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Play Bass Like a Boss!

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Discover the Awesomeness That is Bass Guitar — or Take Your Existing Bass Playing Skills to the Next Level … and Beyond!

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sounds you'll be creating when you see the lessons in
this special bass lesson series ...

Hello Good People David Taub here,

It’s just a fact ... even the greatest guitar shredder on the planet ain’t worth a lick (literally!) without a great rhythm section laying down a deep foundation behind him.

And that’s just one of about a hundred cool reasons to play ... BASS GUITAR.

Yep, bass guitar. Guitar heroes can sound weak and thin without the primal, pulse-quickening work of the bass guitarist.

But, look, you already knew all that. :-)

I mean, not only does every guitarist worth his salt recognize the awesomeness of bass guitar, but when my very own bro Finbar released his very own bass guitar package with our Next Level Guitar network a couple years ago, it flew off the shelves and we got a ton of rave reviews.

Even if you missed that previous release, no worries, because we’re going to give it to you when you give our latest, deeper bass guitar package a try. Keep reading and you’ll see all the details on this page.

Introducing . . .

Bass Guitar Master Class PLUS
Video Series

Bass Guitar Master Class Plus
5-Disc Set
Epic Beginner Bass Mastery
5-DVD Set

$159.00 $67.95 $39 <= gets you both!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The versions offered on this page are DIGITAL only, meaning the above DVDs and CDs have been fully converted to digital download format. No discs are mailed to you. You get immediate access to all the instruction online (or you may download to your computer or device.)

Here’s How Watching These Lessons Will Have You Playing the Low-String Beast Like a Pro and Vaulting Your Guitar Playing at the Same Time ...

(Do you already play bass guitar and want to go right to the meat of these lessons and see what they’re all about? Then click here.)

So ... Why Bass Guitar?

Let’s start with the obvious. Playing bass guitar is super cool, clearly one of the baddest instruments on the planet and an underrated component of some of the greatest bands in history.

(Just listen to what Flea did with his instrument … or John Entwistle … or Victor Wooten … and many others … 'nuff said!)

But apart from that, bass is more than just a guitar with two fewer strings. It has a different tone, scale length, feel and musical role, and in many cases it requires a different conceptual and technical approach.

And then it’s what it will do for your guitar playing …

5 Reasons Every Guitar Player Should Learn Bass

1. It’s easy to start.

Unlike guitar, which requires you to learn various chord positions that can twist your hands into pretzels, to play a note on the bass you simply press a string down on a free with your left hand and pluck it with your right. And since a guitarist provides melody while following the song’s chord progression, as a beginner bassist, all you need to do to start playing the bass is to play the root note of each chord in the song's chord progression in a repeating rhythmic pattern.

Of course, more advanced techniques like slapping, popping, double thumb, left hand tapping among others, do take quite a bit of practice, but we show you these techniques in our special program featured on this page.

2 - You learn to play more RHYTHMICALLY.

To be a good bass player, you have to develop a sense of groove, a sense of feeling what the song is about and where it wants to go. Your baselines will create that direction, all the while keeping perfect rhythm and time. This will help you immensely next time you strap on your guitar. Bottom line: Playing the bass rewards creativity. (Always a good thing!)

3 - It teaches you how to let the music BREATHE.

Look, just like nobody likes the guy who talks too much, no one wants to hear your instrument stepping on the toes of everyone around you. Never forget that music is a language and sometimes you gotta use restraint. Good bass playing requires that you exercise restraint and subtlety rather than showcase your technique and slick moves. This will aid your guitar playing as well because you’ll learn how to "play for the song."

4 - It proves — and helps you execute — the adage that “Tone Is In Your Hands"

You can go from a dull thud to a sharp, funky punch simply by choosing where along the string you pick it and how heavy you go after it. This sort of tonal range is an example of how playing bass can also transfer to your guitar playing.

The deep rumbling notes ... the way a single move of the finger can completely shift the feeling of a song ... the way that you can dance along underneath a song without overpowering everything ... it's pretty easy to see why so many fall in love with this instrument.

5 - You’ll become a smarter musician.

It’s been said that you should play guitar if you want to write songs, and play bass if you want to play in bands.

That may be an over-simplification, but I’ll tell you this much … bass forces you to think about your note selection. On guitar, you can play a chord, or a power chord to fill in somewhere, but on bass even minor decisions can have major impact. Playing a root on the E or an octave higher can completely change the feel of a song. And rather than going all “glory road” over a part you’ll learn how to better serve the best interests of the song itself.

Now that’s worthy reason to learn bass alone, if you ask me!

Bottom line: Your skills ARE transferable. And I mean that in both directions — not only will your guitar skills translate to bass, but opening yourself to the world of bass will do wonders for your guitar playing.

So Let’s Go “Under the Hood” and Show You How
Our "Ultimate Bass Guitar Bundle" Will
Help You Reach Your Bass Guitar Goals ...

(... And by the way, this applies to you whether you are brand new to the instrument, or even if you already have some chops on guitar or bass. It's perfect for both because we start with the basics but end up going pretty deep down the rabbit hole.)

Note: You're also getting "Epic Beginning Bass Guitar," which is another course we sold not long ago for $97. You're getting it free on this page and it shows you how to easily master the bass from the beginning by discovering little-known shortcuts and techniques most teachers don't even know

"Bass Guitar Master Class Plus" is stand-alone program:

  • Nearly 3 hours of step-by-step video lessons
  • 20 killer-sounding bass jam tracks that will make you never want to put your instrument down!

You Know What Sets These Lessons Apart? It’s THIS ...

Repeat after me ...

"Application, Application, Application"

Look anyone can teach you a bunch of techniques. But application is EVERYTHING.

You need to APPLY what you are learning so that you can play in a musical context. Otherwise, what’s the point?

And that’s what truly sets this program apart … we teach you how to apply everything you are learning by playing along with the included bass jam tracks. The jam tracks essentially give you a full band playing behind you so you can develop your style and practice the techniques and devices you are learning within a musical context.

This is so huge! It takes you from simply sitting in your basement playing mere licks and instead catapults you into playing bass lines over any progression in any key.

Imagine being able to jam with your friends at will, participating in an open mic night, or even playing in a band — the sky’s the limit because you’ll be well prepared with a full tool box to play in any key and over just about any song after working with this course.

Here’s how we do that: In each lesson we pull apart one of the same jam tracks you get on the included bass jam tracks and teach you how to examine the song and lock in with the drummer. And how to examine songs or chord progressions from a bass and song perspective. We show you various approaches and thought processes for each track. So you learn multiple lines and patterns for each track, as well as how to build your own lines and put your own spin on everything you hear and learn. Sweet!

Also remember this: We teach the lines and patterns at slow and regular speeds and really break them down into digestible pieces. We start off slow with just hovering around the root notes of each track. Then we add to it and build more complex bass lines and teach you how to embellish the lines with walking lines, melodic, lines, 16th notes lines, triplets, various techniques, and so much more.

Boom! Now you’re playing bass like a BOSS!

Check Out Some of the Other Things You’ll Learn How to Create and Play:

  • 8th note bass lines
  • 16th note bass lines
  • All kinds of walking bass lines
  • Funky bass lines
  • Old school bass lines
  • Melodic bass lines
  • Blues bass lines for slow and fast blues
  • Shuffle patterns
  • Modern bass lines, and more
  • The slap and pop technique
  • All kinds of triplet techniques
  • Bass harmonics
  • Modal bass playing
  • Playing over each chord
  • How to add melodic lines to your playing
  • How to lay back and "stay in the pocket"
  • How to lock-in with a drummer
  • Learn how to feel the groove
  • Discover how to pick apart a song and play what fits
  • Learn all about the I-IV-V changes, patterns, and walking bass lines
  • Learn how to understand what is going on in the song from a bass guitar perspective
  • Major and minor scale usage and application
  • Chromatic movements, walk ups and walk downs
  • All about I-IV-V progressions and how to build them and how they work
  • How to move around the neck under a chord without cluttering up the song
  • Quick tricks on how to know the notes in each key signature
  • How to play in any key signature quickly and easily

The above is just a fraction of what youʼll learn. After we packed all that mastery (and WAY more) into these 3 hours of lessons
I decided that wasnʼt enough ...

... which is why we're also throwing in a free copy of "Epic Beginner Bass Mastery" for you for FREE.

But wait, "THERE'S MORE," lol ...

We're also giving you an awesome bonus incentive to make this an irresistible no-brainer:

The Ultimate Bass Guitar Bundle

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YES David, I want it! Please rush me both packages that you are including in your "Ultimate Bass Guitar Bundle" for just $159.00 $67.95 $39.

I understand I am receiving everything listed on this page, including:

  • the latest-new, "Bass Guitar Master Class Plus"
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I also understand that this page contains a discount for email subscribers only and may be taken down without notice or until the announced deadline, whichever comes first.

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Here's my Totally Risk-Free,
No-Worries, Guarantee

Let me make this easy for you.

I am going to give you a full 12 Month No Questions asked return policy on any of my lesson products. Put them to practice and watch yourself playing guitar and having fun in the shortest amount of time possible.

Get started rocking out today, I cannot wait to hear about your progress

You do not risk anything by ordering now.

Seen enough? Then order here and let’s do this ...

...or check out all the contents of the
"Bass Guitar Master Class Plus" program

(Digital Version)
All lessons converted in full from the original DVD

DVD 1 (Digital Version):

1. Intro & Gear Lesson
We first go over the structure for the coming lessons and how to use and apply the lessons to get the most possible out of them. You’ll learn all about gear and accessories on the equipment we use throughout the series. We’re talking about the amp, bass guitar, pickups, strings, and accessories. Learn how to get different sounds from your bass by using different combinations of the pickups. Also learn how to use the "fump" to get that old school muted or upright acoustic bass tone. And you’ll also learn all about the "mute" to get even more different sounds from your bass. These accessories open up the bass guitar to new possibilities, which will let you discover new techniques. This gives your hands the freedom to "dig in" as you continue to develop your own sound and style on the instrument.

2. How to Easily Identify Key Signature
Learn all kinds of awesome tips and tricks on how to identify and quickly play in any key signature. The key signature is basically the DNA of the scale and we make it easy to learn how to move around the fretboard in different keys and play over any track in any key. You’ll learn easy tricks to know the number of sharps and flats in any key. And rest easy, we don't pound you with music theory, but instead just give you quick tips and tricks with juuuuust enough theory to make your playing more applicable in any key and over any track. Simple and fun. And quite eye opening, too. Soon you will be jamming over any track and not having to worry about playing out of key.

3. Old School Walking Blues
Learn all about I-IV-V changes in a blues scenario. Learn what a I-IV-V major key pattern is and how to play different lines around the neck in various keys. Learn to use "ladders" as practice exercises to get comfortable with one finger per fret. We teach exercises in this lesson to get your fingers strong and dexterous. We take you through one of the jam tracks and show you how these walking lines fit together and sound super cool. We pull apart the jam track and teach you how to start structuring your lines depending on the key and chord changes. We take you through the thought processes that will teach you how to develop and apply various patterns and lines over the progression.

4. How to Stay In the Pocket
Learn how to stay in the pocket and "feel the groove" of a song. Learn to understand exactly where the drums are and what they are doing. In other words, do you know how to feel the high-hat, snare and bass drums and do you know where they are in the song so that you can really lock in with the drummer? We teach you that. You’ll also learn the techniques of how to use a pick as well as good muting techniques to get the proper ring with your strings. Learn to give this shuffle a funky groove by letting the notes roll over longer — basically, learn how to give a totally different feel to the groove. You’ll also learn how to use pick up notes, bounce back notes, and various walking and bouncing patterns.

(Digital Version)
All lessons converted in full from the original DVD

DVD 2 (Digital Version):

5. Chord Listening
In this lesson we teach you how to work with the natural minor scale and learn how to pull apart a song and really listen to the other instruments. Here you will learn how to listen and understand the chord voicings on guitar or piano. It’s all about understanding the chords and the feel of the music. You will also learn about the technique of not always playing the root of the chord for some different sounds. Here you will also learn to play different lines over each chord in various ways. Learn some hammer-on riffs, turnaround lines, and how to play full chords on bass.

6. How to Lay Back
In this lesson we teach you how to examine and pull apart a minor key blues progression. Learn about the major-minor relation and all about major and relative minor. Learn a quick trick to understand the number of flats in minor keys. And then learn another quick trick to easily locate on the guitar neck the major and its relative minor. Learn how to "lay back" in the groove and let the notes breathe. Learn how to add extra embellishing notes to give the song a little more groove. To accelerate your learning, all licks and bass lines are broken down and played at slow and regular speeds. Learn how to create different feels with similar bass lines by doubling up on notes, letting notes breathe, adding extra movements, and moving around inside the song.

7. Play What Fits the Song
This lesson is all about how to determine bass lines that fit best for a song and how to keep it all locked in. We teach you how to work with the major scale and also how to use chromatic buildups. You will also learn how to determine what fits in a song and what makes it work. Learn how to use the bass to keep the song moving along. This lesson also teaches how to build the common I-IV-V progressions and how they work. Learn how to add a country moving bass line to a song. You will also learn how to treat each chord as a separate entity and build a bass line walking around inside each chord. Learn to add chromatic lines walking up and down to the chords as they change. And learn more bass lines that fit over the turn around change.

8. How to Build Melody
In this lesson we teach you all about building melodic bass lines. Here we move further along on the bass and in moving around the neck with your lines. Learn to work with major and its relative minor. Start by learning to hover around the root notes but then learn variations and how to move around the neck creating melody within the chords. Learn to use root notes, fifths, octaves, slides, cool bass walk downs, and accent notes.

(Digital Version)
All lessons converted in full from the original DVD

DVD 3 (Digital Version):

9. Slap & Pop Shuffle Lesson
Time to explore some different bass techniques! Learn some slap and pop techniques, faster 16th-note lines, double-notes, and also how to incorporate the mute to keep the strings from ringing to produce some different sounds. You’ll learn different feels over the track from a regular type traditional line to a modern funky slap and pop line to faster moving lines. This lesson will open your playing up to all kinds of new techniques and devices that you can try as you develop and refine your style. Learn to move faster bass lines and bass riffs over chord changes. Learn 16th-note techniques using your fingers, muting with the forearm and playing with the thumb, and also using a pick. Learn all about the slap techniques and how to create cool rhythms and lines using the slap and pop.

10. Play in the Modes Lesson
Here we teach you how to build lines around a major key jam. Learn how to move major scales around the neck over each chord, basically learning to play in the modes. This gives you a very sophisticated sound as each mode produces its own mood and sound. Learn about all the modes of the major scale and also how to apply the Ionian, Phrygian, Aeolian, and Mixolydian modes over the included jam track. Learn a cool exercise moving the major scales ascending and descending all over the neck.

11. BONUS LESSON 1 — Slap & Pop Triplets
Here you’ll learn all about different techniques to get that slap and pop sound with the right hand. Learn all about three different types of triplets: the slap triplet, the pop triplet, and the rolling triplet. Learn the techniques to practice and play each type of triplet. We break each technique down into three separate movements to get the sound dialed in just right. You'll also learn muting techniques and proper techniques on how to pop the strings with your fingers.

12. BONUS LESSON 2 — Bass Harmonics
In this lesson learn all about bass harmonics: how to get them, where to get them, and different techniques to get them to "sound out." Harmonics are a lot of fun to add some colors to your bass lines. Learn what frets work best for harmonics as well as the proper techniques to bring out the sound of the harmonic. Learn how to get bass artificial harmonics and various ways of getting them to squeal. You will also learn the cool sounds of rolling harmonics.

About Your Instructor, E. Pruitt

Next Level Guitar is proud to feature award-winning bassist E. Pruitt on the lessons in "Bass Guitar Master Class Plus." A native of Kansas City and a graduate of the Charlie Parker School for the Performing Arts, “E” has toured the United States, Europe and Asia, sharing the stage with artists and groups such as Brian Bromberg; Michael Manring; Michael Powers; Norm Stockton; Doug Johns; Jeff Scheetz; Brian Beller; the Scorpions; Tony MacAlpine; Paul Stanley; Philip Lomax; B.B. King; Brett Michaels; the Miles Davis tribute group, “Miles & Miles;” Greg Howe; and Sir Mix-a-Lot.

“E” has conducted numerous bass clinics, seminars and dealer training sessions from coast to coast and abroad. Now based in Seattle, “E” has put into motion the opening of “S.A.A.M.,” the Seattle Academy of Mobile Music.

Bottom line: Youʼre getting EVERYTHING you need to begin mastering bass guitar, period.

Whether youʼre a total newbie or someone with some experience, both of the packages contained within our "Ultimate Bass Guitar Bundle" will get you to the next level quickly on one of the coolest instruments ever created, the bass!

Remember, you're getting TWO special courses for the price of one here, but this offer is only temporary until the deadline on this page, so please grab your copy now.

From all of us at Next Level Guitar, thanks for your support as always, and ROCK ON!

P.S. Remember that the huge discount on this page is for my special email subscribers ONLY. If you were directed to this page, then you are eligible for the discount. However, please know that this discount is temporary. It will expire without notice, so please order now.

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