Hello Good People – David Taub here from Next Level Guitar. The acoustic guitar may very well be the ultimate instrument. It’s portable, lightweight, you can take it anywhere, and you don’t need an amp or cables. It’s one of the most popular instruments in the world and this DVD is all about how to make a well-informed decision when purchasing an acoustic guitar – one that will bring you endless joy for years and years to come.

It is so awesome with all the acoustic guitar choices out there in the marketplace today. All the different sizes, shapes, all the various woods used, all the manufacturers, different model lines, dreadnaughts, jumbos, parlor guitars, grand symphonies, grand concerts, electric acoustics, cutaways, slim lines – MAN – there is just so much stuff out there it is truly awesome – but it also can be truly overwhelming. Go into any big guitar store and you will see what we mean – where do you even start? How do you go about this choice? Well, that is what this DVD is all about – what to look for, what to listen for, and why the acoustic guitar sounds the way it does. How to use that knowledge to make the best-informed decision when making an acoustic guitar purchase. How to find that voice you are looking for. Acoustic guitars are like snowflakes, there are no two the same. And each one has a different tone or mood. Some acoustics sound brighter, some darker, some louder, some boomy and bassy, some more cutting. So they each have a mood to them and you want to be able to find that magical one among the thousands that sounds the best to your ears and feels the best in your hands.

An acoustic purchase in an important decision and before you plunk down your hard earned cash you want to be as sure as possible that you are making the right choice. By arming yourself with the knowledge we bring to you in this DVD then you will be able to make the most well informed decision possible. We arm you with the knowledge of why acoustics sound the way they do and how the woods used in their construction affect the tone of the instrument. Each acoustic is different and we will go over in depth all the different types, sizes, and shapes of acoustics and how each of these factors affect the tone of the guitar.

We also take a field trip to one of the premiere acoustic guitar stores in Southern California. We want to show you what you want to look for in an acoustic guitar store, where you want to go to make your purchase. You want to go to a guitar store with a MASSIVE selection, like this one – so you can PLAY and HEAR as many acoustics as possible. And in this DVD we play many different acoustics and point out all the differences as we compare them.

Arm yourself with the knowledge in this DVD and you will have no regrets about your acoustic guitar purchase and you will be happy with it for many, many years to come as you continue your guitar journey.

DVD Introduction – In this section David explains the format for the coming lessons and sets the stage for this DVD. This DVD is all about how to go about making a well-informed decision when purchasing an acoustic guitar. Each acoustic has a mood to it based off several factors and David begins to explain the whys in this section. David explains that if you spend the time to arm yourself with a little knowledge on why acoustics sound the way they do you will be in such a better place to make a well-informed decision. A decision which you will be totally happy with and not regret later, – as it will bring you joy for the rest of your life.

Why The Acoustic Guitar - In this section David explains why acoustic guitars are so sought after and so popular. He discusses the shear easiness, portability, and grab-and-go nature of the acoustic guitar. He also discusses how to use the acoustic as a practice and songwriting tool. David also talks about the acoustic guitar “personality”.

General Purchase Information - In this section David goes over some general purchase information when shopping for an acoustic guitar. This information will really help make your guitar shopping and purchasing much easier, smoother, and more enjoyable. He discusses the importance of patience, comparing guitars and not taking them out of context, the importance of research with price points, and price matching. David also talks about the importance of playing as many acoustics as possible and why that is such a critical step in the purchasing process as well as thinking long term with your purchase.

Acoustic Guitar Overview - This section is broken down to two sub-sections:

1. Acoustic guitar types – In this section David takes an in depth look at all the different types of acoustic guitars. For this DVD he focuses mainly on the steel string acoustic. There are many different types of steel string guitars and David goes over each of them and defines the different characteristics of each. David discusses the nylon string acoustic vs. the steel string acoustic with playing and tonal examples of each. He also goes over arch top acoustics, electric/acoustics and the positive aspects of having built in electronics in an acoustic. He also goes over thin line acoustics, smaller sized parlor, baby, and travel acoustic guitars, acoustics with cutaways, dreadnaught acoustics, jumbo acoustics, and other sized acoustics - all with playing and tonal examples, guitar demonstrations, and in depth discussion of the positives and negatives associated with that type of acoustic. David also plays these guitars one next to another and teaches you how to compare guitars tonally, how the size and shapes affect tone, and what to listen for in each acoustic.

2. Acoustic guitar tones - In this section David teaches why acoustic guitars sound the way they do. What gives them their own voice, tone, and mood. Arm yourself with the knowledge of these factors and they will point you in the direction of the acoustic that you are looking for. David goes in depth to discuss the WBSS principle – or Woods, Built, Size, Shape – and how these factors influence tone. David explains which parts of the guitars are responsible for most of the tone and the importance of the guitar top or soundboard. He goes over the different woods used in making acoustic guitars and how each affects tone. He also plays various guitars made from different woods and explains the tonal characteristics of each – so you get sound examples one next to another – just what you should be doing when shopping for an acoustic. David also discusses how acoustics are made and solid wood construction vs. laminate construction and the effects on tone. David also makes recommendations for woods and construction when making a purchase.

DVD Outro - This section is broken down to two sub-sections:

1. Shop for acoustic guitars in a store like this one - In this section we take a field trip to one of the premiere acoustic guitar stores in Southern California. This is what you want to look for in a store where you go to make your purchase. You want to go to a guitar store with a MASSIVE selection, like this one – so you can PLAY and HEAR as many acoustics as possible. And in this store is where we will play many of the acoustics we are demonstrating and teaching with on this DVD.

2. Outro - In this section we do a brief wrap up and give you pertinent contact info.

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