"How to Get to That Next Level In Your Guitar Journey by Employing Both Power AND Melody In Your Soloing — Quickly and Easily Without the Usual Frustration"

When You Watch These Lessons Inspired by Slash, You'll Understand the Pentatonics with Brand New Clarity, Opening the Door to Becoming the Show-Stopping Guitarist Loved by Audiences and Respected by Other Musicians

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"Slash and Learn: Next Level Lead Guitar Mastery" is
a 19-video series of lessons that contains:

4.5 hours of step-by-step lessons tabbed out in high-def close-up videos
Five killer-sounding jam tracks that coincide precisely with the lessons
Illustrated 35-page ebook
BONUS: Free one-year membership to Next Level Guitar’s private vault of 2,000+ lesson videos in all styles and genres to let you fill in any missing blanks! (Available only before the deadline displayed on this page.)

Get the best of both worlds — raw, intoxicating power AND a natural way to infuse your lead guitar skills with beautiful MELODIC soloing.

You'll learn this by adopting the awesome-sounding techniques and devices pioneered by Slash. You can do this!

What Every Aspiring Soloist Needs To Know About Lead Guitar ...

Hey, David Taub here.

If you would like to get to that "next level" in your guitar soloing, but don't want the frustration and struggle normally associated with getting there ...

... then pull up a chair because I'm about to give you some exciting shortcuts to becoming the rip-roaring, show-stopping lead guitarist who turns heads and wins the respect of anyone watching ...

... AND you'll do it all in an easy, natural, free-wheeling manner.

Sound crazy? It's not. It's actually inevitable when you apply the steps I'm about to show you.

Look, I don’t care where you are in your guitar journey right now. What I’m about to show you will explode your playing to new heights you've always wanted for yourself but perhaps weren't sure how to get there.

And if you've tried before and failed, well, I get it. It's actually not your fault.

I say that because too many other teachers and programs overcomplicate this amazing instrument. And that's one reason more than 80% of people who pick up guitar eventually quit.

I simply won't let that happen to you! How, you ask? By giving you a systematic process.

Listen, aimlessly practicing techniques and exercises is NOT going to work unless you're shown them in the right sequence and fashion.

It also makes a difference as to which techniques you're learning ... and from whom.

And that's exactly why we primarily chose Slash as the inspiration for this lesson series.

Why Slash?

Well, forget about all the accolades and awards — I'm guessing I don't have to tell you about his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or the fact that he is always listed in the Top 50, Top 25 or even Top 10 of every credible magazine's Best Guitarist in History List.

You already knew that Slash is one of the most iconic players of our time ... someone with such huge crossover appeal that he's STILL in playing demand all the time for various projects and session work.

No, the reason is more elemental than that: Slash has MANY aspects to his playing that are pioneering and totally worth learning.

He also has an uncanny knack for melody. You can almost sing his solos they're so melodic.

It all comes together for him: playing with both power AND beauty.

Believe it or not, you CAN learn to play like this, too — the awesome techniques, that gritty powerful sound, the intoxicating melodic solos, you will LOVE how this sounds coming out of your own guitar, trust me!

So ... exactly HOW do you play this way?

You might be shocked by the answers when you hear what I’m about to show you ...

"Slash and Learn: Next Level Lead Guitar Mastery"

$119.95 $67.00

only $23.50

must use coupon code: FIFTY

Here's What You'll Learn in These Digital Lessons:

All the foundational help you might need with the pentatonic scales. (You can skip this if you already know this.) Learn only what you need to, why overcomplicate it? You'll master this without even realizing it.
A 5-minute practice regimen that will increase your speed and expand your capacity for learning.
Learn to play with a looseness and freedom you never had before.
Learn how to play rolling licks
Slash-inspired rhythms and riff building (geared toward beginners but even experienced pros will pick up some killer tips.)
How to get your notes to POP with absolute clarity.
Get a helpful map that gives you the ability to play in both major and minor pentatonic in various chordal shapes.
Discover the No. 1 mistake players make with their thumb while bending. (Are you doing this? Find out at 2:07 of Video No. 7.)
How to create that same awesome melodic soloing that Slash does so well. You'll use the exact same jam track as seen in the lesson, making for easier and more effective practice.)
How to flawlessly execute those awesome "slippery" Slash-style sliding notes.
Learn all the techniques you need to get to the next level as a lead guitarist, including hammer-on and pull-offs, alternate picking, pedal tones, palm muting techniques, monster heavy riff building, rhythmic devices, string bending, tonality, vibrato and more.
Discover the secrets to using the wah pedal. You'll learn all the techniques needed to properly use it in both a fully cranked tone and also a more relaxed tone.
Learn fast legato techniques in various forms of the pentatonics.
Gear — all about how to use the gear you may already have to create some unique and memorable sounds.

And Licks: Let's Not Forget the Licks!!

You will learn a ton of licks throughout this series. Not only will you learn the licks themselves, but you will learn "from the lick," which is always so crucial. We teach what scale the licks are built from, how to vary the lick and make one lick into five licks, and how to apply the lick in a musical situation over the included jam tracks.

Learn all kinds of licks in the style of Slash, such as: minor pentatonic licks, major pentatonic licks, blues scale licks, licks combining minor and major pentatonic, major scale licks, natural minor scale licks, harmonic minor scale licks, dorian mode licks, melodic licks, wah pedal licks, open string licks and more.

"Slash and Learn: Next Level Lead Guitar Mastery"

$119.95 $67.00

only $23.50

must use coupon code: FIFTY


FREE BONUS: 1-Year Membership to Next Level Guitar

Your 1-year membership gives you access to the nearly 2,000 step-by-step video lessons we have organized for players in ALL ability levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

This will allow you to fill in any missing blanks to your play, and they cover all styles and genres: blues, rock, pop, country, acoustic, electric blues, slide guitar, soloing, acoustic blues, fingerstyle, surf, jazz, rockabilly, metal, gypsy jazz, shred, R&B, grunge, and more

Retail Value: $139.00

I Know What You're Thinking ...

Look, I get it. The one thing we all want as guitarists is to learn our craft with precision so that we can do anything we’ve ever dreamed of doing on guitar … BUT we also want to be able to do it in a FREE WHEELING way, letting it rip as if it was nearly as effortless as playing air guitar.

You CAN get there. Some of it takes some effort. But so much of it is surprisingly doable.

But here’s the problem … there's so much information out there about how to play guitar, it's tough to know exactly WHAT we need to learn. And in what ORDER.

Some things are essential to learn, others not so much. How do you figure it all out?

So you learn some chords, practice parts of scales, and get some random tips here and there. Maybe you've even got some songs down cold.

But what about putting it ALL together? What about becoming the COMPLETE LEAD GUITAR PLAYER?

I mean, come on, if you're in this guitar learning thing, why not REALLY go for it? Why not aim for the highest dream you had for yourself the first day you picked up a guitar? There's absolutely NO REASON you can't become the rip-roaring show-stopping lead guitarist — and do it all in an easy, natural, free-wheeling manner.

Don't ever let your past struggles define you, because I'm here to tell you it not only CAN be done but is INEVITABLE when you simply follow some very simple steps.

This instrument will take you as far as you want to go ... but it's up to YOU.

Will it take some practice? Hell yeah. Can the practice be made FUN? Hey, that's the ONLY WAY WE DO IT AROUND HERE!

Here's What You Get In More Detail:

Lesson 1

We'll take you through all the forms and shapes of major and minor pentatonic scales. These scales will be the bread and butter that will help guide you through this course. These are a MUST for any blues or rock player for sure.

We also go through each position over the entire neck slowly from position to position and show you how the entire neck lays out. And of course you will be able to see these scales and their expanded versions diagrammed out in the coinciding eBook.
Lesson 2

We start diving into the various techniques you’ll need as well as how you can develop and practice them for yourself. And finger strength — so important, right? We show you how to develop this — You'll amaze yourself at what a difference this makes!

You'll learn alternate picking, legato, string bending, and blues runs.

These are techniques you can do to improve your skills on the guitar no matter what genre you prefer. These are things that will help you to develop your own style.
Lesson 3

This one is all about playing muscular sounding rhythms. And in order to do that, you’ll learn: killer palm muting and strum hand rhythms, pick hand whip and fast picked rhythms, adding doublestops to rhythms, build killer riffs using scales, accenting when playing rhythms, how to build riffs and make them "heavy" sounding, adding pentatonic licks and string bends to rhythms and riffs, utilizing open strings and arpeggiation with riffs, creating big sounding rock guitar rhythms and riffs, classic rhythm and blues guitar at accelerated tempos and with a distorted tone, using traditional blues to create rhythm and riff ideas.
Lesson 4

You'll get even MORE crucial rhythms and rhythmic devices. These have BIG sounds but we keep things simple for you. You'll learn about tones and how to get power chords sounding huge.

Plus, fun and easy chord voicings and movements to build killer sounding rhythms.
We also teach the importance of dynamics and how to use them in your riff building. Also learn to add some fun and easy pentatonic licks into your rhythms and riffs.
Lesson 5

You'll utilize a Slash-inspired chordal compass to map out the guitar so that you are completely comfortable moving around the neck. This lesson will both help to expand your vision over the entire fretboard, and to think outside of the "box".

Learn to view the fretboard as one long interconnected musical opportunity and not just disconnected scale "boxes".
This is huge! Learn to seamlessly connect major and minor pentatonic.

You will also learn to not look at your pentatonic playing as vertically straight up and down boxes but rather start to envision the neck horizontally and move laterally across the fretboard, basically lengthening the fretboard.

Learn the killer four-step process to playing chord voicings and then play their corresponding pentatonic scale so you can always associate the scale with the chord. Then learn the corresponding diatonic scale also in that position, and then how to connect the scales from place to place and move fluidly over the entire neck.

Learn the importance and location of root notes as we learn all kinds of licks throughout this series using these positions and scales.
Lesson 6

You'll get crucial instruction on how to play through the chord changes and you will learn all kinds of killer licks and how to move these licks all over the neck. Learn to use doublestops in some really cool ways and also how to maneuver through the chordal compass from the previous lesson.

Learn how to build and create licks from scale positions as well as even more ways to combine major and minor.

Learn to cover the entire fretboard and not just play in one box straight up and down. You will also learn how to embellish your licks by incorporating the blue note and chromaticism for added color and character. And learn how to add variation while repeating your licks to put an end to always playing the same things.
Lesson 7

Okay, now we get down and dirty with some signature Slash-inspired lead techniques and devices such as string bending, sliding, and vibrato.

Learn the importance of pitch and the proper way to bend strings. Learn how to take licks and enhance them by utilizing vibrato and sliding in this slippery, gritty style. Learn about achieving good tone and pitch through the importance of finger strength.

You will also learn various finger placements and techniques for achieving good vibrato in this style. Learn how to get comfortable string bending with all of your fingers in all the various positions on the guitar.

Learn more practice tips and how to increase finger strength and dexterity. Learn how to slide outside notes into scales for added character and interest. By utilizing these techniques this lesson will help you to add character and melodic quality to your playing.
Lesson 8

We cover how to play with melody, especially as it pertains to Slash. THIS is how you play the killer solos that will stay with your listeners for weeks!

You'll start using devices such as: bending into notes, vibrato usage, sliding into notes, octaves, long big bends, use of dynamics, how to add space, string raking, half step bends, building tension, and the nuances and subtle "Slash-isms" that you can easily bring unto your own style of play.

Wow! You’ll also learn to add crucial melodic touches to your playing.

And then you'll connect all these melodic ideas over the corresponding jam track we give you. Pure magic!
Lessons 9, 10, 11

These lesson videos are a collection of carefully crafted lessons lessons in D, A, and E — Slash-inspired genius involving pentatonic soloing and licks, along with a host of go-to devices. Wanna move through your strings effortlessly like butter?

Then wait till you see the hammer-on techniques we've captured for you. Want to clean up your sound? We'll show you how to mute much more effectively.

And you'll also learn the more subtle "Slash-isms" that quickly get you right into the wheelhouse of this awesome-sounding style.
Lesson 12

Here we show you the secrets to the super-cool sound that you can easily achieve with a wah pedal. Does it sound any cooler than this? I think not! Among other things, you'll learn to get that classic "roto-vibe" sounds using the wah pedal ... it's all so very "Slashy" and "Hendrix-y." Learn to use the wah pedal for texture in chordal work.

Here we use rolling licks to demonstrate the proper way to filter the wah pedals to get in the wheelhouse of "Slash-ism" sounds.

Learn to use the wah pedal rhythmically to create cool sounds and establish the "beat". Learn to utilize the wah pedal with both slow filtering and rapid filtering to create different tones and textures. Add all kinds of colors and textures to your playing utilizing the wah pedal effect — this is something that you will absolutely love bringing to your own playing.
Lesson 13

We show you the trademark legato style of Slash. We start off slow with some easier legato rolling licks and then get more advanced as the lesson moves forward. Learn both the fret and pick hand techniques needed to play these devices and runs.

Learn to move these techniques all over the guitar neck and with all scale shapes.

Learn to incorporate legato into pentatonics, blues, and minor scale licks that you learned in the previous lessons. These legato techniques can be moved all over the guitar and with all scale positions.

Learn how to practice these legato licks and eventually ramp them up to hyper speed.
Lessons 14, 15, 16 and 17

Now we go back to even MORE killer licks and techniques. These licks are aggressive and fast and once you work up the speed you will blow yourself away. You'll embellish. Add new sounds. Connect shapes.

Put them into musical contexts. You'll combine with bends, hammers and pulls. More wah pedal. Move 'em all over the neck. And all "locked in" with some special practice secrets we have up our sleeve and into your muscle memory.
Lesson 18

Now we start putting this alllll together. This is where we start APPLYING the techniques, devices, and licks. You'll see the instructor improvise over a jam track. And you'll see and hear exactly how he pulls from the influence of Slash and combines that with a heavy dose of his own playing.

This was an unscripted jam to show you how to take these lessons and put them into your own playing in a fun format and see what comes out. Remember that we are all amalgamates of our playing influences.

We take a little dose of all our guitar heroes that we study and lump them together and add a heavy dose of our own style and it becomes us. Keep developing your own style, and have fun!
Lesson 19

This is all about GEAR ... and how to use that gear to achieve the much sought after Slash tone. Believe it or not, you can get these killer sounds with just some very basic gear that you probably already have at home.

We discuss things like the Les Paul electric guitar, pickups, guitar tone knob settings and string gauge. We also go over amplifier and EQ settings as well as effect pedal overdrive and settings.

Of course, much of the sound will come from what's in your hands and in your heart, but we want to get you close with simple gear. Get ready to rock!!!

WHEW! So look, I know this sounds like a lot of material. AND IT IS! In fact, this the biggest digital download course we've ever created on just one artist here at Next Level Guitar ... because it HAS to be! There’s just THAT much great stuff. All of it worth learning.

But you know what? It also means this: You can just pick and grab what looks good to you. You don’t have to learn everything. Learning even a couple of these tricks could change the way you play forever.

"Slash and Learn: Next Level Lead Guitar Mastery"


FREE BONUS: 1-Year Membership to Next Level Guitar

Your 1-year membership gives you access to the nearly 2,000 step-by-step video lessons we have organized for players in ALL ability levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

This will allow you to fill in any missing blanks to your play, and they cover all styles and genres: blues, rock, pop, country, acoustic, electric blues, slide guitar, soloing, acoustic blues, fingerstyle, surf, jazz, rockabilly, metal, gypsy jazz, shred, R&B, grunge, and more

Retail Value: $139.00

Rock on and see you in the lessons!

P.S. Don't forget that our lessons come with a lot of extras you don't get from others. We break it all down. We film with multiple, high-def cameras. And we tab everything out for easy reference. And we also created five killer jam tracks so that you can learn everything faster and have a blast in the process. And of course I created the sort of illustrated, comprehensive ebook you've come to expect from me, which will be an indispensable part of your lesson library forever. Click here to order now and let's do this.

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