsy lead sound. You will not only learn a huge batch of arpeggios and triads throughout this course but you will also learn how to apply them in practical playing scenarios. Learn major, minor, diminished, dominant 7ths, and more – its all here!

And practice becomes fun as we play everything in a musical context. No more boring exercises that make practice feel like drudgery. All the exercises and practice progressions are designed to sound musical to empower and motivate students to want to pick up that guitar and start playing Gypsy Swing.

You also get practice tools to hone what you are learning.
Also included are video practice jam tracks!

We always say that to get your lead guitar playing to the next level you want to practice over jam tracks. They are an invaluable tool for the student to practice and apply what they are learning in a musical context.

Included in this DVD course are practice video rhythm tracks that coincide with the DVD lessons. These tracks are invaluable pratice tools as you work through these lessons honing your Gypsy Jazz playing to a sharp edge!

Then watch and learn as Jeff and a 2nd instructor jam together applying the principles and techniques that they taught throughout this DVD series. Watch Jeff jam and then breakdown the solos into small pieces as he teaches exactly what he was playing and why it works. This is practical application of all the rhythm and soloing concepts that you learned throughouut this course.


DVD 1:

Gypsy Jazz gear and tone, learn all about the gear used to get that authentic Gypsy sound. Learn all about the guitars, small and big “D” hole guitars, guitar brands, guitar strings, picks, pickups, and more. Learn Gypsy Jazz style rhythms, chords, and characteristic chord voicings used in this genre. Learn progressions and cool sounding changes using the chords that you are learning. Learn chordal subsitutions and chord inversions to embellish your rhythms and to give you chordal options.

DVD 2:

Learn rhythm playing with walking basslines to add spice and movement to your rhythm playing. Learn the critical Gypsy downstroke picking technique which is critical to get that authentic Gypsy sound. Learn major, minor, and diminished arpeggios and patterns which are also crucial for Gypsy lead guitar. Jeff also gives you multiple arpeggio exercises that will work both the picking technique and arpeggio techniques so you can effectively practice this style all over the neck. You will also learn plenty of other arpeggios and triads as well as constructing cool arpeggio licks that you can then blast over all of your playing.

DVD 3:

Continues with lessons on diminished arpeggios and how to work the pick hand downstoke technique. Learn how to move triads up and down the neck. Learn more open string devices and how to move them around the neck. You also get practice video rhythm tracks to use as practice tools to work up the devices, licks, and soloing principles. Continue learning how to build licks and arpeggio useage over progressions. Plus lots of tips on phrasing licks together over each chord. You will also learn to play in the Django style using devices, octaves, and tons of Django inspired licks.

DVD 4:

Continue to learn more licks, patterns, devices and how to apply them over chords. Learn diminished and chromatic licks as well as classical sounding Gypsy licks. In the application lessons Jeff plays with a rhythm player and you see both guitarists playing at the same time. Jeff goes over the lead lines he plays and why they are work over each chord. He breaks down the progressions chord by chord and teaches what works over each chord. Learn major and minor key appllication. Here you will see the devices, licks, and techniques you have been learning throughout the DVD series applied in a musical context. Learn practical application, solo construction, and soloing strategies. You also get slow and fast video rhythm tracks in minor and major key to use as practice tools to hone your Gypsy Swing to a sharp edge.


$52.50 $39.00


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