Want to Be Able to Jam Out with ANYONE
at the Drop of a Hat, Easily and Naturally,
as if the Licks Pouring Out of Your Guitar
Came as Naturally as Breathing?

Then stop struggling to learn individual licks and instead
learn what’s behind the lick so that you can quickly
and easily turn one lick into ten ... then twenty ...
and jam out with “sky’s the limit” confidence!

Watch the video below for a great sneak preview:

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Hello Good People, David Taub here at Next Level Guitar.

If you are a beginning or intermediate guitarist, then let me cut right to the chase ....

Is there anything better than having the chops to jam out with any musician you happen to meet?

Or have the confidence to get out there and play with other people, jam with your friends, or get up at an open mic night and not have to worry about am I going to sound good.

Or how about being good enough to play in a band?

(Even if you’ve never wanted to be in a band, how awesome would it be knowing that you COULD do it?)

Or maybe you want nothing more than to be able to put your foot up on a crate on the front porch by yourself and create riffs and licks on demand --- not just a random string of notes but actual music, incredibly dynamic and creative sounds that would make any passerby go, “Whooaaaaa .... who is THAT playing!?”

Well, This Is How You Do It ....

Next Level Guitar presents:

“180 Beginner Blues Licks & Jams”
Video Course plus Ebook


  • Over SIX hours of video lessons!
  • 30 KILLER Jam Tracks to practice with!
  • 70-page PDF EBook with written lessons and scale diagrams that ties it all together!

(Perfect for Beginning to Intermediate Guitarists)

$210.98 $29


Let Me Tell You Something Other
Guitar Teachers Won’t Tell You ....

Look, other guitar teachers will hate me for saying this, but they’ve been holding back a HUGE secret from you.

What is it?

It’s this: playing guitar is not the mysterious, complex affair many would have you believe. Sorry, it’s just not.

You probably already know that I’ve taught many thousands of students all over the world and have played in various bands for over twenty years.

And if I’ve learned one thing, it’s this ...

Once you learn what’s BEHIND the lick, then you can create an unlimited number
of licks simply and automatically. All you have to do is try it.

Before I explain what I mean, have you ever asked yourself these questions:

  • How can I create my own licks?
  • How do I use scales to build riffs and licks?
  • How can I jam over tracks or chord progressions and not get so lost?
  • What’s the secret to phrasing licks together to flow smoothly into solos?
  • How do you creatively come up with licks and lick ideas?
  • How do I know which scale to use when soloing?
  • How can I jam with other people and feel comfortable with my playing?
  • How can I come up with my own licks so I’m not always playing the same things over and over?
  • How can I play licks that don’t sound like exercises – how do you make them sound musical?

Well, I’m happy to report that our new guitar lesson program, “180 Beginner Blues Licks & Jams” will teach you all this and more. You’ll not only get an endless arsenal of licks to choose from, you’ll also learn how to use and apply the licks in real musical situations and learn to JAM!

Here’s What You’ll Learn
In These Video Lessons:

  • Learn over 180 blues and blues-rock licks and how to vary them into an endless array of even MORE licks. Talk about having the complete arsenal!

  • Master all positions of both the minor and major pentatonic scales --- across the entire fretboard. This huge, as it opens up avenues you didn’t know even existed.

  • Begin to truly learn and understand the notes all over the neck.

  • Prevent injuries and soreness and build stamina by developing your fret hand strength and dexterity with killer exercises and practice patterns.

  • Learn how to attach licks together into musical phrases.

  • Ever wonder how to mix the major and minor pentatonic scales together when soloing?
    I show you how. (And it’s simpler than you think.)

  • Learn double-stop licks across the fretboard to add texture to your lead lines. (This is how you sound “fuller” and “bigger”.)

  • Would you like to spice up your licks and have them come alive big-time? You’ll know how after watching these lessons.

  • Learn to play octave licks and how to find and move octaves across the fretboard.

  • Would you like to spice up your licks and have them come alive big-time? You’ll know how after watching these lessons.

  • Discover how to move licks around the neck in all pentatonic positions (this is a “wow” thing you can definitely do.)

  • Learn how to target notes when soloing to make BIG solo statements. (This is the difference between a solo that’s okay and one that rocks the house!)

  • Find out how to add passing tones to your licks for added spice and interest.

  • Master flashy licks and discover how to build speed with your licks. (Sometimes speed is king, why not just admit it and go for it!?)

  • Learn to jam step by step by following our jam examples over the included jam tracks. (Listen to the jam track samples elsewhere on this page to hear how killer they are.)

  • Don’t just play a lick --- make it sound MUSICAL by using all kinds of lead guitar devices and techniques I teach you in perfect detail.

There’s also waaaaaay more than I could possibly list here.
Remember, we’re talking about SIX HOURS of complete lessons!

Note: This course is perfect for both the beginner AND intermediate player. I say that because we start off the lessons with easy licks that get you sliding around the neck with the minor pentatonic scale and then build from there.

You will be stunned at how quickly you will be building licks that sound awesome played over the included jam tracks. You will amaze yourself as we break the licks down into bite-sized pieces and demonstrate them at slow and regular speeds. We make learning lead guitar and learning to JAM fun and easy!

$210.98 $29


The Problem With Learning Licks ....

I’ll be honest with you --- there are lots of products on the market today teaching licks.

But let me let you in on a little secret:

There’s one huge mistake people make when learning how to play licks. It’s that
they are taught guitar licks – and nothing else.

In other words, they leave it up to you as to how to make use of the licks themselves: how to practice them, how to apply them, how to solo with them, etc.

This is a bigger mistake than you might think. Sure, you’ll get to learn a lick, and that’s fine as far as it goes. But when you learn to play a lick without also knowing what’s behind the lick, then you’re not moving forward or making any real progress.

Let me put it this way: Would you rather have a guitar autographed from some legend that might make people ooh and ahh for a few seconds . . . or would you rather be able to pick up any old rummage sale guitar and play it well enough to make people scream in awe and delight?

My teaching philosophy is radically different from many – I teach you to learn FROM the lick so that you learn an infinite number of guitar licks for a lifetime and also learn how to apply the lick in real musical jamming scenarios.

Learning from the lick gives you the ability to understand which scale the lick is played from. This way, you’ll learn how to apply it in any musical situation. And suddenly you’ll learn how to vary the lick and . . .

Learn to turn one lick into 10 licks or 20 licks – fast and easy!

Do you see how huge that is? Seeing the scale gives you the musical vision to build your own licks. So you just don’t learn licks….you learn from the licks. Big, big difference!

Another mistake is that most others don’t teach you the application of the licks.

Here’s what I mean. Okay, so you may have learned a few licks. Great, but can you apply the licks in real life musical jams?

Look, order to play the really cool licks you crave (Hendrix, for instance), you have to learn the basic techniques first for playing licks. You get that here and then we keep going as far as you want to go.

In other words, you get it ALL. Not only do you get tons of licks but you also learn how to practice them and how to use them in real musical situations.

Essentially, You Learn How to Jam!

So, Are You Ready to Rock?

Then Let’s Get This Blues Party Started and Order Now

... or keep reading to get more details as well as see
my special gift bonuses not available anywhere else...

Let me break this entire package down for you so
that you can understand why I’m so excited ...

Module #1

– Introduction. Get an overview of the course, as well as suggestions on what order to watch the lessons in. Get the lay of the land before we dig in!

– Learn the positions of the minor and major pentatonic scales. You can skip this if you already know them, but we start here because this “sets the table” for the entire course. The great thing is, all these positions are also diagrammed out in the ebook you get with the package. In no time you’ll have mastered the different positions up and down the whole neck.

– Learn Notes and Fun Licks. Let’s get started by learning some simple licks that anyone can do. This is how we get you sounding musical right away. You’ll slide notes and licks around the neck, and they’ll sound great right away.

– Essential Licks. Now let’s expand your repertoire by learning variations of some classic blues licks that every blues guitarist must know! You’ll recognize and love these standard blues licks and once they’re in your vocabulary you’re well on your way!

– Build Dexterity. You may or may not know that when it comes to playing lead guitar, getting good tone is really about your hands. (It’s also about “heart,” but that’s a whole ‘nother topic entirely!) I’m talking about your ability to bend strings, how you can “dig in,” etc. The stronger your hands are, the stronger your tone will be. That’s why I’ll teach you the best exercises and drills for increasing flexibility and strength. This is also great for preventing soreness and injuries. Your hands will thank me later!

Module #2

– Octave Licks. Using the same pentatonic scales from above, you’ll learn the essential concept of octave licks and also taking two notes and putting them into patterns to build licks. This is especially important for blues and jazz and sound absolutely killer because they sound more complex than they really are. You’ll say, “Wow, did I really do that??!!” In other words, this lesson gives you a LOT of bang for the buck; you’ll “sound expensive” even though it’s simple to execute. Sweet!

– Build Phrases. Now you’ll build licks from previous lessons and start stringing them together. This makes for fluid playing and you’ll begin advancing quickly.

– Lick Vocabulary. It’s time to build your lick vocabulary so you can always have a grab bag of licks to choose from, which is what you need for jamming!

– Add Spice to your Licks. Here I give you even more devices and techniques to give your licks added color and spice. Remember, playing licks is like painting a picture, and the more different types of brush strokes you have at your disposal, the more dazzling your artwork becomes!

– Mixing Major and Minor. As the most common, go-to scales in virtually all music genres, the pentatonic scales give you two basic palettes: the happy and sweet major pentatonic, and the dark and bluesy minor. What you want to do is MIX these two flavors for complex and interesting sounds, and that’s what you’ll learn here. Remember, it’s all about the sounds!!

Module #3

– Passing Tone Licks. Now that you’ve got some licks and scales under your belt, let’s embellish and dress them up a bit. Add spice and flavor and color. Using a note that’s not in that scale as a “passing” note to give it color. We show you a very easy way to do this. SIMPLE.

– More Licks! We always strive to over-deliver on our lesson products, so here is where we pile more lick instruction on for you. Add as many as you want to your arsenal --- you will love the sound of these!

– Doublestop Licks. Ready to add a bit of texture to your licks? Then let’s learn licks with two notes instead of just one. These sound like “mini-chords” and you’ll blow away your listeners with the added depth and complexity.

– Add Spice to your Licks. Here I give you even more devices and techniques to give your licks added color and spice. Remember, playing licks is like painting a picture, and the more different types of brush strokes you have at your disposal, the more dazzling your artwork becomes!

– Move Pentatonic Positions. Here we show you how to move all across the neck, navigating around the fretboard within the pentatonic architecture. This opens up the entire instrument to you and will explode more possibilities for you.

Module #4

– Target Note Licks. Now let’s target specific notes in a lick. Why? Well, when you “land” on a certain note within a lick it makes a strong soloing statement. This is how you stand out from the crowd and really deliver a huge impact.

– Flashy Licks. Let’s go for speed, why not?! Learn faster licks using hammer-ons, pulll-offs and other devices. The great thing about this lesson is that while these licks will sound advanced, they’re NOT when you learn it the way we teach it. Watch this lesson, then watch jaws drop when you play these flashy licks.

– Jam & Apply I and II. Okay, here’s where we take you by the hand for the most practical instruction possible. What we do here is, we take specific jam tracks --- which are included in the package --- and we show you exactly how to solo over them. In other words, we’ll tell you, “Okay, let’s take track No. 2 from the first module and let me show you exactly what my soloing process is on this one.” And then one of our instructors will explain his exact thinking and soloing strategy, demonstrating the exact techniques and devices, showing you how to execute this yourself! It’s like getting a brain transplant from a pro so that you can do it, too! I can’t tell you how valuable this is ... my students LOVE this part of the instruction. This is where you take everything you’ve learned and really APPLY it.

Module #5

– Rhythm & Licks. Learn how to play some rhythms and intersperse licks between each rhythm. This takes some doing because you gotta play the rhythm, and then the lick, and then get back to the rhythm in time --- but we make it simple and the results are going to astound you and everyone listening.

– Jam & Apply III. As on the previous module, we give you MORE practical application so that you can construct your own solos over the included jam tracks, using the step-by-step suggestions of our instructors.

– Bonus Lessons. Here we give you two killer bonus lessons. First, we teach you how to develop a good ear for tone. Totally useful, as you can imagine. Next, we tell you everything you need to know to dial in your equipment: the best amp settings, EQ settings, how to use a wah pedal, and more. You’ll learn all about gain and distortion, too. PLUS, we throw in a video that gives you “Five Essential Jamming Tips.” Sweet!

– Bonus Footage. This is where we “pull back the curtain” and show you around our Next Level Guitar home. First, we interview instructors Dave Nassie and Ben Zinn. You’ll hear the stories of their own guitar journeys, as well as their top influences and what keeps them stoked. Then we take you behind the lens to give you a tour of all our instruments and equipment. You’ll see our entire studio, where all the magic happens here at Next Level Guitar! Please enjoy these bonus gifts --- it’s our way of thanking you for letting us share our passion with you!

30 JAM TRACKS (MP3 version)

– 30 Custom - Created Jam Tracks! Let me tell you something --- we went all out on these jam tracks! They are AWESOME!!! These tracks sound fantastic because they have been professionally recorded and mastered here in San Diego.

The tracks contain a full band playing minus the lead guitar. That means it’s rhythm guitar, drums, bass guitar, and then YOU will be the lead guitar player tearing it up all over these tracks.

Each module is a slightly different style – you get:

1. Ten Delta/Chicago Blues Jam Tracks in various keys and tempos

2. Ten Blues Jam Tracks in various keys and tempos

3. Ten Rock Jam Tracks is various keys and tempos

To give these modules the most possible valuable variety, I mixed up the keys, chords, and tempos to give you lots of lead guitar avenues over different rhythmic jam examples.

Why the extra effort? It’s because mediocre backing tracks leads to discouragement and that’s how people’s guitars end up collecting dust in the garage. I won’t let that happen!!

Let me explain. These jam tracks and the accompanying PDF ebook redefine the very notion of ordinary jam tracks. These are like jam tracks on steroids. As you probably already know, jam tracks, (or “backing tracks”), are an essential tool to hone your lead guitar playing and improvisational skills. Simply put, if you really want to get to the next level, jam tracks are a “must–have” for your toolbox.

But here’s the problem: Most jam track products simply give you the music backing and leave it up to you as to how to make use of them!

Noodling along to a jam track without understanding WHY you’re playing a particular scale, or trying different scales, licks, and lead guitar avenues means you won’t be able to learn and adopt those avenues to other parts of your playing and to other tracks and songs. You just end up playing the same old things without any structure or direction.

But that won’t happen here. These tracks are empowering and motivating. You’ll WANT to play over them, all the time. Listen below to see how each jam track has it's own particular style:

70-Page Ebook

– Ebook to Speed Your Progress. I’ll be honest .... when it comes to creating ebooks, I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I go a little crazy. I take the time to craft detailed explanations of everything you need for one simple reason: IT WILL HELP YOU GREATLY. I don’t know anyone else who puts the love into ebooks like I do. You’ll not only refer to this all the time as a go-to resource, but you’ll want to save it forever in your guitar lesson library. (You might even want to print it out and put it into a 3-ring binder).

Packed with tons of lead guitar knowledge and lessons, you’re going to be amazed at the level of easy-to-use detail I have assembled here! This is where it gets really great – this book is the keystone that transforms the jam tracks from mere background music to focused tutorials.

In the Jam Tracks section of the ebook I take you through each jam track one by one. For each track I teach the complete lead guitar picture. You’ll learn multiple guitar avenues, and you’ll learn why each avenue works. So you will learn what to play over certain keys, chords, and progressions.

You’ll know what works and why it works. And that will allow you to blast these concepts across your entire playing repertoire.

If you don’t know some of the scales or scale positions used in a certain guitar lesson, no problem --- I diagram them all out in the book – it’s all there for you to devour and then tear it up over each track!

Extras You Don’t Get Anywhere Else ....

You’ve already seen that this course contains modules with over six hours of video lessons. What you might NOT know is that we break all the licks down into digestible pieces and demonstrate them at slow and regular speeds. Then we demonstrate and teach you how to practice and apply them over the included jam tracks.

Do you see how huge this is? We use the same tracks in the video lessons that you get included in this package – the same exact tracks for perfect mastery!

Also, all lessons feature on-screen tablature and close-ups of the fret and pick hands with multiple camera angles to make it easy to follow along. We also demonstrate the examples at both slow and regular speeds so you can learn with ease and not have to constantly hit the rewind button. That’s a big time-saver you will appreciate, believe me!

180 Beginner Blues Licks & Jams

210.98 $29

Add to Cart: 180 Beginner Blues Licks & Jams ($29)

Here's my Totally Risk-Free,
No-Worries, Guarantee

Let me make this easy for you. Just dive in and soak up all the learning material in this package for 30 days. Put the methods to practice and watch your playing get to the next level all while having fun.

Your purchase is unconditionally guaranteed for 30 days,
No questions asked. Period.

Keep on rocking!

Let me put a big bow on this
and wrap it all up for you ….

I’m very proud to offer this package to you. It’s the one I’ve always wanted to create and I know you’re going to love it. Give it a try and be AMAZED what it will do for your playing. Remember, when you learn what’s BEHIND the lick, you’re setting yourself up for unlimited success because you’ll be learning exponentially.


[email protected]

P.S. Remember, with this course you get the benefits of ALL media! That means you get the video lessons, audio jam tracks, and written lessons in the PDF ebook. This three-pronged approach will help you achieve your guitar goals so much faster!

P.P.S. Whether your goal is to play solo gigs or play in a band, or whether it’s simply to be able to jam with some friends or just enjoy the guitar on your own, then this course is your fastest route there. Sure, you could figure out how to make a lick work by playing it by ear, or you could hunt and peck your way through it, but that would take forever and could lead to frustration. Save yourself time and order my package right now

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