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Hello Good People David Taub here from Next Level Guitar.
Tim and I are really stoked to bring our unique teaching techniques to you in Full Screen DVD format. At Next Level Guitar we break down techniques and make them simple, fun, and easy and fast to learn. With a little practice you can be playing guitar like you always dreamed and playing the hits you love just like on the radio. Amaze your family and friends, join a band, have fun, and ROCK ON!

In this ninety-minute DVD we break down and explain in our easy to digest format beginner fingerstyle guitar. If you have ever wanted to start playing fingerstyle guitar then this is the instructional DVD for you! Fingerstyle guitar is so soft and melodious its so beautiful. Its a much different technique than using a pick or plectrum. With fingerstyle guitar you will be using your fingers to pluck the strings, not a pick and it gives the most beautiful tones.

You will learn all about proper posture, the proper way to hold the guitar for fingerstyle, left and right hand techniques, finger strokes, strumming with the fingers, many fingering patterns and arpeggios, using a metronome when practicing, alternating finger patterns, scales, many musical practice examples with scales and chords, right hand exercises, rhythmic slapping, and so much more!

To make learning fast we utilize on-screen text, multiple camera angles, multiple camera picture-in-picture, and close ups of the fret and pick hands. You see all the action up close and personal. If you are familiar with our teaching methods you know that we break down techniques and make learning fun and fast. We give you practice regimens so you know exactly what to practice and we demonstrate the techniques at slow and regular speeds. This way you never feel like you are being left in the dust or have to constantly be on the rewind button.

Below is the complete DVD menu and synopsis of all the lessons on this DVD feel free to email us any questions and rock on!

-David Taub
[email protected]

The Basics this section is divided into three lessons:

1. DVD Introduction & Practice Tips - in this lesson we do a quick introduction and explain the structure for the coming lessons. We also go over critical practice tips on how to keep your guitar journey moving forward in the fastest and most efficient manner. We discuss efficient practice scheduling, practice logs, metronome use, and general guitar practice methods.

2. The Basics Lesson - in this lesson we discuss guitar tuning and gear. We also discuss how gear will affect this style of play. Proper posture is demonstrated as well as the different accessories that will help you keep proper and comfortable posture. You will also learn the proper way to hold the guitar for fingerstyle guitar. You will also learn proper finger starting position and planting as well as the proper nomenclature for the fingers of both hands. Metronome use is also covered and why its a very important to use when practicing.

3. Nails, Rest & Free Strokes - in this lesson shape and length ideas are covered regarding nails if you choose to use them. Its not mandatory to use nails but you may want to try it and see the tones possible. You can also use your fingertips. Close up camera shots of the plucking hand will teach you exactly where the hand and thumb is placed and what strings you rest on. You will learn right hand strokes called the rest stroke and the free stroke. Proper technique and position is emphasized. Multiple camera angles and close ups show all the details up close as each technique is taught in detail. These are essential strokes in fingerstyle guitar and you will learn all about each in this lesson. Also discussed is how to get different tones when plucking.

Exercises this section is divided into two lessons:

1. Rest Stroke Exercises - this lesson will cover more right hand exercises using rest strokes. Close ups bring you in close to see the techniques up close and personal. Proper technique is emphasized getting the right tones and the proper way to pluck the strings with the different fingers, thumb, and alternating fingers. We diagram out exactly what to practice as well as you will learn how to use a metronome when doing these exercises. These exercises are designed to get all the fingers synched up together and eventually get them on autopilot.

2. Free Stroke Exercises - this lesson covers right hand exercises and finger alternation exercises with the free stroke. Again we emphasize playing slowly and cleanly and with the best tone and technique possible. Exercises are also demonstrated with a metronome. Simultaneous multiple finger exercises both with and without the thumb are also demonstrated with free strokes. Multiple camera angles really show all the details to these techniques.

Scales & Patterns section is divided into two lessons:

1. Scales Lesson - this lesson covers some open string scales and how to play them fingerstyle. Both left and right hand techniques are demonstrated as well as the scales are written out in text and you also get the fret numbers and notes. The scales are then used as practice exercises using alternating fingering great exercises for crossing strings and getting comfortable with these techniques. Differences between rest and free strokes when playing these exercises is demonstrated and explained.

2. Patterns With Chords - this lesson gets into more practice exercises but this time using chords in more musical type examples. You will get all the picking patterns up close and all the chords are written in text on the screen. You will really see what you have learned to this point come together in these musical examples and exercises. Plus you get many different patterns and variations for the strings and the fingerings. We make it easy and fun to start playing music fingerstyle.

Strumming With Fingers in this lesson we teach how to strum with your fingers. Strumming is taught with the thumb as well as other fingers. Proper technique is emphasized to get the clarity of each string to come out its a different technique and sound then when you use a pick. Exercises are taught use strumming and picking together and then with changing chords and with finger variation.

Pattern Variations & Outro in this lesson we discuss where do you go from here now that you have absorbed the materials on this DVD the choices are limitless. Also more pattern and fingering variations are discussed so you get even more sounds and exercises. We also talk more about the practice log and how to keep track of your progress as you move forward in your guitar journey.

Bonus Lesson - Fingerstyle Rhythmic Slapping In this lesson you will learn how to add rhythmic slapping to your fingerstyle playing. Its a unique technique that will add much interest and variation into your acoustic fingerstyle playing arsenal. All chords are displayed with our on-screen text and the technique is broken down into small sections as we go through a progression. Get the secrets in this lesson and you will be applying it across your playing in no time.

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