Would You Like to Take Away All the Struggle and Mystery Out of Playing Guitar?

Then Use My Simple Method to Understand Strumming
From a Rhythmic Perspective – Learn to Play by Feel
Instead of Mechanically Plucking Chords and Notes!

It’s exciting when you discover that anyone can unlock the ability to play an endless array of strums and play songs like the naturally gifted guitarist you’ve always wanted to become . . .

Next Level Guitar Presents:


Three DVD Course – six hours of video lessons!

  • Learn how to understand and play strum patterns rhythmically so you can figure out any strum and play any song
  • Learn many new and different strum patterns and put an end to always playing the same thing and always sounding the same
  • Learn how to unlock an endless array of strum patterns and rhythms to expand your repertoire
  • Learn how to perfect your timing – no more speeding up songs as you play along
  • Learn how to develop your ear – one of the most important things you can do as a guitar player and musician
  • Learn to enhance your playing so you are not always playing the same things

David Taub here, co-creator of NextLevelGuitar.com

I am so stoked to announce the release of my new three DVD set “STRUMMING AND RHYTHM TECHNIQUES MADE SIMPLE”. This is a killer set with over six hours of video lessons on three DVDs.

I believe that strumming and rhythm are two of the most challenging aspects of beginning guitar. And I am sure you will agree as we all feel so spastic every time when trying to learn a new strum pattern. It’s a frustrating process for sure and we all have gone through it.

Well I am here to tell you that with this course I have developed a way to teach strumming and rhythm that is so simple and so fun that you will vault yourself to the next level MUCH faster than you ever would have dreamed. Whether you play acoustic or electric it does not matter as these lessons take the frustration out of learning to strum and the frustration out of learning strum patterns.

You will also learn how to embellish your rhythms to get your rhythm playing sounding MUSICAL. This is critical for playing songs as well as if you ever wanted to play your favorite songs and put your own spin on them with your own signature sound. And that is something that never fails to drop the jaws of your friends when you start to play this way!

And these techniques are essential for any genre of music you play – whether you prefer rock, blues, pop, funk, country, bluegrass, folk, classic rock – whatever the genre – these techniques will give any guitarist invaluable tools and techniques that will be with your throughout your guitar journey.

I remove the mystery of learning new strum patterns and teach you how to break strums down and how to understand and digest them rhythmically.

In this course you will also learn different strumming and rhythm techniques to spice up and embellish your playing so you are not always playing the same things. After learning from these lessons you will understand strumming, rhythm, and meter and be able to play with different rhythmic feels and sound totally musical.

We have all fallen into the trap of playing things that always sound the same. Well this course pulls you out of that trap and breathes new and different musical life into your strumming and rhythms. You will be amazed that with some simple and easy techniques how much more musically interesting your playing will become.


  • Learn proper strum mechanics to get your strumming sounding its best
  • Learn how to understand a strum rhythmically so you can play in time, keep the beat, and play any song
  • Learn all kinds of easy rhythmic variations – no more same old boring guitar
  • Learn the technique of breaking strum patterns into sections to breathe new life into old patterns
  • Learn how to get your foot tapping to keep time to lock into any musical groove
  • Learn how to use a metronome to get your timing dead on accurate
  • Learn how to spice up your rhythms to unlock your creativity and develop new rhythmic sounds
  • Learn how to combine patterns for feel variation
  • Learn and master the upstroke and no longer be thrown for a loop on up stroke strumming
  • Learn to expand your strumming repertoire – have an endless array of strums at your fingertips
  • Learn how to add rhythmic stops and dynamics to your strumming and rhythms
  • Learn how to mix arpeggiating with strumming – add a whole new twist to rhythms
  • Learn to maximize your practice time and start practicing smarter, not longer!
  • Learn proper chord changing techniques and no longer get thrown off when changing chords
  • Learn how to get your chord changes faster and more efficient
  • Learn new chords so you are not always playing the same things

To make learning as fast and easy as possible all strum patterns and chord shapes are written out with on-screen text. Plus we teach you how to break all the strums down into digestible pieces so learning new strums becomes a mush faster and easier process that you will be able to do on your own. This is an invaluable tool that you will now have throughout your guitar lifetime.

All chords are demonstrated with up close shots of the neck so you see all the action up close and personal. Plus I demonstrate each technique or pattern at slowly and precisely. So unlike most instructional products that blaze through concepts at breakneck pace where you are constantly on the rewind button – my products are different as we take things at both slow and regular speeds as I make it easy to learn and follow along.

Plus you get to play along with me in the many strum-alongs we have on these DVDs. I have found through teaching thousands of students all over the world that students pick up the rhythm and patterns much more quickly when strumming together – they have something to lock into.

So we have many play-alongs in this course for you to practice as well as many musical sounding exercises and practice progressions. You will know exactly what to practice to ensure you are maximizing your practice time and moving forward in the most efficient manner. And our practice exercises concentrate on getting you sounding musical – so you are learning in a fun and empowering manner.


  • Constantly playing the same things and sounding the same
  • Agonizing over learning new strum patterns
  • Not being able to stay on time when playing songs
  • Not knowing what to practice to get better rhythmically
  • Not being able to understand rhythms
  • Not knowing how to use a metronome as an invaluable practice tool
  • Not being able to do anything with rhythms other than straight strumming
  • Feeling stuck in a guitar rut…and not knowing how to get out of it!


3 DVD Course - Lesson Descriptions & Menus:

Strumming & Rhythm Techniques DVD 1
(two hours of lessons)

  • DVD Introduction & Practice Tips - this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons:

    • DVD Introduction - in this module we discuss the format for the coming lessons. We discuss our teaching philosophy and how to get the most out of these lessons so you can get your playing to the next level in the fastest and most efficient manner. We discuss the importance of learning many different strum patterns as well as the importance of playing solid rhythm and learning a large catalog of chords. We also discuss the relationship between chord changing and strumming and go over tuning for the DVD set.

    • Practice Tips - in this lesson we give you at ton of practice tips to maximize your practice time and to ensure you are practicing the right things. We discuss topics like improving chord changing, working the muscle memory, when and how often to practice, practice lengths for maximum learning and efficiency, using lessons as templates, using songs as practice vehicles, using practice play-alongs, proper practice logging, chord changing mechanics, metronome use, limiting variables when learning, challenging yourself on the instrument, and fun time on the guitar. All to help give you as complete a guitar education as possible as you move forward in your guitar journey.
  • Strum Mechanics – in this lesson we teach proper strumming mechanics. Many students have trouble with strumming because their technique is not correct. So we make it easy to move forward in your rhythm playing by teaching the proper strumming fundamentals to get your strumming and rhythm totally dialed in correctly. We teach how to get a loose and freewheeling feel while removing the mechanical and sterile sounds. We also teach strumming with the arm versus strumming with the wrist, proper strumming distances both one and two dimensionally, proper pick motion through the strings, vertical plane strumming, the importance of dynamics, and much more.

  • Notes, Time & Rhythm Lesson – in this lesson we teach what gives music its life’s blood or its rhythm. Learn about notes per beat and how rhythm and timing fit together with strumming. Learn all about quarter notes, eighth notes, and sixteenth notes. Four/four time is explained as well as musical time and measures. We also teach how chord changing relates to timing and rhythm, how up-strums and down-strums relate to musical time, the importance of rests, and how to sound musical with your rhythm and strumming. All strums, patterns, and beats are written out in text on the screen to make learning even easier and faster and all examples are demonstrated at slow speeds to tie all the concepts together.

  • First Strums Lessons – this section of the DVD is broken into three lessons:

    • First Set Of Strum Patterns Lesson - in this lesson you will learn your first set of strum patterns. We teach you how to create rhythms with these patterns that will make your strumming sound musical. We start you off with an easy all down-stroke pattern that will get you sounding musical very quickly. You will find this incredibly empowering! All strum patterns are written out in on-screen text and played at slow speeds so you can easily follow along. We teach you how to play patterns quickly and easily by breaking the patterns into smaller sections. We have strum play alongs for each pattern so you can practice the pattern along with us and keep in time. We also give you practice progressions and a structured practice plan to follow so you can practice the patterns and changes while maximizing your practice time.

    • Second Set Of Strum Patterns Lesson - in this lesson you will learn two more incredibly useful eighth-note strum patterns. You can utilize these strums to play hundreds and hundreds of songs. Again we break up each pattern so you can easily get the vibe and rhythm and start playing it quickly. We also explain the timing and count of each strum so you understand the pattern rhythmically. We have strum play alongs for each pattern so you can get the pattern solid very quickly while playing along with us. All patterns and rhythms are written out in on-screen text to make learning even easier. We also teach practice progressions and practice changes so you start sounding musical and get these strums down cold fast.

    • Third Set Of Strum Patterns Lesson - in this lesson we teach more strum patterns based off parts of the previous learned strums. This will give you more strums in your arsenal giving you rhythmic variation. Here you get the habit of playing different combinations of quarter and eighth notes and you get the vibe of different rhythmic feels. Since you learned parts of these strums in previous lessons you will be able to assimilate these new patterns into your playing quick and easy. All patterns are written out in on-screen text and all rhythmic feels are broken down and explained. Use the play alongs, practice changes, and practice progressions to practice and get the patterns cold.
  • Next Strums Lessons – this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons:

    • Classic Rock Strums & Progressions Lesson - in this lesson we teach some chords, rhythms, and chord changes that are in a more classic rock style. You will also learn some new strums and strum patterns. Learn about changes in different keys. Learn all the chords with an up close shot of the neck and the chords written out in on-screen text. We also will teach you some killer practice progressions and strums that will really work your changes and add variation to your rhythmic feels. We also teach how to incorporate rhythmic stops and rests with kills to your strumming for a yet another different rhythmic feel. These techniques will really add different flavors and textures to your rhythms and dress up your playing.

    • Add Rhythmic Stops & New Chords Lesson - in this lesson you will learn some new chords along with some new strum patterns. We will also teach you how to rhythmically spice up your playing making it more musically interesting. Learn all the chords with an up-close shot of the neck and with the chords written out with on-screen text. We also teach easy techniques to embellish chords, learn various chord voicings, how to add rhythmic stops to your strumming, how to vary patterns, add builds and dynamics to add interest and melody to your progressions. We also teach killer practice progressions to apply all the principles in musical examples.

Strumming & Rhythm Techniques DVD 2
(two hours of lessons)

  • Chord Changing Techniques & Practice Exercises - in this lesson you will learn many chord changing techniques that will help you tighten up your chord changing. These techniques and exercises will really help to get that muscle memory flowing and get your chord changing faster and rhythmically in time. Learn chord changing tips and techniques like shared fingers, pivoting, cluster principles, proper chord change mechanics, and proper pinky, finger, and wrist positioning. Also learn chord change exercises and practicing tips. By following these techniques and getting proficient at the exercises, your chord changes will eventually become automatic and you will hit them right on every time.

  • Song Suggestions To Use As Practice Vehicles – now that you know some easy strums and rhythmic patterns we now give you suggestions of some easy songs that will be within your reach by this point in your guitar journey. We teach you to use songs as vehicles to get your strumming, chord changing, rhythm, and timing to the next level. We give you song suggestions with all open chords, one or two bar chords, and with the “F” chord. With just a handful of open chords you could be learning thousands and thousands of popular songs – YOU CAN DO IT!

  • New Strum Patterns – this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons:

    • New Strum & Chordal Movement Lesson - in this lesson you will learn a new strum pattern with easy chord changes so there will be some new chordal movements for you to master. All chords and strum patterns are written out in on-screen text and demonstrated with a tight shot of the neck to make learning as easy as possible. The chord movements are taught with minimal finger movements, which will train you to become as proficient as possible with your chord changing. These new strum patterns and chordal movements will empower you to want to practice more all while getting your playing to the next level.

    • Learn Many New Strum Patterns Lesson - in this lesson you will learn a big bunch of new strum patterns. Learn many quarter, eighth, and sixteenth note strum patterns. Soon you will be adding all of these patterns to your strumming arsenal and be using them when you are playing songs. We diagram out each and every pattern by up and down strokes. We also break the patterns down to smaller bite sized pieces so you can easily get the feel and assimilate them into your playing. All along this lesson you learn important tips to continue moving your strumming and rhythm to the next level.
  • Combine Strums & Dress Up Your Playing – this section of the DVD is broken into three lessons:

    • Combine Strum Patterns Together Lesson - in this lesson you will learn how to switch between strum patterns. This technique will really embellish your playing and make it come alive. We teach you how to change strum patterns going from one chord to another. You will also learn how to break up a chord and strum certain strings to further dress up your playing and get different textures. Soon you will be adding color and flair to all your strums and your playing will really begin to sparkle.

    • Further Your Rhythmic Skills Lesson - in this lesson you will learn more strum patterns and also different ways to combine patterns within a group of chords. You will learn how to change up strum patterns on each chord in a progression. We will also emphasize changing chords on an upstroke, something that you may be unfamiliar with. These techniques will really push you forward taking your rhythm and strumming to a new level while adding another dimension to your playing. We break all the new patterns into bite-sized pieces and play-alongs help you to get each one down cold fast and efficiently.

    • Continue To Dress Up Your Playing Lesson - in this lesson we continue to teach you new techniques that help vary your playing to make your songs and progressions sound more musically interesting. Here you will learn new chords and also ways to embellish them to get lots of new tones and textures. Learn all about arpeggiating and the importance of rhythmic dynamics. Just these slightly different ways of playing chords can add so much life and interest to your playing. Use this lesson as a springboard for new chordal ideas and new rhythmic vibes.
  • Rhythmically Hammer Open Chord Rhythms – in this lesson you will learn how to hammer-on rhythms and also how to chip away at getting proficient at the “F” chord. You will find the technique of hammering on notes within chords adds much dimension and interest to your rhythms. Learn all the strum patterns, chords, and techniques with up close shots of the neck and on-screen text. We then apply what you learn and put the new chords and techniques into some killer practice progressions. Soon you will be hammering away and adding this to your ever growing laundry list of new techniques that dress up your playing while adding interest and melody.

  • Add Licks While Strumming – in this lesson we teach you how to add single note licks within your strum patterns and rhythms. You will learn how to add licks into patterns but not let them throw off your timing or chord changing. The practice exercises and progressions will get you proficient at this technique quickly. We play the licks in different keys and intermingle them within a strum pattern to also help develop your ear as we move each lick over each chord.

Strumming & Rhythm Techniques DVD 3
(two hours of lessons)

  • Foot Tapping Tips Lesson - in this lesson we continue to teach good rhythm skills by teaching tips to make it easier for you to get that foot tapping in rhythm. We teach different ways to tap the foot and what works best for right handed and left handed players. We give you suggestions and exercises to get that foot tapping in the fastest manner possible. All rhythms are broken down strum wise and demonstrated with how to tap the foot with rhythm in time with your strumming.

  • Intermediate Hammer Chord Lesson – in this lesson we teach a more challenging rhythm technique of hammering on bar chords for added textures and melody lines. Here you will learn how to create new and interesting sounds by hammering on full bar chords. You will find that these embellishments add much dimension and interest to your playing. This technique is shown with multiple camera angles and all strum patterns written out in text so it’s easy to follow along. Plus we go over all examples at slow and regular speeds so you can pick it up fast. We then apply all the techniques with a cool and fun practice progression.

  • Ear Training & Rhythmic Feel Lesson – in this lesson we work on ear development and rhythmic ear training. One of the best things you can as a musician is develop your ear. Here I will test you by playing rhythmic strum patterns and then have you feel them out by ear. Once you master this technique you will be able to figure out strums rhythmically by ear and not have to worry about reading up and down strokes or following written out patterns. This will be a huge leap in your playing and get your strumming to the next level. This starts weaning you off learning strum patterns by writing them out and rather allows you to feel them out rhythmically by ear and rhythmic feel.

  • Metronome 1 Lessons – this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons:

    • Metronome Types & Tips Lesson - in this lesson we go over the Metronome – an invaluable tool for the musician. Learn what to look for when purchasing a metronome. Metronome examples are displayed and important metronome features are discussed. Learn the importance of different click sounds, BPMs, volume controls & levels, blinking lights, output & headphone jacks, adapter jacks and cables, and price ranges for metronomes are discussed. We also give you lots of tips for when you first start using the metronome. These tips are invaluable and will make using the metronome as easy as possible when first getting used to it.

    • Metronome Exercises 1 - in this lesson we begin with some easy metronome strumming exercises to get you used to playing along rhythmically and in time with the click. We take you through the exercises slowly and you can play along with us to get started. All exercises are drawn out with the patterns written out in on-screen text and we take you through all steps when you start to use the metronome. Play along with us as we get you dialed in to your internal clock with strums, chords, different BPMs, and multiple chord progressions.
  • Metronome 2 Lessons – this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons:

    • Metronome Exercises 2 - in this lesson we move to the next phase of getting you used to practicing with the metronome. We take different strum patterns and teach you how to incorporate the metronome into your practice regimens. We break the process down into easy to follow steps and design a template for you to follow each time you practice with the metronome. We take known strums that we taught earlier in this DVD set and teach you how to dial in your internal clock and get that rhythm playing and timing dead on accurate. You will be amazed at how these exercises using play-alongs, chords, and progressions work wonders for your rhythm and timing.

    • Metronome Exercises 3 - in this lesson we teach more metronome exercises to work your rhythm and timing. Here the exercises get a little more challenging as we push your playing to the next level. We teach how to challenge yourself with longer spaces of open time using the metronome. Play along with the examples and progressions and watch your playing skyrocket to the next level. All strum patterns and chords are written out with on-screen text so playing along is fast and easy. Here you will also learn a killer exercise that not only works your rhythm and timing but your chord changing at the same time!
  • Bonus Lessons – this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons:

    • Easy Techniques To Embellish Your Playing - in this lesson we teach you how to dress up your playing with embellishments off chords that you already know. It’s a quick and easy technique to add interest and melody to your playing. Learn a big bunch of new chords and how to apply them into your playing rhythmically and in-time. On-screen picture in picture, close ups of the neck, and on-screen text of all the chords, strum patterns, and progressions makes following and playing along easy and fast. You get tons of exercises and practice progressions to apply this killer technique. This is an amazing technique that you will find invaluable in making your rhythms and music come to life.

    • Continue Embellishing By Peppering-In Lesson - in this lesson we continue on working on embellishing chords and dressing up your playing. In this lesson we take this technique to the next level by rhythmically peppering in the chords for various lengths of musical time. After learning and practicing this technique you can dress up any song or progression and get so much more added interest and texture – dress up your playing ten-fold! You will find yourself applying this technique all the time when playing songs and creating your own progressions and music.


Three DVD Course – six hours of video lessons!

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