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Yep, you learn it all by watching my new video series!

Watch the video below for a great sneak preview:

Hello Good People, David Taub here from Next Level Guitar,

I want you to ask you an important question ...

If you could study only ONE guitarist to become the player you've always dreamed of becoming, who would it be?

I don't care what your specific dream with guitar is ... But wouldn't it make sense to pick:

  • Someone who was an acknowledged technical innovator, a master of blending different styles and devices across many genres.
  • Someone who pioneered techniques that even YOU can apply to your OWN playing, even if you're not playing at a stratospheric level. (YET, lol)
  • A legend who's playing still sounds amazing to this day. (In other words, he's timeless.)
  • A true revolutionary guitarist who's not just about playing notes that are technically amazing but someone who also gets that it's all about melody.
  • Someone who gets unusually cool sounds out of his guitar that thrill the ear and defy explanation. (But are SO teachable and doable for you to duplicate.)

Look, Hendrix and Van Halen are often cited — and rightfully so, of course — as being major influences to many, many, guitarists and guitar music in general.

But do you know who stood on the shoulders of those revolutionaries to continue taking things to higher levels?

Joe Satriani!

He set the guitar world on its ear with his landmark 1987 release "Surfing With The Alien." It was the first instrumental rock album to reach the Billboard Top 40 charts. Then it stayed on the charts for 75 weeks!

No wonder critics said this about it: "It can be seen as the gold standard for guitar."

Satriani's uncanny ability to re-invent common blues licks into catchy melodies is truly amazing.

He is also known for his fluid legato technique, unique two hand chord and arpeggio tapping, exotic melodies, super interesting and unique chord voicings, shifting modalities, and musically compelling song structure ...

... All of which I'm going to teach you. (And yes, you CAN do this!)

Although recognized as a legendary virtuoso with a black belt in music theory, his playing is as melodic as it is technical. He's all about songwriting, the creation of melodies, and drawing his audience in with instrumental storytelling.

"Solos I kind of care less about. I know most people probably think that's what I care most about, but it's really the melody playing that is the cornerstone of what I'm working on.” — Joe Satriani

I was pretty young when I first heard Satriani,
but I remember the moment well ...

I was listening to the radio and on came "Always With Me, Always With You," an instrumental ballad that nearly lifted me out of my seat all by itself.

"WHOAAA," I said upon hearing the amazing melody lines and tapping licks. "Who is THAT??! I gotta learn me some of that!!"

And that became a huge part of my guitar journey. It truly helped me become the player I wanted to be.

And now I'm sharing it with you so that YOU can achieve whatever guitar dream is YOURS ...

So Let Me Tell You Exactly What I'm Teaching and
Why This Could Truly Skyrocket Your Playing
to the Next Level and Beyond ...

Introducing …

Killer Rock Guitar Soloing Blueprint
"Satriani Made Simple"

17-Video Series (Digital Download)


Seventeen in-depth instantly downloadable video lessons. These total nearly FOUR HOURS of pure step-by-step, move-by-move instruction you can pause and watch with on-screen tablature.

Two killer instantly downloadable jam tracks. These intoxicating tracks will make you want to practice forever!

A detailed 35-page PDF ebook that coincides with the videos - This valuable ebook gives you crucial tips and charts to speed your progress. You're going to flip when you see the level of helpful detail!

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Killer Rock Guitar Soloing Blueprint
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And ...

2) Because I realize that Satriani's techniques aren't exactly for beginners. This way, you can get up to speed on any fundamentals you need before moving on.

Here's Just a Small Sneak Peek of
What You're Going to Learn ...

How to nail down that Satriani tone with a full-on lesson detailing gear, amp, and tone.

Learn to strengthen your fret hand with awesome hammer-on and pull-off exercises. (This will pay huge dividends, I promise!)

One word: LEGATO! This is how you can play complex passages and make them smooth! You'll learn all the techniques behind this crucial device, including how to apply it to all kinds of scales and modes and more.

Speaking of legato, you'll also learn one-string patterns, sequence licks, and position shifting.

Discover new ways to visualize the entire guitar neck as one big opportunity rather than remaining stuck in your "safe place," lol.

Learn about alternate picking in the Satriani style. (Wait till you hear how awesome this sounds!)

Master tons and tons of killer pentatonic and blues licks in this style.

Glide effortlessly across the entire guitar neck. (This puts you at that "next level" because it allows you do do almost everything better.)

Learn how to add all the infamous "Joe-ish" nuances to your playing.

Combine minor and major pentatonic, which is so foundational.

Learn amazing one string and open string licks in the awesome Satriani style.

Discover the soloing strategies and thought processes that go into playing over the included jam tracks. (You'll begin to think like Satriani himself, or at the very least see possibilities and avenues you never saw before. So huge.)

An Important Note About
Everything You're Reading Here ...

Look, any good teachers can show you certain devices, techniques and strategies ...

But can they teach you how to APPLY them in a musical situation?

This is too often missing — application is so crucial! What good is it to learn a bunch of techniques if you don't know how to use them, how to apply them musically?

Without that knowledge, your playing may sound like a bunch of exercises being run up and down the neck with no musical viability.

Everything you see here is taught within a musical context. And much of it is taught along with the complementary jam tracks included with the lessons.

Learn to combine legato licks with blues licks with diatonic scale licks with a rock twist. (Wait'll you hear THIS coming out of your guitar!)

Discover how to build melodicism into your solos. This takes you from being a mere technician to a fully creative musician.

Learn fun tremolo bar tricks and make wildly interesting noises you thought were not possible.

Discover all about chord centers and adding intervals and arpeggios for additional textures and colors. (There's a nearly infinite palette available — let's use it!)

All about clean multi-finger tapping in the Satriani style using chords.

Play two-handed rock tapping with tons of deliciously hot licks.

Learn about modal playing: learn Lydian, Ionian, Phrygian and how to add it to your soloing.

Combine modes together for new sounds, moods, and textures.

Learn all about the harmonic minor scale and the Phrygian dominant mode and application.

Combine techniques to create new sounds by mixing up your lead playing.

Before We Go Any Further, Let's Get Something Straight
About the Truth of Playing Satriani ...

Look, playing in this style is not necessarily about being technical, flashy or playing fast.

It's so much more than that. Like I always say ...

"Its not just what you play......but how you play it!"

I can't emphasize this enough. And that's why in this series you will learn not only the strategies that go into the Satriani style of play but also the elements that make his playing style so unique.

I'm talking about everything from the fluid legato ... to the open string licks .... to the blues based soloing ... to the right hand tapping ... to the tremolo tricks ... and so much more.

When you tie all those devices and techniques together in the special way we teach you, then you're performing musically, not just robotically sounding like a bunch of exercises being run up and down the neck.

So Here's How We Solve That ...

When you download my lessons, you also receive two custom-recorded jam tracks. I designed these tracks in the Satriani style and they are the EXACT same tracks that we use throughout the video lessons. They sound amazing and are very motivating and empowering to play over — not to mention a lot of fun!

This means you can simply put the track on and get lost in them as you practice everything in a musical context. You can also apply everything your all the other playing that you do, making them your own and putting your own spin on them.

Can You Already HEAR Yourself Playing In This Incredible Style?
Well, You Should! Because These Techniques Are SO Doable
When You Learn Them Using the Steps We Show You

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Playing sample Satriani inspired over G Jam Track:

Playing sample Satriani inspired over E Jam Track:

Playing sample two finger right hand tapping playing examples Satriani inspired:


Satriani Inspired E jam track preview

Satriani Inspired G jam track preview

Let Me Break Down Everything You’re Getting
So That You Can See Why I’m So Excited ...


Includes 17 videos with 3.5 hours of lessons, 2 jam tracks, and coinciding detailed 35-page ebook:

Video Modules (a very partial listing):

VIDEO 1: Introduction - Learn rock guitar techniques and devices inspired by Joe Satriani:

Let's get started and set up the batting order for the lessons to come! Here we'll discuss all the elements of this course as well as we discuss best practices for attacking these materials.

We also go over goal setting and ways to break up your practice regimen to methodically practice these materials in the most efficient and comfortable manner.

We also go over how to apply what you will be learning and how to integrate these techniques into your own playing style.
VIDEO 2: Guitar lesson on tone and gear inspired by Joe Satriani

This lesson is a guide to dial in the awesome tones in the style of Joe Satriani. Here we get you "in the ballpark" of the Satriani tone by using simple equipment that you probably have laying around your house.

That's right — you DON'T need a lot of gear to get in the wheelhouse of these sounds! First, we go over the guitar utilized throughout the lessons as well as the pickups, pickup selections, and tremolo bar. We also go over how to set the tone and volume controls on the guitar to get these tones. We go over the amp utilized, as well as all the amp settings. You'll see the dials set on the amp so you can get similar tones via settings of gain, bass, mids, and treble.

Next? You will learn how we build the tone with some effects. We go over using delay effects and delay settings. We go over the reverb pedal and how to make your sound a little bigger and add room ambiance to the tone. Then we add a DB Booster pedal to add more sustain. This helps to ring out the notes just a tad more and allows a smooth flow especially when using legato techniques.

Then we discuss the wah pedal and how to filter the sound using the pedal. (The wah is a very important element in this style of play.) All these little nuances that we teach with the amp settings, guitar settings, and effect pedals are easy to do and will help you to get close to establishing that trademark epic tone in the style of Joe Satriani.
VIDEO 3: Learn legato techniques and practice exercises, Part 1

Let's learn some legato technique! This is SO integral to the Satriani style of play. We start with hammer-on and pull off exercises to get you warmed up. Throughout the lesson there are tons of tips and suggestions so you can nail this technique down cold. These techniques will get your hammer-ons and pull-offs blasted into the stratosphere, I promise.

It's not about speed, but rather we teach you how to get that articulation in each and every note. As you work these exercises over time the speed will come for sure! Learn to symmetrically move across the guitar neck with fluid legato phrasing. Throughout this lesson you will also learn a bunch of different scales and different ways to approach scales for this technique.

Learn all kinds of sequences to practice and perfect your legato technique. Learn the proper finger positioning for maximum effect, grip strength, and tone, as well as the best attack on the notes. You will also learn some wide stretches to really work that fret hand and get some killer sounds. Then we take the exercises and make them musical so you can turn them into un-ending streams of licks that you can use throughout your playing. Learn rolling patterns, sequence patterns, slide movements, one-string patterns, position shifting, and muting techniques to kill unwanted string noise, and so much more!
VIDEO 4: Learn legato application, Joe Satriani style, Part 2

Okay, now we begin applying all the legato techniques that you learned in the previous lesson. Application in a musical context is critical!

Here we start exploring the moods and sound textures that you can create with legato. It's all about the sounds! Learn how to use major scales and make them modal utilizing legato. Learn 3-note per string forms of the major scale and incorporating fluid legato.

We show you how you can use the included E droning jam track to practice these techniques in a musical context. Learn to add pauses, trills, bends, and slides to legato techniques to get fantastic sounds in this style of play.

Learn how to phrase legato patterns and sequences together to play effortlessly across the entire guitar neck. Learn a huge batch of legato licks combining fast and slow movements and using wide interval jumps for some amazing new sounds. These techniques will blow open the doors for you to start visualizing the entire neck as one big scale. Learn to expand your thought processes by utilizing different scales and modes and modifying your licks with endless variations with legato.
VIDEO 5: Legato application in the style of Joe Satriani, Part 3

All right, let's tie it all together and continue applying legato techniques that you learned in the previous two lessons. Here we will push the previous examples even further!

Now we will teach you how to combine scale shapes across the neck. Soon you will be effortlessly gliding across the neck in ways you never thought possible. You will learn some more exercises to get you thinking across the neck using legato in this style. Learn more advanced legato techniques using slides and stopping and pausing licks. Combine two, then three, scale patterns and variations using legato and legato techniques and devices that you learned in the previous two lessons. Learn to move scales all over the neck comfortably shifting positions with legato techniques.
VIDEO 6 - Alternate picking techniques lesson in the style of Joe Satriani

Here is where you'll learn alternate picking ideas in the style of Joe Satriani. Get all kinds of amazing sounds with these devices and techniques!

Here you will learn all kinds of alternate picked licks as well as picked licks combined with hammer-ons and pull-offs. We go over all the down and upstrokes slow and step-by-step to ensure you can easily digest and nail down these techniques.

Learn how to use alternate picking with many different scale shapes and licks across the neck. These devices are not about speed or flash but rather to build melodic ideas and different sound textures. Learn descending picking patterns, one string patterns, as well as numbered sequenced alternate picked patterns.

Learn how to put together an even mix of legato, picking, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and pentatonic and blues based licks. Learn melodic ways to move up a scale utilizing alternate picking. And we tie it all together using licks and devices you learned in previous lessons with new alternate picked licks.
VIDEO 7 - Pentatonic and Blues licks and devices in the Satriani style, Part 1

Let's learn some killer licks using Minor Pentatonic and Blues scales. Remember that much of the Satriani style is rooted in blues. We first go over the scale shapes utilized in this lesson.

We also go over all the shapes over the entire neck that are also located in the coinciding eBook. Learn some classic licks rooted in tradition that can be applied to the Satriani style of play.

Learn all kinds of pentatonic and blues scale devices using low to high movements, vibrato, string bending, double-stops, use of the "blue note", pinch harmonics, string raking, and more. Learn techniques and ideas on how to incorporate the wah pedal into these licks and devices.

Learn to play pentatonic scales in different keys over the jam tracks to get different sounds. Then learn how to apply all that you have learned in this lesson by utilizing the included G Jam track and E drone jam tracks —we make it easy and fun! Spice up those traditional licks and classic blues phrases by adding all the "Joe ish" nuances — learn it all throughout this killer lesson!
VIDEO 8 - Pentatonic and Blues licks and devices in the Satriani style, Part 2

Now we continue teaching more licks utilizing pentatonic and blues scales in the Satriani style. Learn how to combine minor pentatonic with major pentatonic for some new sounds using both scales. Learn to add chromatic climbing notes for adding interest. Learn to move pentatonic licks around to various positions on the neck.

Discover how to combine bluesy runs with legato playing. Learn all about how to get great vibrato and other vibrato techniques. We also discuss the importance of being open to explore all the different sounds that you can get in this style by switching pickups and also by moving the location of where you are picking on the string.
VIDEO 9 - Learn open string and one string lick ideas inspired by Satriani

Let's do this ... one string and open strings licks in the stylistic wheelhouse of Joe Satriani! We kick the lesson off starting off slow and easy teaching how to play scales on one string and then adding open strings in with scale notes.

Then we pull together many of the techniques and devices that you learned in previous lessons like legato, slides, trills, and hammer-ons, and add them in with open string licks and licks on one string. Learn some killer legato licks on one string and using wide interval jumps for some awesome new sounds.

Learn descending open string licks combining with slides and hammer-ons and pull-offs. Then we teach you how to apply these techniques to all the strings. Learn to combine all these techniques together and move them all over the neck. These open string concepts are then applied against the included jam track so you have application practice.

Learn how to maximize your opportunities to create melody and be inspired by the sounds in this style of play.
VIDEO 10 - G Jam track soloing strategies and ideas in the Satriani style

Okay, now let's learn soloing strategies over the included G jam track. Let's delve deep into the thought processes and soloing strategies that go into rock soloing over this fun track.

First you'll learn the rhythm, chords, and feel over the I-IV-V rock progression which utilizes power chords over a swinging groove. Then learn how to swing your licks so you are right in the pocket of the rhythm.

You will also learn a bunch more killer minor pentatonic licks and riffs that sound amazing over this track. Learn to add dynamics and interest using pinch harmonics, trills, and fun slides. Learn how to add color with dipping pentatonic string bends. Learn more ways to take a traditional blues lick and make it more Satriani with a rock twist by adding these techniques and devices.

You'll also learn a boatload of Satriani style licks — all with a swinging feel that sound great over this track. You will also learn how to combine legato with blues licks and diatonic scale licks.
VIDEO 11 - Chord centers and arpeggio playing in the style of Joe Satriani

Now we focus on arpeggios and chord centers in this style of play. This leans more toward songwriting style in this musical vein. You'll learn to play 3rd intervals all over the neck. Learn all the chords as we harmonize the major scale.

We also transfer the information to make it applicable over the included jam tracks. These chords and intervals are so nice to play all over the neck and they open the door to building melody and lick ideas.

Using these techniques is a fantastic way to build melodicism in your solos as well as to find these chords and intervals all over the fretboard. Besides, it's simple to use and a fun way to get to know the fretboard. Learn to use these techniques to build arpeggios. Learn how to add or substitute interesting notes to arpeggios for added color and melody. You will also learn how to attach arpeggios to legato licks and create fluid, well phrased lead lines.

Finally, you'll learn how to add the wah pedal, tremolo bar, and string rakes with arpeggios. This lesson will push yourself to try different things to get new sounds in the Satriani style of play.
VIDEO 12 - Clean right-hand tapping techniques and ideas inspired by Satriant, Part 1

In this lesson you will learn all about clean two-hand tapping in the Joe Satriani style. This technique uses multiple fingers to outline chords with both hands. We break this technique down slow, and teach you step-by-step how to create amazing sounds with right hand tapping.

We play the rhythms slow at first to ensure you can assimilate this into your playing in the fastest manner possible. Learn ways to dampen the strings to remove unwanted string noise. We also teach multiple chord shapes that you can tap and switch chords to create melodic ideas. Learn how to control the tone/dynamics when utilizing these techniques. Then we teach you not only tapping patterns but also how to build melody lines and how to create rhythmic tapping ideas in this style of play.

Once you get the basic gist of the technique you can move the examples and chords all over the neck and make it your own!
VIDEO 13 - Right hand tapping in the style of Joe Satriani, Part 2

So now we continue with fret tapping but HERE we kick in the distortion and concentrate more on one-finger, right-hand fret tapping with a rock feel. We first go over some basic techniques of fret tapping and them move into more complex techniques. We break down tapping techniques step by step ... and learn how to tap out scale shapes and positions, learn triplet tapping licks, learn double tap licks, learn tapping with pull-offs and slides, and learn to tap with the side of the pick for a total different sound very much in the style of Joe Satriani.

You'll also learn all kinds of tapped licks using all of the techniques we go over throughout the lesson. Learn to incorporate these licks and tapping ideas in a musical fashion by utilization scale vision. Learn other ways to add texture and effect using the side of the pick to tap on the strings.

Learn descending and ascending tapped pattern licks sliding along one string combining scale positions. Learn open string tapped pattern licks and also combining tapping with legato, slides, and pull-offs. You will also learn all about tap harmonics and tap harmonic licks that you can move around the fretboard. You can then apply and practice these techniques over the included jam tracks.
VIDEO 14 - Learn modal playing using the Lydian mode in the style of Joe Satriani

Okay, this is all about modal playing in the Satriani style. Here you will learn to apply everything you have learned up until this point and see how the techniques work modally. We break down modal playing step-by-step, and make it simple and fun to use the modes.

First we teach all about the Lydian mode and how you can utilize it to create moods and texture in your playing. Learn the process to play in the Lydian mode and what major scales you will be playing across the neck. We then break down some legato in the Lydian mode and show you how to work it over the included jam track. So what we're doing is building, in a step-by-step fashion, on the techniques that you have been learning throughout the earlier lessons in this series.

Learn all kinds of licks and devices using stops, open strings, trills, pull-offs, the tremolo bar, legato, and slides while utilizing Lydian for some amazing new sounds. You will also learn how to utilize major pentatonic with a Lydian feel for even more cool sounds. Learn one string Lydian licks combining scale positions. We teach you to get in the habit of listening to the sounds and mood that is created with this mode.

These modal lessons will teach you how to create soaring lead lines that are drenched with melody and capture emotions — and you can use that to tell a story with your playing.
VIDEO 15 - Learn to combine major modes solo ideas inspired by Joe Satriani

Here you'll learn how to take the Lydian mode and combine it with the Ionian mode. We start off these techniques and soloing devices by utilizing major and minor pentatonic scales. Then you will learn a big batch of killer major pentatonic licks.

Learn to mix up your lead playing with major soloing and then change to Lydian tonality for some amazing new sounds! This style is definitely in the wheelhouse of the Satriani sound. Learn to focus on Lydian mode, then shift to major scales then shift again to pentatonics — all giving different sounds and moods. Go from one to the next and be really blatant about it! Combining these major modes will create a lot of melody in your playing. Learn how to create these killer textures and how to work them over the included jam track.
VIDEO 16 - Tremolo tricks, techniques, and sounds in the style of Joe Satriani

In this fun lesson you will learn all kinds of tricks and techniques with the tremolo bar. Learn how to add some killer sounds and new elements to your playing by various techniques of working the tremolo arm. Learn different ways to grab the bar to create all these sounds. Learn some classic dive bombs using string rakes and pinch harmonics.

You'll also learn to bend strings while diving with the bar in the Satriani style. Add to your tremolo trick list by adding natural harmonics, popping the strings and pulling up on the bar for some amazing new sounds. Learn different ways to manipulate the tremolo arm. Learn un-fretted pinch harmonics on open strings for atmospheric sounds. Learn to dip and slide with the bar while playing licks as well as how to add subtle vibrato with the tremolo bar. Learn one string scalar tremolo bar tricks as well as adding the bar to hammer-on and pull-off licks. Learn to go subtle with the bar or balls our crazy with the bar — we cover both in this fun tremolo bar tricks Satriani inspired lesson.
VIDEO 17 - Learn Phrygian and Phrygian Dominant soloing in the style of Joe Satriani

Okay, let's continue modal studies! Here you will learn rock soloing utilizing the exotic sounds of Phrygian and Phrygian Dominant modes. These modes produce a very dark mood that will get the creative juices flowing in the style of Satriani.

First we teach all about these modes and how to use them and how to derive the scale shapes and tonal centers that you will be playing over the included jam tracks. Learn the importance of knowing the tonal center and how to locate them on the neck. Learn to take the techniques and devices that you have learned throughout this series, like legato and slides and tapping, and now learn to create licks using those techniques in Phrygian and Phrygian Dominant. This produces a whole new palette of sounds that you can use to paint lead guitar lines in new and creative ways.

Learn all kinds of licks using these exotic modes as well as how to move them around the neck, combine shapes, be melodic, and play them over the included jam tracks. Learn all about the Harmonic Minor scale and how to utilize that scale to get to the Phrygian Dominant mode.

This mode has such a dark and exotic sound and very much in the wheelhouse of the Joe Satriani sound. Learn all kinds of Phrygian Dominant licks and tricks - you will love the sound of this mode! We make modal play simple and fun and get you playing in the modes fast! Let's do this!

35-Page Ebook

Let Me Tell You Why My Complementary Ebook
Is Such a Great Resource ...

Downloadable 35-page ebook

Do you want to know what separates my lessons from the pack? It’s the incredibly useful companion ebooks I include!

As great as video is for learning guitar, sometimes it just really helps to see something in writing. And that’s why I go the extra mile in explaining key points with words and charts.

It can make a HUGE difference, believe me! That’s because we all learn in different modalities, and the written word can really help tie concepts and ideas together in a way that watching a video doesn’t always do.

The 35-page ebook that comes with these lessons is a great example — these pages are PACKED with vital information that will speed your progress.

You’ll not only get the “nuts and bolts” charts showing you scale positions, box shapes and scale modes, but you’ll also get crucial “big picture” advice, as well as tips and guidelines to speed your progress.

For instance, on Page 5, you’ll see a 16-point checklist of practice items and goals you’ll want to follow. This alone can help keep you motivated and on track.

Bottom line: along with the video lessons and jam tracks, this ebook gives you a complete reference library you’ll want to keep forever.

But most of all, put it to good use and keep that guitar in your hands!

Killer Rock Guitar Soloing Blueprint


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Here are 15 additional jam tracks you can use in your play! These are all high-quality, custom-made tracks in a variety of genres: Blues, hard rock, jazz, power chord rock, Latin and more. Please note that these are in addition to the two jam tracks you're already receiving with these new lessons. Those three tracks were specially made to go along with the new lessons, but you'll be able to use these other 15 backing tracks for anything else you want to play. Enjoy!

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Let me make this easy for you. Just dive in and soak up all the learning material in this package for 365 days. Put the methods to practice and watch your playing get to the next level all while having fun.

Your purchase is unconditionally guaranteed for 365 days,
No questions asked. Period.

Thanks as always for letting me share in your guitar journey.

Keep on rocking!

Let me put a big bow on this
and wrap it all up for you ….

How stoked am I to offer this instruction? Well, that would be hard to convey since I love teaching this music so much! But you'll be able to HEAR our passion in every lesson we teach ... and you'll also hear it in each jam track we custom-recorded for you. Give these lessons a try and be AMAZED what it will do for your playing, I promise.

[email protected]

P.S. Remember, you’ll be learning all those killer techniques pioneered by Joe Satriani, but we don’t stop there. You’ll be making them your own as well as applying them in musical situations to blow away your listeners by putting your own spin on them.

P.P.S. Remember, players of all levels will be inspired by these lessons and will be able to quickly add these techniques and devices to their own playing style.

P.P.S. There is NOTHING like this series of lessons anywhere! (Believe me, I looked!) I think you’ll appreciate all the little things I do in this package once you see everything. I’m talking about on-screen tabs and lots of “extras” you don’t get from other guitar teachers. For instance, I’m famous for creating incredibly detailed and useful ebooks that coincide exactly with the lessons. (The one I created for this series of lessons is especially awesome, if I say so myself.) And I can't understate how helpful it is to be able to follow along and practice the lessons along with the included jam tracks. See for yourself and let me know how it goes for you!

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