Scales and Scale Usage

NEW: The ultimate solution for using scales to explode your playing to the next level — no matter what your current ability level!

“Revealed: The 4 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Scales ...

... And How To Use Them To Take Your Guitar Playing to New Heights!”

This is The Ultimate Resource on Scales and How To Use Them!

33 entertaining, informative video lessons! (That’s SIX HOURS of content)
11 killer jam tracks & 32-page eBook

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This 33-Video Series
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These lessons are in digital format

Hey, David here at Next Level Guitar.

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions:

  • Exactly which scales can I use?
  • What scales should I learn first, and which save for later?
  • What scales can I use over certain chords?
  • What scales work over certain jams ... and WHY?
  • Can you explain to me how the scales connect across the neck?

(That last one, by the way, is a biggie I get ALLLL the time. The question usually goes something like this):

“You know, David, I’m stuck in one position, and I really can’t seem to move around the neck and get out of this one position, like minor pentatonic, for example. Can you help me out with that?"

Answer: YES!

In fact, I’ve just created a brand new course that answers all these questions and more.

Not only that, but this course also solves one of the most fundamental stumbling blocks that prevents beginning or intermediate guitar players from ever reaching their playing goals.

And that obstacle can be found in this one hard truth:

Simply knowing a scale is only half the battle!

Unfortunately, however, that’s all you’re taught in too many cases. I’m changing all that — right here, right now.

Introducing ...

Scales and Scale Usage:
The Ultimate Guide

33 entertaining, informative video lessons! (That’s SIX HOURS of content)
11 killer jam tracks & 32-page eBook

Get the Digital Version of
This 33-Video Series
for just $69.95 $37

These lessons are in digital format

This course contains:

  • Over 6 hours of lesson content
  • 33 HD videos
  • 11 killer jam tracks (the same ones that we utilize in the lessons)
  • 32-page eBook containing scale diagrams, soloing tips and lessons, practice tips, fretboard diagrams, modes of the major scale, and more

Here’s Why You NEED My New “Scales and Scale Usage” Course ...

Fact: Most beginning and intermediate guitarists only know a few scales, even though it’s well-known that scales are the very building blocks of music and can absolutely explode your playing in ways you might not fully realize yet.

Hello? Does anyone else see a problem here?

Well, GOOD NEWS: I’ve fixed all that for you ...

How? By sharing a system of learning the major scales that I’ve developed over the last 25 years that will save you many hours of time and eliminate frustration before it even has a chance to defeat you.

Let me give you a small taste of what I’m talking about ...

There are a lot of ways to learn major scales, for instance. Not only are there a lot of scales, but there’s a lot of potential combinations to master.

So here was my big breakthrough idea: Why not create a system using six scales based on where the root note is to make them easy to remember ... and easy to CONNECT them?

Well, I did just that! And you’ll see just how simple this can be when you plug yourself into my system.

A lot of people also think that playing in the modes is a difficult, abstract thing to do, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

I developed this system for the scales that students gravitated towards the most. The great thing is, I teach all this so that you can also instantly play in the modes of the major scale (Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, etc.)

In other words, once you learn the major scales using my system, you don’t have to learn a whole ‘nother set of scales to learn the modes— you can simply go to the parent major scales you’ve already learned in my system!

This is a really big deal.

If you only KNEW what scales could do for you, then you would turn off your device right now, run to your guitar, and figure this out once and for all ...

... because you would now understand that learning and using scales the right way can help you get to that “next level" mastery of guitar!

Important Note: If some of this is flying over your head, no worries. The lessons start at square one and I teach everything in order, step by step, so that anyone can use this system, even if you’re a beginner. These crazy names might SOUND abstract and complex, but they’re really not — not when you see them broken down and explained as I’ve done it in the videos and written materials.

Is This Course For YOU?

I Don’t Know — How Would You Like To:

  • Be able to know and recall relationships between notes
  • Understand the relationship between chords and scales, and how it can set an emotional mood
  • Understand good composition and gain songwriting skills
  • Discover your own roadmap for soloing
  • Knowing the importance of melody and how that concept attaches to scales and chords

And that’s just for starters ...

So the question becomes: Why do so few guitarists expand their scale knowledge past a precious few?

... Or even worse ....

... They practice the ones they DO know without any purpose or efficiency ...

... They don’t know how to use them to create all the cool moods they’d like to play ...

... They don’t realize how scales will literally open up the guitar to play almost anything they want ...

Well, one problem is that it’s really hard to find a course that will teach this in a way that makes sense to most beginning and intermediate guitarists.

And that’s exactly why I created the ultimate resource on scales.

How to “Open the Floodgates” On Your Guitar Playing ...

Listen, if you’re "stuck in the box” in one position, then you’re going to continually hit the wall and get frustrated. But once you expand your experience with scales the way I teach you, then it flings open the barn door, so to speak, and it allows you to grab what you’ve always wanted from playing guitar.

This will blow the doors off your playing. How? Because it opens up the fretboard for you.

And make no mistake — you could hardly develop anything more valuable than expanding your fretboard visualization.

Once you do, you’ll soon see the neck as one big scale. You’ll play horizontally instead of vertically in just one spot. Grab these lessons now and let me show you what a huge difference this will make in your playing — quickly!

Let Me Tell You How I Solved One of the Most Important Dilemmas Every Guitarist Eventually Faces ...

Look, we already know that scales are the building blocks of music. But too many guitarists make it harder on themselves and, as a result, never reach their goals..

How does this happen? By making these four mistakes ...

The 4 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Scales

As promised, here are the four things everyone gets wrong about scales — and how I’ve fixed them for you.

Mistake No. 1: You allow yourself to remain stuck in one place

It is crucial to see the neck horizontally and not just vertically in one box. How do you do that? By getting out of the dreaded one-position box! This is what I teach in our comprehensive course on scales and scale usage.

Mistake No. 2: You learn the scales in the wrong order.

On the surface, this might not seem like a big deal: If you’re going to learn a bunch of scales, what does the order matter? Well, learning certain scales makes mastering other ones easier. So that makes your “batting order” of learning scales important. Why waste time when you don’t have to?

Mistake No. 3: Your practice isn’t musical.

You’ll get better so much faster — and have so much more fun — if you make sure you practice everything in a musical context. Otherwise, what’s the point, right? Our lessons come with coinciding jam tracks, which means you learn everything while also playing MUSIC. It’s all about practical APPLICATION.

Mistake No. 4: You only learn a few scales.

Many beginning or intermediate players learn just a few scales and stop there. Big mistake! If you want to take your playing to all parts of the guitar neck, then you want to learn more than just a few scales. Believe me, your playing will leap forward exponentially when you do.

Confession: Here’s the Surprising Reason I Created This Course ...

I developed this system for one simple reason: I needed it myself!

Yep, as a young guitarist just starting out, I really struggled with scales. However, I was driven to figure it out, and the system I eventually conceived represented a huge breakthrough for me personally.

But I didn’t stop there. I continued to tweak this method of learning and then used it for the thousands of students I would go on to teach over many years. How great is that?

The final result, I’m proud to say, is a resounding success. THIS is truly the system I wish I had when I was starting out!

And now you can get the same benefit for your own playing.

Grab The Digital Version of Our 6-Hour "Scales and Scale Usage” for Just $37 During This Special Limited Time Offer

$69.95 $37

Here’s What This New Program Will Do For Your Playing

  • Expand your playing range far beyond your current ability.
  • Learn tons of scales but also learn how to use and build licks with those scales.
  • Learn why certain scales work over certain chords and keys.
  • Save time by knowing exactly what to practice ... for how long ... and when.
  • Build your confidence by seeing the ENTIRE guitar neck in scales — not just a few boxes! (This gives you that fretboard vision everyone wants.)
  • Find easier ways to navigate the fretboard than what you are probably doing right now.
  • Learn the soloing process from soup to nuts!
  • Learn a logical "batting order" for scales so you have an efficient structure, which will speed your learning moving forward.
  • Discover new practice tips when learning scales to make it easy to get them "under your fingers" while envisioning the entire neck at the same time.
  • Receive an easy-to-remember template for the process of learning scales.
  • Learn how to apply scales over jam tracks and start making music.
  • Learn to mix minor and major pentatonic together for killer sounds.
  • Use my major scale system methods to learn to play in the modes of the major scale in the fastest and easiest way possible.
  • Begin seeing the neck as one big opportunity. (Play horizontally instead of just vertically.)
  • Add dimension and sophistication to give you more sonic opportunities to choose from.
  • Learn how to use the harmonic minor scale and build licks with it for some interesting, exotic spins.
  • Learn to play the pentatonic across the neck. (Do you have any idea what this will do for your playing?)
  • Sound a lot more FLUID. (This is what happens when you combine, say, three box shapes instead of one.)
  • Build licks and get them to sound musical.

There Is Nothing Like This Program Out There (And Believe Me, I’ve Looked!)

Let me tell you, too many other teachers overcomplicate this. But when you go through those major scales the way I teach them, it makes it EASY to start adding these to your playing ... and pretty soon you’re opening doors you didn’t even know were there ...

... and don’t forget — I have an easy way for you to instantly learn the various modes for the major scale, which means you’ll be able to create many more moods and textures in your playing.

Isn’t it time to REALLY dial in your playing? This new course is how you do it.

Isn’t it time to start taking some of the killer sounds you’ve heard out there ... and get them INTO your hands and then ringing OUT from your guitar?

I’m telling you, it CAN be done a lot more easily than you think. Take advantage of the special, low introductory pricing I have activated for this new product and let’s do this together.


P.S. If you have ever felt limited in your playing in ANY way, then increasing your knowledge and experience with scales is your easiest path to mastering all the songs you’ve ever wanted to play. You’ll also gain increased creativity and vision on the guitar, plus develop advanced songwriting chops, too.

To put it another way, if you know only a scale or two — the minor pentatonic scale, for example — then please know that watching these new videos will be the key to getting to that next level so that you can really GO grab what you’ve always wanted from playing guitar.

Bottom line: This is a step-by-step method of learning scales that lets you simultaneously assimilate them musically into your own playing — immediately. And THAT will open the floodgates for you, I promise. Order here right now and take advantage of my unconditional 90-day, “You’re the Rock Star” money-back guarantee.

P.P.S. This course checks all the boxes because not only will you learn all kinds of scales, but you’re going to learn HOW to use them, and how to APPLY them over the jam tracks we give you.

Grab The Digital Version of Our 6-Hour "Scales and Scale Usage” for Just $37 During This Special Limited Time Offer

$69.95 $37

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