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You will learn guitar chords, scales, rhythm & strumming patterns, Jam Tracks and Music Theory.

You'll also find practice exercises and several styles of acoustic & electric guitar playing.

In short, it's a massive archive for players at ALL ability levels. These lessons have successfully taught many thousands of guitarists all over the world.

I'm calling this my "Ultimate Rock Blues Soloing Bundle"

My 4-DVD Rock Blues Set (Digital Version)

(Digital Version) All lessons converted in full from the original DVDs

My 4-DVD Rock Blues Set (Digital Version)

Discover Many Essential Techniques and Strategies You Need to Become the COMPLETE Lead Guitar Player

Here it is, an eight-hour comprehensive system to learn many essential techniques and devices you’ll ever need, including string bending, hammer-ons, pull-offs, vibrato, trills, picking, string muting, double stops, trills, and more.

But we don’t stop there ...

You also learn many scales, but more importantly, HOW to use those scales: Over what chords, in what keys, over which progressions, when to use when jamming, and more.

We also show you how to move across the neck, how to spice up those scales, and how to attack the strings most effectively.

You’re also going to learn some great exercises for your fingers because you really want strength and dexterity for your fret hand so that you can do more with your notes.

We also give you tons of blues and rock riffs and licks, but more crucially, how to learn FROM the lick so that you can spin that one cool lick into ten licks and more!

You get jam tracks, too, which not only will make you want to practice longer but are an essential tool to speed your progress.

And forget about having to constantly hit the pause and rewind buttons! That’s because we go slowly through each lesson, giving you close-up views, picture-in-picture technology to really zero in on what you need to see.

You’ll also get written lessons in the companion ebook, scales written out and other crucial information clearly detailed.

Bottom line: This is everything you need to become the master lead guitar soloist!

Click here for a detailed breakdown of all the video lessons in this set

DVD 1 (Digital Version)

  • Learn the 12-note scale on the guitar – I take you through the critical steps of learning all the notes on the guitar neck – but with a twist – I make it fast, fun, and easy and then I give you exercises on how to practice them in ways that you will soon have them all down cold and not forget them over time.
  • String Muting made easy to clean up your sound and avoid unwanted string noise – learn all the techniques you need.
  • Picking Techniques – improve your picking speed and accuracy so fast you won’t believe it
  • Finger Strength and Dexterity exercises – many exercises that will strengthen your fret hand as well as tie your pick and fret hand together. Dexterity exercises and exercises for each individual finger – remember the more strength in your fret hand then the more you can do with the notes and the more tone you will have.
  • Hammer On, Pull-off & Trill techniques and exercises – learn the proper way to perform these critical lead guitar techniques – and you get plenty of exercises and practice regimens to get you up to speed fast.
  • String Bending techniques – string bending is one of the most expressive things you can do on the guitar. Here I teach you the proper techniques to bend strings properly as well as exercises and technique checks for your practice routines.

DVD 2 (Digital Version)

  • Tuning Tips – learn how to get your guitar in tune so it stays in tune.
  • Eb Tuning – learn all about the how’s and whys of Eb tuning – a very important tuning for blues and rock
  • Vibrato Technique – learn how to properly perform vibrato, one of the most critical aspects of lead guitar, and how to develop your own signature sound using vibrato.
  • Solo Strategy – learn how to go about soling and improvising, how to play what relates to all or how to treat each chord like a separate event and solo over each chord independently.
  • Scales – scales defined, learn the most common scales used in blues and rock. Learn the minor pentatonic scale and learn it all over the neck. You will also learn the blues scale all over the neck and the expanded I minor pentatonic and expanded I blues scale which connect patterns across the neck so you can get out of the boxes and play laterally across the neck. This will instantly give your playing a more fluid sound and get you out of the same old box patterns.
  • Riffs With Melody – start learning how to create riffs from scales and do it in a melodic fashion that will draw the listeners into your soloing. And you can start practicing them over the included jam tracks – we get you going fast! Learn finger rolling riffs, and lots of easy blues licks in these lessons.
  • Doublestops – Learn all about doublestops and doublestop bends to add a lot of texture to your soloing.

DVD 3 (Digital Version)

  • Practice Devices – learn how to take what you have been learning so far in this series and meld it into a guitar workout. Learn to play riffs in 3’s and 4’s and open up endless riff possibilities, and also learn more blues riffs in this lesson.
  • Licks & Riffs – Learn more easy and fun blues and blues rock riffs and licks as well as repeating licks along the expanded scales that you have been learning – this will really open up the fretboard to you
  • Spice It Up – learn how to spice up the scales you have been learning by adding passing notes, slurs, slides, special bends, bluesy string slapping and snapping, and how to vary your sound by attacking the strings in different ways. These lessons will instantly spice up your playing.
  • Scales – Learn the minor pentatonic expanded II scale and now you will be playing across almost the entire fretboard in a smooth and fluid manner. Also learn the expanded II blues scale and move that over the neck. These scales are critical and you will be using them all the time.

DVD 4 (Digital Version)

  • Licks & Riffs – Learn octave licks to jazz up your blues, learn even more blues licks and riffs as well as blues licks utilizing advanced bending techniques.
  • Scales – Learn the major pentatonic scale – another extremely common scale used all the time in blues and rock.
  • Scale Usage – In this lesson you will learn how to properly apply the scales you have been learning. It’s not enough just to learn scales but you must also learn how and when to use them. Here you will learn over what chords, in what keys, and over what progressions can you utilize the scales that you have been learning throughout this lesson series. This is a critical and often missed step – but you get it all here in this series!
  • Major & Minor – learn how to combine playing major and minor pentatonic for a killer sound and also how to play over each chord using some basic arpeggios for a very sophisticated sound.
  • Jam Tracks – here you get jam tracks in different keys to apply what you have been learning. These practice tracks are essential tools to use when practicing your soloing and improvising. We switch up the keys and rhythms so you can get comfortable soloing in different keys all over the neck – rip it up!

Monster Pentatonic Chops DVD

(Digital Version) All lessons converted in full from the original DVDs

Instructor Dave Nassie

Monster Pentatonic Chops

"Get Out of The Box” and Unlock the Secrets to Master Pentatonic Scales in New Ways

Build Blinding Speed and Accuracy As We Teach You New, Different and Creative Ways to Use Pentatonic Scales

Since pentatonic scales are the most common scales utilized throughout most musical genres you can apply these techniques to multiple playing styles including rock, blues, country, jazz, and more!

This two-hour comprehensive course teaches you how to pentatonically master the fretboard and how to use pentatonic scales in new and different ways.

Break out of that box style of playing and into bold new pentatonic territories and take your Pentatonic playing to a whole new level!

Learn these modern techniques using Pentatonic Scales:

  • Sizzling three-note per string pentatonic licks across the neck
  • Hybrid picking techniques to add flair and flash
  • Ripping hammer-on and pull-off licks and fast legato licks
  • Build speed, dexterity, and fret stretch abilities
  • Killer fretboard tapping through scale shapes
  • String skipping and creative number group licks
  • Combine shapes to play blazing licks across the neck
  • Learn to use the entire neck all positions of the pentatonic scale
  • Exercises to help master alternate picking, hybrid picking, and to build tremendous speed

Plus with the included “In The Style Of Lessons” you will learn the techniques and interpret the styles of:

  • Eric Johnson
  • Richie Kotzen
  • Guthrie Govan
  • Rusty Cooley

Learn an array of characteristic pentatonic licks, devices, and playing techniques of four the greatest modern six-string guitar legends!

  • Increase your fretboard navigation and visualization!
  • Learn all kinds of picking sequences, licks, and devices.
  • Learn creative paths to help glide through the pentatonic scales as blistering speeds.
  • And with the hybrid picking techniques, you will learn a new way of attacking the guitar.

Watch these sample clips:

Click here for a detailed breakdown of all the lessons in this series

Video lesson menus and content:

  • Pentatonic Scale Shapes – in this lesson we breakdown all five positions of the Minor Pentatonic scale. Here you will learn all the shapes that will be taught throughout the lesson. Plus, learn how to connect them together, ways to practice them across and down the neck, scales on one string, proper fingering, and tips on fretboard visualization.
  • Number Groups – in this lesson you will learn creative techniques using number groups to get new sounds from pentatonic scales. You will also learn how to move these patterns around the neck. You will learn to apply hammer ons and pull-offs, number groupings, and alternate picking to pentatonic scales. You will also learn all kinds of ripping pattern and repeated licks, two-note per string alternate picking pentatonic licks, and picking warm-up licks. Also, learn blue note licks, licks in groups of threes, fives, sixes, and sevens, three-note per string picked licks, and three-note per string licks across the neck.
  • Hybrid Picking Pentatonics – take pentatonics in a fun direction using hybrid picking. Learn all about hybrid picking techniques and proper finger useage. Learn four and five-note hybrid sequence licks, various hybrid picking patterns and descending hybrid licks. Also you will learn low to high pattern licks and how to move these licks around within the scale shapes and around the neck. Then learn how to add string bends to hybrid picked licks and develop wicked sounding licks using these techniques. Learn to connect licks across the fretboard combining pentatonic scales using hybrid picking. Throughout this leson you will see all the hybrid picking up close with tight shots of the pick hand so you wont miss a single note or lick! And in this lesson you will learn the techniques with economy of motion and tons of technique tips along the way so you can incorporate it into your playing and use it as a means to further develop your own style.
  • Hammer-On, Pull-Off, & Tapping Pents – in these lesons you will learn fantastic new ways to use hammer-ons and pull-offs with scorching three-note per string pentatonic licks. Learn wide interval licks that combine multiple pentatonic shapes. You will also learn hammer and pull stretching exercises, how to move pentatonic patterns across the neck, string skipping licks using hammer-ons and pull-offs, killer sounding triad and chromatic licks, and how to move licks in different keys. In the tapping section you will learn how to creatively incorporate fret tapping using pentatonic scales. Learn wide interval jumps using right hand tapping, long tapping licks through entire pentatonic shapes, tap and bend licks, tap licks using the blue note, and the famous “may I help you” tapped lick. Learn to play these licks throughout all the pentatonic shapes with lots of technique tips along the way.
  • “Inspired By” Pentatonics Lessons – in these four lessons you will learn pentatonic licks and techniques inspired by some epic modern shredders:
    Guthrie Govan inspired lesson – fasten your seat belt for this lesson as you will soon be burning up the fretboard with these “inspired by” licks and techniques. Learn blazing wide stretch legato three-note per string pentatonic licks. You will also learn to use slides to glide across the fretboad and how to add tapping licks for different sounds. Learn to move these fast legato licks across the fretboard. And as an added bonus will also learn to apply these techniques to major scales.
  • Richie Kotzen inspired lesson – here you will learn some “inspired by” pentatonic hybrid picking techniques and licks. Learn how to move these techniques and licks all over the fretboard in various pentatonic positions and how to add legato techniques. As an added bonus to round out your playing repertoire you will learn how to move these techniques around through a major scale and also some fun arpeggios using hybrid picking. These sounds will blow you away and blast your playing into the next stratosphere!
  • Rusty Cooley inspired lesson – in this lesson we will map out three-note per string wide stretch pentatonic licks with position shifting. These techniques will really open the door to new creative sounds and licks. You will also learn some fabulous long seven-note descending pattern pentatonic licks and ascending pattern licks utilizing hammer-ons and pull-offs. Amazing new style of pentatonics you will want to add to your playing arsenal!
  • Eric Johnson inspired lesson – in this lesson you will learn a picking style inspired by this fabulous guitar player. These techniques can be employed throughout your pentatonic scales and licks. First learn some pentatonic ascending and descending groups of five notes. Learn a five-note pattern that you can move through the pentatonic shapes and create killer new licks and sounds. You will also learn hammer and pull licks combining pentatonic shapes. Mix this style into your playing and have fun with it!
  • Bonus Footage – instructor interview with Dave Nassie. In this fun interview learn more about Next Level Guitar instructor Dave Nassie. Learn about some of Dave’s musical influences, how he got started playing guitar, his musical upbringing, embarassing moments on stage, his thoughts on gear, playing tips and much more!

Creative Rock Soloing DVD

(Digital Version) All lessons converted in full from the original DVDs

Grammy Award winner Larry Mitchell

Creative Rock Soloing

Unleash Your "Inner Guitar God" by Learning Creative Soloing Secrets From Internationally Known Performer Larry Mitchell ...

Stop playing the same old things and start getting creative with your soloing and take it to a whole new level!

Discover all the tasty licks ... killer devices ... essential techniques ... and crucial soloing strategies that can be applied to just about ANY genre you want, including blues, rock, funk, and more!

We are so excited here at Next Level Guitar to bring the wonderful teachings of Larry Mitchell to you in HD video lessons. Larry is a guitar playing legend and just an all around great guy. He is a Grammy award-winning producer, engineer, and performer who has toured the world playing guitar.

Throughout this two-hour DVD Larry teaches you some of his favorite licks, devices, techniques, and soloing strategies and much, much more! You can then take all this information and put your own spin on it and use it to help develop your own style.

You will also learn all about Larry’s gear and tone as he discusses his guitars, pickups, effects, amp, and some of his favorite sounds and effects!

Bottom line: You will learn all kinds of techniques and devices that will get you playing guitar in new inventive ways.

You'll never look at guitar soloing in the same way again! This DVD will place you firmly on new soloing avenues and help you get to that next level quickly.

Watch these sample clips from the DVD:

You'll learn killer licks, techniques, and devices, such as:

  • Pivot point licks
  • Open string licks and runs
  • Fun chromatic ideas and licks
  • Cool hammer-on and pull-off licks
  • Country sounding double stop licks
  • Hybrid picking techniques and licks
  • Play scales horizontally across the neck
  • Connecting lick ideas across the fretboard
  • Adding the blue note to licks and phrases
  • Double stop licks and runs up and down the neck
  • Lick ideas that you can move around the fretboard
  • Learn some of Larry’s favorite bluesy licks and devices
  • Minor and Major Pentatonic, Major and Relative Minor licks

You'll also learn killer arpeggios and arpeggio techniques and devices

and ...

Learn all about how to build a solo

Click here for a detailed breakdown of all the video lessons in this set

Video lesson menus and content:

  • Jamming & Licks – in these lessons Larry shares some of his favorite soloing and improvising secrets and techniques. Learn killer minor pentatonic, major, and relative minor licks, hybrid picking techniques and licks, pivot point licks, country sounding doublestop licks, target note soloing using slides, cool hammer-on and pull-off licks, adding the wah pedal to licks, and fun practice exercises. You will also learn some of Larry’s favorite bluesy licks and devices. Learn lick ideas that you can move around the fretboard, chromatic ideas, connecting ideas across the fretboard, adding the blue note to licks and phrases, open string licks and runs, doublestop licks and runs up and down the neck, phrasing and scale options and much more!
  • Arpeggios & Warm-Up – in these lessons Larry teaches devices and techniques when jamming over a progression. Learn arpeggio warm up exercises, how to add arpeggios to minor pentatonic, and how to add in the blue note for color and tension. You will also learn a fun warm up exercises using all the harmonized arpeggios in a given key, how to connect the arpeggios down the neck, connecting arpeggios to scales and phrasing them together and how to use these arpegios in practical playing scenarios.
  • Building Solos & Gear – in these lessons Larry discusses building solos. He teaches how he comes up with ideas and concepts to build solos. Larry then demonstates a solo and breaks down each part and teaches the techniques and concepts behind the parts. Learn about establishing melody, concepts of starting simple and low, the importance leaving space, tap harmonics, dynamics and urgency, the power of repitition, and many more soloing tips and devices. Larry also makes it a little funky and teaches some funky chords and rhythms, octave/fuzz effect, and reverse delays. Larry also goes over his gear, effects, guitar, amp, and sounds in the gear section of the lessons.
  • Political Rain Soloing – in these lessons Larry goes over his soloing concepts and devices used in his song “Political Rain”. Larry plays the complete solo and breaks the solo down section by section. He and demonstates the licks, concepts, and ideas on how he built the solo. Learn devices, tricks, melody building, arpeggios, use of delay effects, and all about building solos in these killer lessons.
  • Major Melody – in these lessons Larry teaches how to play scales horizontally across the neck by combining shapes. You will also learn how to change directions along the way as well as killer fretboard navigation. You will also learn different ways to practice these techniques, and many other licks moving aroun the neck. Then Larry teaches melody building with doublestops, moving doublestops arund on the neck, doublestops with bends and hammer-ons, sliding doublestops around the neck and more.
  • Learn killer arpeggios and arpeggio techniques and devices:

    • Learn arpeggio warm up exercises
    • Learn how to add arpeggios to minor pentatonic scales
    • Learn to harmonize arpeggios in a given key
    • Learn how to connect the arpeggios down the neck
    • Learn how to connect arpeggios to scales
    • Learn how to use these arpegios in practical playing scenarios.
  • Learn all about how to build a solo:

    • Learn how to add melody within your soloing
    • Learn the various components in building a solo
    • Learn soloing concepts and the power of repitition
    • Learn about soloing dynamics and the concept of space
    • Learn every aspect of one of Larry’s all-time favorite solos
  • About Larry Mitchell
    Larry Mitchell is a Grammy award-winning producer, engineer and performer who has toured the world playing guitar with well-known artists including Tracy Chapman, Billy Squier, Ric Ocasek and Miguel Bosé.

    In his original compositions, Larry skillfully weaves guitar textures that showcase his virtuosity as a solo artist and ensemble player. As an artist, he has released six solo records and won a San Diego Music Award for best pop jazz artist and in 1986 and 1987 he won the New York City Limelight Guitar solo contest.

    As a producer-engineer, Larry has won 26 New Mexico Music Awards in various categories from pop, adult contemporary, rap, rock, country and Native American. He won a Grammy Award for producing, engineering and performing on "Totemic Flute Chants".

    Larry is currently touring with his own trio as well as with Native artists Shelley Morningsong, Dawn Avery, Joy Harjo and Robert Mirabal. He has many long-standing endorsements and relationships with companies such as Ibanez Guitars, D'Adarrio Strings, D'Marzio Pickups and Fractal Audio.

    Larry’s influences include Eric Johnson, the Edge, Jeff Thall, Steve Stevens, Nile Rogers, Prince, Neal Schon, Steve Via, Andy Timmons, Andy Summers, Prince, Kings X, Dan Reed Network, Tony James, Jeff Coplan, producers Nile Rogers, Daniel Lanois, Jeff Coplan, Trevor Horn, and John Kurzweg

BONUS: Hot Pentatonics DVD

(Digital Version) All lessons converted in full from the original DVDs

BONUS!! Hot Pentatonics Lesson (2 hours)

Have You Ever Thought Or Asked Yourself These Questions ... ?

How can I create my own licks?

How do you use scales to build riffs and licks?

What’s the secret to phrasing licks together to flow smoothly into solos?

How do you creatively come up with licks and lick ideas?

How can I take notes and do things with them that sound musically interesting?

How can I come up with my own licks so I am not always playing the same things over and over?

Well, look no further, because we have ALL the answers for you, and more ...

I’m stoked to tell you about our “Hot Pentatonic Licks” DVD (converted to digital).

This killer lesson contains two hours of lead guitar lessons showing you tons of scorching Pentatonic licks AND also how to "learn from the lick."

This means you can ...

Turn one lick into 10 licks!
(or 100 . . . or 1,000 . . .)

You will also learn tons of lead guitar tricks and devices that you will soon be incorporating into your own playing and totally ripping up that guitar neck!

The problem with learning just licks ...

I’ll be honest with you - there are lots of products on the market today teaching licks.

But as a guitar teacher who’s taught many thousands of students all over the world, I will let you in on a little secret . . . there are two common mistakes people make when learning how to play licks.

Mistake No. 1 is when you are taught guitar licks – and nothing else. In other words, they leave it up to you as to how to make use of the licks themselves: how to practice them, how to apply them, and how to figure out where did the licks come from as far as what scales did they use to build the lick, etc.

This is a bigger mistake than you might think. Sure, you’ll get to learn a lick, and that’s fine as far as it goes. But when you learn to play a lick without also knowing what’s behind the lick, then you’re not moving forward or make any real progress.

Let me put it this way: Would you rather be handed a fish sandwich so that you can feel full for a few hours . . . or would you rather learn how to fish so that you can eat for a lifetime?

My teaching philosophy is radically different from many – I teach you to learn FROM the lick so that you learn an infinite number of guitar licks for a lifetime.

Learning from the lick gives you the ability to understand which scale the lick is played from and what devices are used to play the lick. This way, you’ll learn how to apply it in any musical situation. And suddenly you’ll learn how to vary the lick and . . .

Do you see how huge that is? Seeing the scale gives you the musical vision to build your own licks. So you just don’t learn licks….you learn from the licks. Big, big difference.

Mistake No. 2 in learning licks comes from overcomplicating the process. This comes from trying to do too much, too soon, which is why everything I teach is in a logical, natural stair-step progression that prevents you from missing a crucial early step that will come back to haunt you later.

My teaching philosophy will motivate and empower you to want to pick up the guitar and practice. This DVD will really springboard your playing and get it to the next level.

Watch these sample clips:

Click here for a detailed breakdown of all the lessons in this set

Here’s what you will learn throughout this two-hour DVD (digital version):

  • Learn tons of killer blues/rock licks and the scales the licks are built from
  • Learn to combine scale shapes and play across the neck
  • Learn to vary your licks and turn one lick into 50 licks
  • Learn to phrase your lick ideas together into a cohesive solo
  • Learn exercise licks to strengthen your fingers and build dexterity
  • Learn how to add double stops and doublestop bends to add texture to your solos
  • Learn pentatonic scales, blues scales, and the natural minor scale
  • Learn target note soloing to make huge solo statements
  • Learn the importance of playing over chord changes
  • Learn hybrid picking techniques
  • Learn how to work the notes when soloing to add musical interest, variation, and spice
  • Learn to unlock the secrets to soloing over each chord independently
  • Learn to construct a solo from scratch and why it works over a series of chord changes
  • For every lick in this lesson learn the key its takes from, the scale it’s built from, and all the techniques and devices in order to play the lick.

Plus throughout this lesson you will learn all kinds of lead guitar devices so you can start taking the notes and do musically interesting things with them:

Learn these lead guitar devices and techniques:

  • Learn all kinds of hip string bending techniques and licks
  • Learn tips for bending strings in pitch
  • Learn all about one-finger string bars
  • Learn string-raking techniques
  • Learn all about double stops
  • Learn all about cool hammer-on and pull-off licks and riffs
  • Learn to incorporate slides to get different tones
  • Learn to add interesting outside notes like the 9th and b5
  • Learn all about note resolution

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You'll also find practice exercises and several styles of acoustic & electric guitar playing.

In short, EVERY piece of instruction I have ever produced!

Order Now and Take Your Lead Guitar Skills to the Stratosphere
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P.P.S. Imagine how great it will feel knowing you can produce licks on demand, all because you took the time to learn what's behind the lick. This is the big secret, and you learn all that more in these video lessons. Come join me and let's do this together ... let's make this the year you really meet all your guitar goals.

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