Attention: To Anyone Who Has Ever Struggled with Barre Chords

"How to — Finally! — Play and Master Barre Chords by Using a Complete and Simple SYSTEM That Has Worked for Thousands of Other Guitarists, and One That WILL Work for You, Too — Guaranteed"

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A Truly Step-by-Step BLUEPRINT to Play Barre Chords Naturally and Pain-Free, Starting with Easy "Foundation Fundamentals" You Already Know How to Do, and Then Building From There, Piece by Piece.

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FROM: David Taub, co-founder, Next Level Guitar
TO:Anyone who has ever struggled with barre chords

Hey David here at Next Level Guitar.

I can hear some of you already ...

"But duuuude, I've tried playing barre chords, and they're HARD! They seem IMPOSSIBLE!"

Look, I totally hear you. I really do.

You want honest? Okay, how's this: Barre chords ARE hard.

I mean, they CAN become easy (I'm about to show you how), but at first they're hard. FOR EVERYONE. Anyone who tells you differently is lying.

TRUTH: No one ever walked up to a guitar, picked it up and just banged out a barre chord with no issues. No one!

I'll never forget my own struggles when I was first starting out, believe me. A friend of mine showed me how to play a G major barre chord.

I remember to this day what I said to him ...

"You want me to bend my hand in THAT shape? How am I supposed to do ... THAT?!"

Fortunately, I was OBSESSED to figure it out. And so began my very long process of learning and mastering barre chords.

Talk about trial and error! Lots of trial, lots of error!

But guess what? I figured it out ... finally.

And the thing is, once I began teaching guitar to others I saw the need for a simple system ANYONE could use to playing, changing, and mastering barre chords WITHOUT all the struggle I had to go through.

To be honest, I developed this system out of necessity. That's because ALL my students struggle with barre chords at first. It eventually become obvious that I could make my job as teacher so much easier if I could somehow codify the secrets into one simple, step-by-step system into something ANYONE could plug themselves into with success.

And so I went to work doing just that. I began systematizing all my barre chord secrets into one, easy-to-use blueprint.

However, I privately made a deal with myself. I told myself I would NOT release this program to the the public until it met some strict requirements.

Here they are:

Requirement No. 1
The system had to be so simple, ANYONE could do it.

Requirement No. 2
It had to leverage entry-level skills that any raw beginner already has. (In other words, if someone could play a single open chord, could they use my system?)

Requirement No. 3
It had to work FAST.

Requirement No. 4
The process had to be FUN.

Requirement No. 5
The results had to be LASTING. In other words, when finished with the course, could someone end up playing a barre chord as automatically and unthinkingly as they could play an open chord?


My barre chord playing system checks off all those boxes!

Heard enough? I don't blame you. This system is guaranteed to work for ANYONE, regardless of current ability.

Order here and let's get going:

$69.95 $39.00

So What's the Big Deal About
Barre Chords Anyway?

First of all, let's talk about WHY barre chords are so important to your guitar journey.

DON'T make the mistake of avoiding them because they're not easy at first. Fact is, barre chords are so critical because we need them!

There are many chords that we just can't play in the open position, requiring that you "bar" them in order to play them.

And right now you may be discarding the songs that you really want to play because they have barre chords in them.

Tell Me if This Doesn’t Sound Familiar ...

You pick up your guitar, all jazzed up to play a certain song and then you look at the sheet music or tabs for that song ...

... and then you feel that sinking disappointment because you see a dreaded B-minor chord or an F-sharp chord listed. UGH. So you put the song aside and move on, frustrated, disappointed, and dejected.

Look, we have all been there. But this does not have to be the case — not anymore!

Here's Why Everyone Struggles with Barre Chords — and What to Do Instead ...

This is all about technique. And heres the brutal truth: If you're not using the proper fret hand technique when trying to learn and play barre chords, then you are just shooting yourself in the foot, big-time.

It's just a fact that if you don't utilize the proper techniques it will take you so much longer to learn them. You might NEVER nail your first barre chord if you don't learn these required techniques.

So Here's How We Fix This ...

I have developed a step-by-step blueprint that teaches you all the required techniques to play flawless barre chords — FROM SQUARE ONE.

It's all about developing a foundation for success.

(And look, if you dive into the program and discover that you already know some of the entry-level techniques, then no worries, just skip ahead to the ones that challenge you.)

In other words, we're going to gradually work you up to barre chords with an easy progression of exercises and techniques, rather than "throw you to the wolves" to fend for yourself.

Listen, learning to play all kinds of barre chords is no small hill to climb. So let me ask you ... would you rather climb a mountain with just a pair of shoes and some hand chalk? Or would it be easier to simply walk up a staircase, step by step, so that reaching the top is something you KNOW you can do?

"Hey David, What About Power Chords?
Can't I Just Use Those As 'Workarounds'?"

While power chords are a key part of many rock songs, and they ARE much easier to play than barre chords, they are NOT the same thing as barre chords. A power chord is but a fragment of a barre chord, plus it doesn't offer the harmonic quality found in a full barre chord.

The power chord also tends to muddy up a passage and doesn’t offer a bright consistent tone. Now this CAN be useful in playing a heavy song with distortion, but sorry, there's just no getting around the fact that you really gotta buckle down and learn to play and master barre chords if you take your guitar journey seriously.

But here's the key, and this is important ...

We DO leverage the relative ease of power chords to smooth your entry into playing barre chords. That's one of our secrets that will adequately "prep" you for your barre chord mastery.

Other prep activities we deploy include special exercises to build your hand strength and dexterity, as well as barre chord substitutes you can begin playing immediately.

Here's how I look at learning barre chords ...

Once you nail them, you've graduated!

Seriously, being able to play a barre chord is a “defining moment” in your guitar journey. It means you’ve arrived. It means you’re no longer a beginner.

IT'S A BIG DEAL. It’s what separates beginners from intermediates. It’s your GRADUATION.

Here's What You'll Discover In
‘Learn and Master Barre Chords’:

  • A structured, step-by-step curriculum starting with the proper preparation that builds fret hand strength and dexterity, which is absolutely necessary for playing barre chords.
  • How to build your stamina by playing chords and exercises that use open chords in new ways.
  • How to play partial barre chords to prep for full barre chords.
  • How to use open chords in new ways to help you get there.
  • Barre chord substitutes that you can use right now to get you playing the songs you want but that will also help you build the finger strength and dexterity to play the full-on barre chords. (This means you can have a ton of fun while moving your playing forward.)
  • All about power chords and fifth chords, and how to use them. You'll also be able to move them around the neck, helping you build the muscle memory necessary for playing full-on barre chords
  • All the proper barre chord playing techniques! You'll discover the critical fret hand techniques that will simplify the process and get you playing barre chords in the fastest and most efficient manner possible.
  • Tons of practice exercises that will help build the needed barre chord muscle memory.
  • How to proficiently change barre chords "from barre to barre" and how to change from open chords to barre chords. These are some of the most challenging chord changes you will come across, and we break down the necessary techniques to take your chord changing to the next level.
  • An easy-peasy system to instantly know all the note names and the 12-note scale! This means you will be able to easily move around the fretboard and instantly know the chord names and root notes. Sweet!
  • All kinds of barre chords like minors, majors, minor 7ths, major 7ths, suspended barre chords, dominant 7th barre chords and more.

This is a Complete System to Learning — and Truly Mastering — This Essential Part of Your Guitar Journey: Barre Chords!

Order now and get on board:

And Don't Forget ...
We Make Learning EASY Because of
Extras You Don't Get Anywhere Else ...

Lessons Taught at a Comfortable Pace

We do not blaze through steps at a lightning-fast pace so that have to constantly be hitting the rewind button. (Don't you HATE that??) We go step by step and build each concept atop the next in a structured format that will get you mastering barre chord, guaranteed.

All Chords Labeled with On-Screen Text for Greater Ease

We also use "picture-in picture" with two cameras so that you see all the detail necessary: the finger placements, fret hand positioning and all other movements in an "up close and personal" way.

Coinciding Exercises to Help You

We have special exercises designed to help drill each technique into your playing until they're AUTOMATIC. You won't even have to think about them — you'll just find your hand playing them as if you've known them your whole life.

Practice Progressions to Lock It All In

You also get many practice progressions that will help you not only get proficient at changing chords but are also fun and musically interesting. They'll instantly spark your creativity.

Bottom line: We make learning FUN. Practice is
NEVER drudgery with us, period

This Is It! This is the Missing Piece That's Holding
Back Too Many Guitar Players

Look, it's simple, really:

  1. You watch the videos.
  2. You practice the way I show you.
  3. And then you're playing barre chords seamlessly and naturally, vaulting you into the next exciting phase of your guitar journey.

I can’t wait to hear about your success with these lessons!

Let’s do this and rock ON!


P.S. I can't stress enough that if you don't use the proper techniques the you are really hindering your progress and may eventually give up or will take you so much much longer than necessary. have used this system to teach thousands of students all over the world — so its proven that it works. And I receive emails from students all the time stating how these techniques have made all the difference in their barre chord journey. And they will in yours also!

Order now and I’ll see you in the lessons!

Here's my Totally Risk-Free,
No-Worries, Guarantee

Let me make this easy for you. Just dive in and soak up all the learning material in this lesson series for 90 days. Put the methods to practice and watch your playing get to the next level all while having fun. If you are unhappy with the material for any reason whatsoever, then we will issue you a fast, no-questions-asked refund just for the asking. You have my word on that.

Your purchase is unconditionally guaranteed for 90 days,
No questions asked. Period.

Grab Our “Learn and Master Barre Chords” Course
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Remember, you’re also getting all sorts of extras in this lessons series. This includes a simple but ingenious way to know all the notes on the neck, which will help you with EVERYTHING you do on guitar. There’s hardly any skill you could master right now on guitar that will instantly “graduate” you to that next level than by learning and mastering barre chords. These lessons could easily sell for much more, but because of a special promotion we're running as a test, we're releasing these for just $39 if you order before the deadline. Claim these now and then use this resource to take your guitar playing into the stratosphere!

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