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Hello Good People – David Taub here from Next Level Guitar and I want to tell you about our special DVD release titled "Rockabilly Rhythm & Lead Guitar Course".

Course includes over four hours of video lessons. Learn how to get a great rockabilly tone and all about the gear needed for this style of music including how to get that trademark "slap-back" delay tone. Learn a big bunch of rockabilly guitar chord shapes like dominant 7ths, 9ths, triads, 6th chords, augmented chords, and more. Learn the basics of rockabilly rhythm playing, single string blues walking rhythms, the I-IV-V chord progression, honky-tonk/rockabilly upstroke rhythms, rockabilly boogie-woogie rhythms, and jump swing boogie blues rhythms.

Learn fingerstyle bass movements, rhythmic patterns, hammer-on and pull-off licks, walking bass lines, cool new chords, slides, double-stops, note and chord bending, lead licks and riffs, open-string "hop" runs, major and minor pentatonic scale patterns, combine minor and major scales, how to connect your licks and scale runs, and learn to play over each chord separately. This course is for mid-level beginner to intermediate level players.

DVD menus and lesson breakdown:


DVD Intro – in this DVD introduction to this series we discuss the coming lessons and the lesson format for coming DVDs. We go over the topics to be covered throughout this series. A brief history is given of what Rockabilly is and how Rockabilly got started. We also discuss some of the guitar architects of this style. Guitar tuning is also discussed.

Rockabilly Tone – In this lesson we discuss how to get a great rockabilly tone. Learn all about the gear needed for this style of music and how to get the rockabilly sounds and tones. We discuss electric guitar types and choices, guitar pickups and pickup choices, the famous "Gretsch tone", tube amplifiers, delay effect and pedal types, and how to get that trademark rockabilly "slap-back" delay tone.

Easy Rockabilly Rhythms – this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons:

1. Rockabilly single string rhythm lesson – in this lesson we teach a fun and easy rockabilly single string blues walking rhythm. Examples played at slow and regular speeds. Close ups of the fret hand with the on-screen tablature makes learning this rhythm fast and easy. Learn to add pinky slides to embellish the tones – wicked fun!

2. Rockabilly 50's slow dance delay tone lesson – in this lesson you will learn a very cool and easy way to arpeggiate chords to get a sweet rockabilly slow dance delay tone. The longer delay pedal settings are discussed to get the tone used in this lesson. We keep things simple in this lesson by using a simple two- chord progression using arpeggiating and killing of the strings to trigger the delay. We then teach this technique with other chords and add embellishments to spice things up. Get creative with these techniques and tones and try with other chords and progressions - really fun and easy!

Acoustic Rockabilly Rhythms – this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons:

1. Acoustic rockabilly rhythm lesson – in this lesson we break out the acoustic guitar and teach some easy and fun acoustic rockabilly rhythms. This lesson is all about good rhythm playing. Here we discuss the basics of rockabilly rhythm playing. All chords are taught with the chords written out on the screen. Learn the I-IV-V chord progression and also the strum patterns and rhythmic feel. Strum patterns are written out in on-screen text and taught in detail rhythmically so you can get the feel and be able to drive that rhythm section. Also in this lesson you will learn how to practice with a metronome, an essential tool for the guitarist to develop good timing, solid rhythm, and speed.

2. Dollar bill rhythm trick lesson – in this lesson we teach a unique technique using a dollar bill to get your acoustic guitar to sound like a snare drum. You can see this technique employed in some early Johnny Cash videos and we teach how to get those rattle-snare sounds. You will learn the strum pattern for the rhythm being played in this lesson, as well as the chord progression, and away you go – experiment and get creative!

Rockabilly Rhythm Devices – in this lesson you will learn all kinds of rhythmic devices used in the rockabilly style. Learn more about rockabilly gear and amp settings. Learn fingerstyle bass movements with the thumb and creating riffs around the bass notes for killer rockabilly sounds. All techniques, licks, and chords are played at slow and regular speed and with close ups of the fret and pick hand. Learn rhythmic patterns, hammer-on and pull-off licks, walking bass lines, cool new chords, slides, double-stops, note and chord bending, lead licks and riffs, and much more!


Rockabilly Rhythms – this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons:

1. Honky-tonk rockabilly rhythm lesson – in this lesson you will learn a cool honky-tonk/rockabilly upstroke rhythm. Learn all chords and rhythm patterns to get these tones. Close ups of the fret hand teach the rhythm and strumming techniques in detail. We also teach bass note walk-downs and how to combine walk-downs with chords for that honky-tonk sound.

2. Smooth rockabilly rhythm lesson – in this lesson you will learn some new rockabilly rhythm runs and chord changes. Learn some new chords and how to move and slide them around on the neck in a very smooth manner. Learn a new strum pattern and incorporate it into these rhythms. Get creative and experiment with these new chords and changes and have fun with it!

Rockabilly Boogie-Woogie Lesson – in this lesson you will learn rockabilly boogie-woogie rhythms. Learn how to play these rhythms with bass lines and fingerstyle techniques. Get that muted pluck tone that you can only get while using these finger-plucking techniques. Learn cool sounding licks with outside notes to add flavor and texture to these walking rhythms. All techniques, walks, and rhythms demonstrated slow and regular speed with close up of the fret and pick hands. Learn open-string "hop" runs, variations on the licks, slides and hammers, double-stops, lead patterns, and learn to play over each chord separately.

Lead Rockabilly Guitar – in this lesson you will learn rockabilly lead guitar to play over the previous rhythm lesson. You will learn some lead lines that you can intersperse while playing the rhythm or use as solos on their own. Learn some Scotty Moore double string riffs and learn to play over each chord independently for a more sophisticated sound. Learn licks mixed in within chords, hammer-ons, Johnny Cash bends, and also how to pop and pluck strings for percussive sounds.

Rockabilly Rhythms II - this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons:

1. Rockabilly renegade biker blues lesson – in this lesson we add a little gain for a slightly distorted tone for these biker rockabilly rhythms. You will learn playing one-finger chords on the low strings and adding notes, hammer-ons, and slides with the other fingers to get the desired rhythm effects. These rhythms also incorporate walk-downs and slides to get these raw sounds – enjoy!

2. Rockabilly gallop rhythms lesson – in this lesson you will learn a western sounding galloping rockabilly rhythm. Learn some new ways to play some easy chords to get the tone and sounds desired for this lesson. This is a great lesson on new chord voicings and what you can do with some simple chordal movements. The strum pattern is taught in detail so you can easily find the groove for this rhythm. Also some learn cool muted strings techniques for even more tonal options.


Chords – in this lesson you will learn a big bunch of rockabilly guitar chord shapes. We start right at the nut and work our way up the guitar neck teaching a big batch of chords used in this style. These are great chords to use to intersperse into rhythms or to write progressions and songs with. Learn a little about music theory and chord construction as we take you through these interesting chords and intervals. Learn all about dominant 7ths, 9ths, triads, and more. We then demonstrate playing these chords in a progression and mixing them together to get some cool sounds.

Lead Guitar I - this section of the DVD is broken into three lessons:

1. Rockabilly lead 1 lesson – in this part one of a series on rockabilly lead guitar we start with some Jerry Reed and James Burton style licks. Learn all about the pick hand and learn some hybrid picking techniques as well as adding a good string pop to you licks using the meat of the thumb. Learn the fingering for the fret hand as well as all the notes are tabbed out for all lead licks. In the licks in this series you learn to combine minor and major pentatonic notes for the desired effect. We teach you to work the lead lines over each chord individually and get you rocking out in no time.

2. Rockabilly lead 2 lesson – here we continue with the rockabilly country chicken picking lead guitar lessons over more of the chords in a rhythm progression. The licks will work over any type of country, blues, or rockabilly rhythm and you can move them around in different keys. These licks will incorporate slides and open strings and plenty of pull-offs and bends. You will also learn to use dissonance as an advantage to getting cool and different sounding licks.

3. Rockabilly lead 3 lesson – more rockabilly lead guitar in this plucking rockabilly telecaster lead guitar lesson. Here you will learn lead licks over a rhythm vamp on one chord. Learn cool double-stop hammer-on pattern licks and how to move them around on the neck for interesting tones. Learn some more open string riffs and string bends as you continue working on lead lines that fit together and phrase musically over the I chord.

Lead Guitar II - this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons:

1. Rockabilly lead 4 lesson – in this lesson we continue with more licks in the key of A around the 5th and 9th frets. Continue to learn licks combining minor and major pentatonic scales. Learn the importance of playing similar licks on different areas of the guitar neck. Learn some killer string bending within a doublestop as per Roy Buchanan and Jerry Donahue style guitar.

2. Rockabilly lead guitar descending licks – in this hillbilly country telecaster lead guitar lesson you will learn some killer descending pattern licks. He we switch gears and teach these in the key of E. Play or intersperse these complete licks and patterns or parts of them over E type chords for some killer sounds. This faster lick is broken down and explained with close ups of both the fret and pick hands – get crazy with it!

Jump Swing Lessons - this section of the DVD is broken into two lessons:

1. Jump swing boogie blues bass rhythm lesson – in this first part of this series in the jump swing blues style you will learn a fun and easy boogie-woogie blues bass pattern rhythm. This lesson will be based off a standard 12-bar blues progression. You will also learn a cool song intro using chords and moving notes within the chords to get some hip and cool tones. Also learn some chromatic lines to add interest and flavor in this style.

2. Jump swing boogie blues chords lesson – in this second part of this series on jump swing blues style we teach chords and rhythmic accents you can use along with the bass pattern that you learned in the previous lesson. This is a killer lesson as you learn how to play with a "straight" rhythmic feel, how to add rhythmic "shots", adding slides, add 6th chords and triads, 7th and 9th passing chords, augmented chords, and the hip sounding two-minor chord. All these rhythmic devices can be used to rhythmically accent your playing.


Jump Swing Boogie Blues Lead Guitar Lessons – this section of the DVD is broken into three lessons:

1. Jump swing lead lesson one – this is lesson one of a three part series where you will learn to play lead guitar over the jump swing boogie blues rhythm taught in previous lessons. These solo lines can be played over the top of the chords and bass rhythms. Learn how to pick out key pivotal notes within the chords for maximum solo punch and effect. Lots of lick ideas and riffs are demonstrated utilizing Major and Minor Pentatonic scale patterns. Learn tons of soloing tips and techniques that will help your overall lead guitar playing get to the next level.

2. Jump swing lead lesson two – in part two you will continue to learn lead guitar licks, techniques, and ideas when soloing and improvising. Here we move to the IV chord where you continue to learn the importance of choosing pivotal notes and soloing over each chord independently. Here we give you the outlines and roadmaps that you can use as a template to blast over all you're lead guitar playing no matter what the musical genre. And you will also learn a little music theory along the way.

3. Jump swing lead lesson three – here in part three of this series you will continue to learn lead guitar tips, tricks, and licks, over each chord in a chord progression. Here again we teach you to utilize keynotes to make strong solo statements. He we tackle the V chord in the progression. With the completion of this lesson you will be able to solo and improvise over most rockabilly progressions as most are based on I-IV-V progressions.

Scotty Moore Style Double-stops Lesson – in this lesson you will learn some killer lead guitar playing using and moving double-stops all over the guitar neck. This lesson is in the style of Elvis Presley's lead guitar player Scotty Moore and also Jimmie Bryant. Learn all about playing double-stops, or two note chords, up and down scale patterns while moving them around the neck. Learn all kinds of tricks with these licks and how to get creative with them.

Learn Scales and How to Combine Pentatonics – throughout this DVD series you have been learning lead guitar utilizing a technique of combining Minor and Major Pentatonic Scales. In this lesson we go over four common scale patterns and how to combine the scales to give you the benefits of getting that sweet major sound combined with that bluesy minor sound – perfect for Rockabilly lead guitar soloing and improvising. Learn the scales and all kinds of lick examples that you can blast over all your lead guitar playing.

Phrasing Scales and Licks Into Cohesive Soloing – in this lesson we take the scales and techniques that you learned in the previous lessons and teach you how to connect or phrase your musical thoughts together. The art of phrasing your ideas together is one of the most critical aspects of lead guitar. This lesson teaches you how to connect your licks and scale runs to give your soloing a very cohesive and fluid sound. This lesson will help improve your soloing and improvisation and you how to play lead guitar while making good musical sense. Get ready to rock!

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