Jam Tracks Are An Invaluable Tool For The Practicing Guitarist


Critical Needed Info Is Often Left Out of Most Tracks

What I mean by that is just having a Jam Track is only half the battle.

You need info like what key is the track in?

What are the chords of the Jam Track Progression?

Which scales can I try over the track?

Which scales work and WHY do they work?

You see this is the critical info that is left out of most jam track packages or jam track downloads. BUT, no worries here as I have you covered.

With my Jam Track vault you not only get 73 killer sounding tracks BUT YOU ALSO GET a written lesson that goes with each track. And each written lesson includes all the needed critical info on the chords in the track, the key signature, scale suggestions, soloing strategies, and the why things work.

And if you are not familiar with a certain mentioned scale, no problem, as also included with the vault are my Scale eBooks with tons of scale diagrams and neck diagrams so you can see the scales over the entire guitar neck - Pentatonics, Blues, Natural Minor, Aeolian, Dorian, Modal, they are all diagrammed out in the included eBook!

So what you get here is a very powerful detailed learning and practicing tool that will help you understand the critical why things work as well as give you a TON of fun jamming over great sounding tracks. And the vault is all on a very user friendly and intuitive dashboard with everything at your fingertips - the tracks, the written lessons, and the diagrams and eBooks.

And the tracks are in various keys and tempos. Some are bluesy, some atmospheric, some rock, some jazzy, some ballads, and even bass jam tracks are included. So the vault has something for everyone.

So this is not just some random MP3 jam tracks but rather a highly detailed and very powerful learning tool that can vault your lead guitar playing and improvisation to the next level.

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