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Hello Good People David Taub here from Next Level Guitar and I want to tell you about our latest DVD release titled "SLIDE GUITAR DELTA & POST WAR BLUES". It is a killer instructional DVD with two hours of blues slide guitar lessons.

In this two-hour DVD you will learn the blues slide techniques of some of the greatest slide players of all time. Guitar legends like Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Howlin Wolf, Elmore James, Robert Nighthawk, Earl Hooker, Fred McDowell, Homesick James, Tampa Red, Jeremy Spencer and more.

Learn everything you need to know to play in this style from the type of slides used to gear and guitars to tons and tons of slide guitar licks and rhythms, all kinds of turnarounds, thumping bass lines, bass walk ups and downs, and all kinds of devices that the slide legends utilized to get their sounds.

And learning is easy with our ON-SCREEN TABLATURE. So you see all the licks written out in tablature on the screen. This makes it easy to follow along and start making music.

All rhythm and lead riffs and licks are broken down and explained and demonstrated at slow speed and regular speed. So you don't have to keep hitting the rewind and pause buttons to figure out what is going on like on so many other instructional DVDs where they just go too darn fast. We break each section into digestible parts and we get you playing and rocking out in the fastest and most efficient manner.

If you are familiar with our teaching methods you know that we take licks and progressions one section at a time and break them down into smaller sections, explaining every piece as we go along. Then we show you how to tie everything together. We also have on screen text, multiple camera angles, and close ups of the fret hand and pick hand to make the learning process even easier.

With this DVD you will also get an instantly downloadable PDF booklet packed full of lessons and scale diagrams. This booklet is a killer reference manual that goes perfect with this DVD series. This three-prong approach to learning guitar that I have developed will skyrocket your playing. Seeing the lessons in video, combined with hearing the licks and riffs audio wise, and then seeing and studying the scales and notes on paper is the one-two-three punch to get your playing to the next level quickly and efficiently.

Below is the complete DVD menu breakdown and synopsis of all the lessons on this two-hour DVD.
Feel free to email us any questions and keep on rocking!

-David Taub

DVD Introduction - in this introduction Jeff Ross discusses the format and structure for the coming lessons. He also discusses the styles of slide that will be taught as well as the various tunings that will be taught throughout the DVD.

Tools, Tone, & Tips - this section of the DVD is broken into three sub-menus:

1. Slide guitar tools & tone lesson - in this lesson Jeff discusses the tools need to play in this style of music. Topics include types and models of guitars, string gauge, tunings, pickup settings, guitar action, amplifiers, and tunings and guitars associated with the slide guitar legends in this style. Jeff also demonstrates different types and shapes of slides and the tones associated with each. Slide materials discussed include Pyrex, PVC, stainless steel, glass, brass, bottlenecks, and more.

2. Slide guitar playing tips - in this lesson David Taub teaches some critical slide tips to help you along in your slide guitar journey. David associates and demonstrates the feel of slide with natural harmonics. He teaches how to start sliding around on the neck and gliding on the strings to get that killer slide tone and also how to develop slide vibrato. He discusses slide placement and how to get notes to ring true to pitch when playing slide as well as how to stabilize the slide when first starting. This lesson is packed with tips that will lessen your frustration when leaning slide guitar. /p>

3. Soloing strategies and note choices in this musical style - in this lesson David goes over soloing strategies and note choice when playing slide in this style of music. Learn about the sweet sounds of major and the bluesy sounds of minor. David discusses the progressions you will be playing over in this style as well as what solo options are available. He discusses use of Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic, Blues Scale, Mixolydian and Dorian modes, and how to mix these and why they work over these types of progressions in this style. Learn what scales will work over given chords and progressions and why they work. This key information is invaluable, as you will be blasting these concepts over ALL your playing.

Slide lessons standard tuning - this section of the DVD is broken into three sub-menus:

1. Tampa Red, Earl Hooker, & Robert Nighthawk styles - in this section we go over the half-time breakdown of the song that comes in right after the guitar solo. Its a very cool section of the song utilizing hammer-ons, slides, palm-muting, and big power chords. We teach all the parts with up close shots of the neck and you will learn how to cop the feel of this section utilizing all the needed techniques.

2. Muddy Waters style slide - in this lesson your will learn more slide guitar in standard tuning in the key of E. You will take some of the single note licks you learned in the previous lesson and start combining them with rhythms using double stops and thumping in bass notes with the thumb. This is in that real Muddy Waters style slide guitar. Learn cool licks over each chord in the progression, how to get percussive sounds, how to use chordal embellishments and bass patterns, turnarounds, open scales, how to up-rake notes across the strings, and much more.

3. Slide licks from the V chord - in this lesson we continue teaching slide guitar licks and rhythms in standard tuning. Here you will learn how to take licks and turnarounds from the five, (V), chord. Learn cool licks using chromatic passing notes and a killer turnaround and how to tie them together to get into and out of slow blues progressions and songs.

Open D Tuning - in this lesson you will learn about slide playing using open D tuning. Jeff goes over how to get your guitar in this great alternate tuning often used by slide guitar legends in this style. This lesson will be in the style of Elmore James and many other slide greats. Jeff compares standard A440 tuning to the open D tuning so you can visually see, hear, and compare the tunings. You will learn a cool rhythm and then how to intersperse killer slide licks into the rhythm. Learn a big bunch of killer slide licks, turnarounds, and how to vary them so you can come up with endless possibilities. Jeff also packs the lesson with many slide tips and techniques that will help you along in you slide playing journey.

Open G Tuning - in this lesson you will learn about slide playing utilizing open G tuning. This style tuning is used by many slide guitar masters including Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, and Howlin Wolf. Jeff takes you through the tuning and teaches how to get your guitar tuned properly to an open G chord. Get that real Rolling & Tumbling type sounds in this lesson and learn a huge batch of killer licks and rhythms. Learn how to bounce the slide off to open strings as well as how to tie all the licks together into a cohesive piece of music.

Open A Tuning & Bonus Lesson - this section of the DVD is broken into two sub-menus:

1. Acoustic slide lesson in open A tuning - in this lesson you will learn all about slide in open A tuning. Jeff teaches this lesson on acoustic guitar just to demonstrate that you can play many of these slide techniques on both acoustic and electric. Jeff goes over this alternate tuning and how to get your guitar tuned to an open A chord. Learn how to play off an A7 triad and get some really killer sounds and riff ideas. You will also learn some bass note walk downs and how to tie them into the progression.

2. Blues Bonus Lesson - in this lesson Jeff teaches some killer blues licks and techniques in the styles of BB King and Otis Rush. Learn some awesome blues licks over each chord in the given progression. Jeff teaches you how to work off each chord and come up with hip things to play over each chord. Learn some cool chromatic riffs, how to go from the 1 to the 1, cool string bending, hammering to the major 3rd, vibrato, and more. On screen tablature makes it easy to learn all the licks as well as an up close shot of the neck teaches you all the licks and techniques up close and personal.

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