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Next Level Guitar.com presents:
"Electric Guitar Maintenance & Setup DVD"

Learn to set up your instruments to your
own personal playing preferences!

Why continually pay lots of money for EACH guitar you own EVERY time to set it up when you can learn to do it yourself?

All you need is some direction, a few simple, cheap, and easy to find tools, some patience and you will be ready to rock!

WATCH THIS VIDEO to see what this DVD is all about:

Have you noticed that your guitar does not play nearly as well as it used to?

Does it seem that your guitar strings have gotten pretty
high off the fret board, making it hard to play?

Does your guitar keep going out of tune even though you continually tune it?

Have you noticed that your guitar has started to buzz?

Have you not played your guitar, or one of your guitars, in a long time
and it has just been sitting in its case for months or years?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then your guitar is probably in need of a set-up. No matter what guitar you play, most guitars will greatly benefit from a killer set up.

A guitar set-up is a methodical series of adjustments that need to be performed periodically on every instrument to get it to play and perform its absolute best. Not everyone plays guitar the same way. Different guitarists with different playing styles need different setups. Some players like 'em high, some like 'em low.

The set-up adjusts the instrument to the specific playing preferences of the guitarist.

Throughout this DVD you will learn:

  • How to properly change your guitar strings
  • How to properly stretch the strings so they stay in tune
  • How to adjust the truss rod and make adjustments for neck relief
  • Tremolo block adjusting, deep adjustments, and spring work
  • How to set the action or string height to your playing preference
  • Micro tilt adjustments for adjusting bolt-on neck angle to body tilt
  • How to set the guitar intonation so your guitar plays in tune all over the neck
  • How to adjust pickup height as per your playing and tonal preferences
  • How to clean the guitar body and neck, what type of cleaning products to use and which products work best for various types of guitar necks

We cover all the bases to get your instrument dialed in just how you like it!

Maybe like my guitar did once, your guitar once took a nose-dive straight off the guitar stand and landed PLUNK! – flat on the floor. Or maybe your acoustic guitar got accidentally left in a hot car. Or maybe you didn’t have strap locks on your guitar and it came off the strap and crashed down on the floor. Or maybe the passing seasons of cold to hot or hot to cold took your guitar out of adjustment. Or maybe you just play the hell out of your favorite guitar! It's a simple fact of life if you play the guitar, sooner or later you're going to have to take care of it, set it up, and maintain it.

A poorly set up guitar plays terribly and may not stay in tune or play out of tune at different parts of the neck - which is extremely frustrating. Poorly set up guitars will discourage even an experienced player from playing the guitar. Why fight the guitar when you can have it set up to play like butter?

Reduce your frustrations and make it easier for yourself by maintaining your guitar and keep it playing at its absolute best by learning to set it up yourself. Few realize that a great set-up is precisely what makes one guitar feel and play remarkably, while another identical guitar will play terribly awful.

Keeping your guitar maintained and set up will protect your investment for the future!

Setting the guitar up properly will result in a guitar that is easier to play, sounds better, feels much more comfortable, and feels much more "you"!

A guitar has moving parts and needs to be maintained and adjusted regularly to keep the instrument in top notch playing form. It all depends on how much you play, but many players get their guitars set up once a year.

The set up can adjust the guitar to play as per the player’s individual preferences. And remember that keeping your guitar maintained and set up will protect your investment for the future!

Great set ups by qualified guitar technicians or experienced luthiers are expensive. A set-up can runs anywhere from $40-$85, sometimes even more if additional work is needed. And start doubling those numbers if you have multiple guitars.

Often even brand new guitars are not set up very well. I can’t tell you how many times I picked up a brand new guitar in a retail music store and the guitar just does not play well at all – and these are BRAND NEW instruments.

Often you will find some new guitars at music stores that play terribly. And that could be from all the playing and bouncing around it goes through at the music store or possibly that the adjustments were knocked out of whack during the shipping process. During travel the new guitar may have gone through climate & humidity changes. These differences in the weather can throw off the playability of the guitar.

Guitars are made of wood and wood is hydroscopic - meaning it’s continually taking on and letting off moisture. This makes the wood shrink and expand. In the end your instrument may not play the way it was intended.

It seems that there are some guitar manufacturers that don't take the adequate time to properly perform all the necessary adjustments. And often even when they do, the set-up is very general and aimed at the "average" player, rather than the specific preferences of the individual player. As a result, a factory-built guitar will come with what some call a “compromise” setup, one designed to please as many guitarists as possible.

There is nothing more discouraging than a guitar that doesn't play well, or one that is uncomfortable to play. Get the most from your instrument and improve the playability by learning to properly maintain and setup your guitar with our instructional DVDs.

So there is no guarantee that the brand new guitar you just plunked down your hard earned cash for will play the way you like it. But fear not as all it may need is a basic set-up

With this DVD you will learn:

Electric Guitar Maintenance & Setup DVD
(over an hour of killer lessons)

On this DVD you will learn how to properly set up and maintain your electric guitar from beginning to end utilizing a few simple, cheap, and easy to find tools.

Learn how to properly change the strings, how to stretch the strings, and learn tips on how to keep the guitar in tune.

Learn how to adjust the truss rod and make the necessary adjustments for neck relief to dial in the neck just perfect. Learn how to complete tremolo block adjustments, deep adjustments, and spring work.

Learn how to set the action or string height on the guitar to your playing preferences – set it low if you like low action or learn to set the action higher if you prefer higher action. We cover all the bases to get your instrument dialed in just how you like it.

Learn the micro tilt adjustment for adjusting bolt-on neck angle to body tilt. Learn to set the guitar intonation so notes are ringing to the same pitch as needed and your guitar plays in tune all over the neck. Learn to adjust pickup height as per your playing and tonal preferences.

Learn how to clean the guitar body and neck, what type of cleaning products to use and which products work best for various types of guitar necks.

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And our DVDs are REGION FREE – so they will play on just about any player worldwide!

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Let me make this easy for you. Just dive in and soak up all the learning material on this DVDfor 90 days.
Your purchase is unconditionally guaranteed for 90 days, no questions asked. Period.

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