180 Beginner Blues Licks & Jams Course

Course includes over 6 hours of video lessons, 30 jam tracks, and a detailed eBook. Stop struggling to learn individual licks and instead learn what’s behind the lick so that you can quickly and easily turn one lick into ten licks and jam out with “sky’s the limit” confidence! Learn to create your own licks and how to use scales to build riffs and licks. Learn how to jam over tracks and not get lost. Learn the secret to phrasing licks together to flow smoothly into solos. Learn which scales to use when soloing and how to jam with other people and feel comfortable. Learn how to build licks that don’t sound like exercises and how to make them sound musical and much more!

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Acoustic Blues Licks & Approaches Course

Get a complete new palette of acoustic blues sounds & skyrocket your playing to the next level. Learn tons of new blues licks and approaches AND how to easily incorporate them into your playing. Course consists of over two hours of video lessons, ten Jam Tracks so you can practice and apply what you are learning, PDF tablature eBook of all licks tabbed out for each lesson lick by lick, and a PDF scale reference eBook of scales & soloing strategies. Learn lots of fun blues turnarounds, spice up your blues rhythms, connect lead licks to chords, build bluesy arpeggio licks, bluesy chord inversions, play lead and rhythm at the same time and how to create movement, groove, and motion within chords. Learn the critical approaches so you can truly understand the process of building licks, jamming, & improvising and so much more!

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Authentic Old Time Blues Course

These lessons are a “blues through time” course touching on many of the blues styles from the early 20th Century and how they have influenced modern blues. Course consists of over 2.5 hours of video lessons, ten blues jam tracks, and a detailed scale reference eBook. Blues styles taught include Piedmont Blues, Old School Blues, Country Blues, Delta Blues, Blues Slide, and Texas Blues. Dive into the blues styles of guitar legends Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, John Lee Hooker, T-Bone Walker, Howlin’ Wolf/Hubert Sumlin, Earl Hooker, and Freddie King. Plus gear and tone lesson, finger style blues, early blues styles, and so much more!

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Modern & Classic Rock Blues Masters Course

Over 11 hours of video lessons, 30 jam tracks, and a detailed reference eBook. Learn the gear, tones, techniques, devices, favorite scales, and interpret the playing styles of 16 of the all-time greatest Modern Blues and Classic Blues Rock players - Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, David Gilmour, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Bonamassa, Slash, Jimmy Page, Gary Moore, Warren Haynes, , Billy Gibbons, Robin Trower, Robert Cray, Dan Auerbach, Johnny Winter, and Michael Schenker. The course is an excellent tool for the guitarist to develop and enhance their lead guitar playing, improvisation skills, music theory knowledge, scale and mode learning, rhythm, fretboard knowledge, and much more!

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Delta/Chicago Post War Blues Course

Over five hours of video lessons, 10 Delta Blues jam tracks, and a detailed reference eBook. Learn the delta blues techniques, devices, soloing strategies, and styles of some of the greatest blues players of all time – BB King, Albert Collins, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, T-Bone Walker, Light’nin Hopkins, Freddie King, Eddie Taylor, Otis Rush, Peter Green, and more. Learn slide guitar techniques in the style of these Delta Blues slide masters - Elmore James, Muddy Waters, Robert Nighthawk, Tampa Red, Homesick James, and more. Learn all about blues rhythms and fill licks while playing rhythms. Learn killer string bending, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, doublestop licks. Learn how to solo over major chords, dominant chords, and minor chords in this style and so much more.

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Acoustic Blues Course

Learn the techniques, devices, and styles of many of the greatest bluesmen of all time. Acquire a whole new palette of acoustic sounds with many alternate tunings. Learn the ins and outs of acoustic blues slide guitar. Learn all kinds of new chords and bluesy rhythmic variations and how to spice up and decorate acoustic blues rhythms. Learn to build blues licks from scales and how to insert licks into rhythms so you are playing both at the same time. Learn a huge batch of blues turnarounds. Learn all kinds of acoustic blues rhythms and strumming patterns and how to combine slide, blues licks and chord changes – sound like a one-man band and so much more!

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Delta Blues Slide Guitar Course

Learn blues slide techniques of some of the greatest slide guitar players of all time - guitar legends like Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Howlin' Wolf, Elmore James, Robert Nighthawk, Earl Hooker, Fred McDowell, Homesick James, Tampa Red, Jeremy Spencer and more. Course includes two hours of video lessons. Learn everything you need to know to play in this Delta slide style from the type of slides used to gear and guitars to tons of slide guitar licks and rhythms, all kinds of turnarounds, thumping bass lines, bass walk ups and downs, and all kinds of devices that the slide legends utilized to get their sounds. Learn slide soloing strategies, note choices utilized in this style, open D, open G, open A slide guitar tunings, plus all kinds of slide guitar playing tips and tricks and so much more.

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Chord Magic Course

Over six hours of video lessons that will get you playing and creating music fast. Learn all kinds of new chords and chordal techniques. Learn to master chordal devices which add interest and melody, discover smooth chord changing techniques, learn new rhythm techniques and tricks, learn all about triads, discover new strum patterns, learn to move around on the neck, and discover how to create your own music. Plus we take all the frustration out of learning, playing, and chord changing using the "F" chord, and so much more!

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Learn & Master Barre Chords Course

Four hours of video lessons teaching a step-by-step blueprint for playing, changing, and mastering barre chords. We take all the frustration out of one of the most challenging aspects of guitar. We gradually work you up to barre chords with an easy progression of exercises and techniques that build fret hand strength, stamina, and dexterity. And on the way to barre chord mastery we teach you all about power chords, 5th chords, pseudo barre chords. Also learn how to proficiently change barre chords. Learn all kinds of barre chords like majors, minors, suspensions, 7th, minor 7th, major 7ths, and so much more – its an easy to follow step by step curriculum to mastering barre chords!

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Strumming & Rhythm Made Simple Course

Six hours of video lessons where we take all the mystery and frustration of learning strumming, rhythm, and strum patterns. Learn how to break rhythms down and how to understand and digest them rhythmically, so you can figure out any strum and play any song. Learn how to embellish rhythms to get your playing sounding more musical. Learn to enhance your playing so you are not always playing the same things. Learn to mix arpeggiating with strumming. Learn new and different strum patterns and why they work. Learn how to perfect your timing using a metronome and how to get your foot tapping to keep time and lock into any musical groove. Learn to maximize your practice time and start practicing smarter, not longer and much more!!

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Explaining Tablature and Chord Charts Course

Two hours of video lessons where you will learn the complete tablature, (tabs), system and then play it on the guitar. Learn how to read each string and how it translates to the guitar. Learn all the tab symbols and abbreviations and examples are played for each so this way you see the written tab, then visually see it transcribed and demonstrated on the guitar. Learn how to read chord charts and chord lines. Also learn the importance of picking out accurate tabs, ear training and ear development. Bonus lessons are included on guitar tuning and learning the notes on the guitar neck.

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Acoustic Guitar Techniques & Chords Course

Eight hours of video lessons that will vault your acoustic playing to the next level. Learn how to make chord changes effortlessly and how to add rhythmic elements to your acoustic playing like the chuck and rhythmic slap. Learn all about chord intervals, chord colors, chord subs, and interesting progressions. Learn how to embellish your chords and add richness, texture, and melody. Learn to get new sounds by hammer-on and pull-off chords. Learn some fingerstyle guitar and create beautiful finger picked music. Learn all the ins and outs of purchasing an acoustic guitar. Learn a myriad of new chords, pseudo barre chords, strum patterns, and much more!

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Beginner Fingerstyle Guitar Course

Over 1.5 hours of lessons on beginner finger style guitar. Learn about proper posture, the proper way to hold the guitar for finger style, left and right hand techniques, the rest and free strokes, strumming with the fingers, many fingering patterns and arpeggios, using a metronome when practicing, alternating finger patterns, and scales. Included are many musical practice examples with scales and chords, right and left hand exercises, rhythmic slapping, and so much more!

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Hot Pentatonic Licks Course

Great course for beginner to upper level beginner lead guitar players. Learn how to create your own licks, how to use scales to build riffs and licks, and learn the secret to phrasing licks together to flow smoothly into solos. Course includes two hours of video lessons. Learn how to take the notes and do things with them that sound musically interesting and how to develop your own licks so you are not always playing the same things over and over. Learn to get out of the "box" and play across the neck. Learn to connect scale box positions together to longer flowing scales. Learn how to target notes in the chords that you are playing over to make huge solo statements, how to get more out of the pentatonics, and much more!

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Ultimate Guide To Scales and Scale Usage Course

The ultimate resource on scales and how to use them. Course includes over six hours of video lessons, 11 jam tracks, and a detailed PDF eBook. Learn scales BUT also learn how to use them to make music and not just play notes. Learn concepts like what scales should I learn first and which save for later. Learn which scales to use and which to use over certain chords and what scales work over certain jams and why they work. Learn how scales connect across the neck and get out of the dreaded "box". Understand the relationship between chords and scales and gain composition and songwriting skills, get killer practice tips and exercises, learn the soloing process, expand your fret board visualization, discover your own roadmap for soloing, and learn the importance of melody and so much more.

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Head Turning Licks & Jams Course

Explode your lead guitar soloing and improvisation skills with this course packed with over six hours of video lessons, 30 jam tracks, and coinciding reference PDF eBook. Learn all kinds of lead guitar devices, techniques, scales, tricks, and soloing strategies. This course is a step-by-step breakdown of the soloing process as well as the possible lead guitar pathways and avenues. Learn to not only build killer licks but how to connect them into solos that make sense and then how to apply them in a musical context. Learn to jam and improvise in any key and using an array of different scales. All licks tabbed out and played at slow and record tempo so its easy to follow along. This is a great follow up lead guitar course to our "180 Beginner Blues Licks & Jams" course.

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Solo Techniques, Strength & Dexterity Building Course

In order to play lead guitar and solo proficiently and fluidly you first need to be proficient at certain guitar techniques. And these techniques are what we cover throughout these two hours of video lessons. Lead guitar is all about taking the notes and doing things with them that are musically interesting and we show you how in this course. Lean all kinds of picking techniques and exercises to blast your picking to the next level. Learn string muting techniques to clean up your sound and eliminate string noise. Learn finger strength and dexterity exercises to build the strength to milk every last drop of emotion from every note. Learn hammer on and pull off techniques and exercises to help build speed and fluidity. Learn string bending techniques, as bending is one of the most emotive things you can implement on the instrument. Learn all about vibrato techniques and so much more.

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Jam Tracks Vault Course

This vault is a practical and fun way to use jam tracks to get your playing to the next level instead of just noodling around. The vault includes 73 jam tracks and 73 written lessons, one written lesson for each track! Each of the awesome sounding jam tracks, 73 of them, comes with its own detailed written lesson. In the written lesson we go over the chords and key for each track, soloing strategies for each track, suggestions on scales to try, basically a template for each and every track that teaches you what works AND why it works. The jam tracks come in a variety of tempos and styles including blues, rock, delta blues, atmospheric tracks, jazzy, ballad and slower tempo tracks, and bass jam tracks. There are even some tracks inspired by some of our favorite legends, including Eric Clapton, Slash, ZZ Top, Jimmy Page/Led Zeppelin, David Gilmour/Pink Floyd, Santana, Gary Moore, Joe Satriani, and B.B. King. A fantastic practice tool all on one tidy dashboard for all level players.

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Creative Rock Soloing with Larry Mitchell Course

Two hours of video lessons featuring the teachings of Grammy award winning guitarist and producer Larry Mitchell. Throughout the course Larry teaches you some of his favorite licks, devices, techniques, soloing strategies and more! You will also learn all about Larry’s gear and tone as he discusses guitars, pickups, effects, amps, and some of his favorite sounds and effects! Learn all kinds of techniques and devices that will get you playing guitar in new inventive ways. Learn pivot licks, open string licks and runs, chromatic ideas, hybrid picking techniques, playing across the neck, double stop licks, arpeggio and arpeggio techniques, learn how to build a solo, and how to connect licks across the fretboard. Stop playing the same old things and start getting creative with your soloing and take it to a whole new level! For upper level beginners, intermediate, and advanced players.

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Monster Pentatonic Chops with Dave Nassie Course

Build speed and accuracy as Dave Nassie teaches you new, different, and creative ways to use pentatonic scales. Course includes two hours of video lessons teaching you how to pentatonically master the fret board. Break out of that "box" style of playing and into bold new pentatonic territories and take your pentatonic playing to a whole new level. Learn modern techniques using pentatonic scales like sizzling 3-note per string licks across the fret board, hybrid picking techniques, fast legato licks, fret board tapping, string skipping, combining shapes across the neck, and mastering alternate picking. Also increase your fretboard visualization, learn all kinds of picking sequences, build tremendous speed and more. Plus with the included “In The Style Of Lessons” you will learn the techniques and interpret the styles of Eric Johnson, Richie Kotzen, Guthrie Govan, and Rusty Cooley. For intermediate to advanced players.

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Each of our "Inspired" courses are a very comprehensive deep dive study into that player's lead & rhythm playing, techniques, devices, soloing strategies, tricks, and gear/tone. You will learn their favorite scale choices, tons of licks in their style, and the concepts that go into their playing.

You get a step by step breakdown of the player's style and playing techniques. The courses consist of highly detailed HD video lessons with close-ups of the fret and pick hands with multiple camera angles. And all licks are displayed with on-screen tablature. You also get killer sounding jam tracks, and reference PDF eBooks.

BB King inspired lesson course

4-hours Videos + 5 JamTracks + 41-page Ebook

In this course you will learn:

  • Positional mapping for maximum playing impact.
  • How to mix scales when jamming the blues in this style.
  • All about gear as it relates to achieving that B.B. King tone.
  • To take bits and pieces of everything and then make them your own.
  • Everything B.B. King - tons of licks in the style, tips, tricks and devices.
  • How to get that signature “sweet” sound that made B.B. King famous.
  • The BB devices like string bending, vibrato, string raking, dynamics and more.
  • The simple yet sophisticated soloing style that can say so much with so little.
  • How to blend major and minor sounds together for that beautifully complex sound.
  • Some music theory that will take your note selection to new and inspired levels.
  • All about spareness and emotive playing in this style - say a lot with a few notes.
  • How to use improvisational devices, techniques and concepts for your lead playing.
  • Tons of licks as how to build them, how to vary them, how to move them all over the neck.
  • How to approach the guitar in the same way as the universally recognized "King of Blues!".

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David Gilmour inspired lesson course

1.5-hour Videos + 2 JamTracks + 27-page Ebook

In this course you will learn:

  • Tons and tons of licks in this awesome style.
  • How to add emotion, color, and texture to your licks.
  • To cop that timeless, killer tone we all love so much.
  • How to create amazing sounds in the Gilmour style.
  • All about tone, gear, amp, pickups, and effect settings.
  • A simple way to use triads for “BIG" solo statements.
  • Scale, chord, and triad mapping all over the guitar neck.
  • How to construct melodic phrases and melodic themes.
  • To get the colors and characteristics of this sound down cold.
  • How to build licks and how to vary them into additional licks.
  • How to target notes based on the chords to make HUGE solo statements.
  • To combine pentatonic positions and get outside the dreaded "box" style of play.
  • The techniques in this style: vibrato, string bending, use of space, & tremolo arm use.
  • Scale application - Minor & Major Pentatonic Scale, Blues Scale, Natural Minor, Modes of the Major Scale.
  • Everything in a real musical scenario by mastering the approaches and devices over the included jam tracks.

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Gary Moore inspired lesson course

1-hour Videos + 2 Jam Tracks + 27-page Ebook

In this course you will learn:

  • Diatonic scales with resolution to blues phrases.
  • Tons of pentatonic and blues licks and devices in this style.
  • The layout of Pentatonic scales to cover the entire fret board.
  • Fast hammer-on and pull-off licks trademark to the Moore style.
  • Aggressive sustaining licks that make powerful solo statements.
  • Mix diatonic and pentatonic scales together all over the fret board.
  • Melodic phrasing when mixing scales to create memorable solos.
  • Fast alternate picking licks and mixing them with traditional licks.
  • How to connect licks together into fluid longer lines and how to vary them.
  • High-octane, foot to the floor, blues rock soloing devices and techniques.
  • How to build licks, what scales they are constructed from, and how to vary them.
  • All about the guitar, pickups, amp, amp settings, and EQ settings with screen shots.
  • To mix searing licks with melodic, emotional, bluesy, licks to create expressive playing.
  • To move patterns around the fret board making it easy playing through multiple positions.
  • How to blend pentatonic scales together to create awesome sounding licks in this style.
  • Moore style use of scales and melodic devices to put a more sophisticated spin on the blues.
  • Modal playing, fast hammer and pull licks, all about the "diminished", and legato playing.
  • How to play and phrase arpeggios, licks, and scales together over chord changes.
  • Combine Natural Minor scale with Pentatonics for killer sounding melodic licks and runs.
  • Nail the tone with string raking and bending, massive vibrato, pinch harmonics, and trill licks.
  • The concepts, soloing devices, and lead strategies that create the colors/characteristics in the Moore style.

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Santana inspired lesson course

1-hour Videos + 2 Jam Tracks + 27-page Ebook

In this course you will learn:

  • To increase your chord and arpeggio vocabularies.
  • Picking techniques for killer sounds and dynamics.
  • Tons of licks in the Santana blues-rock, Latin-fusion style.
  • Low to high patterns and trademark three note pull-off licks.
  • The trademark use of tremolo picking and two-note ideas and runs.
  • All kinds of soloing ideas and options using the Dorian mode.
  • How to combine pentatonic and blues licks with the Dorian mode.
  • How to get "in the ballpark" of the modern Santana style sound.
  • All about the use of rhythm and phrasing in the Santana soloing style.
  • The concept of unison bends and how to move them around the neck.
  • Learn how to add color and texture to rhythms by “sliding” into chords.
  • Creative ways to connect arpeggio ideas into motifs and longer lead lines.
  • To explore soloing ideas and options drawing from Minor Pentatonic & Blues Scales.
  • To create runs exploring similar lick ideas in different places over the entire guitar neck.
  • How to think rhythmically like Santana and vary notes within the same rhythmic motif.
  • All kinds of devices to take simple rhythmic figures and improvise them into countless licks.
  • To connect chord shapes up the neck and mix them together with scales and single note lines.
  • To add big bends and exploiting bends in the Santana style to make huge solo statements.
  • All about arpeggios and how to move them around and phrase them together into flowing lead lines.
  • Learn Santana’s trademark trills, long sustained notes without vibrato, and unision bends.
  • Tons of in the style repeated rhythmic motifs, and melodically simple but rhythmically complex phrases.

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Jimmy Page inspired lesson course

1.5-hour Videos + 5 Jam Tracks + 23-page Ebook

In this course you will learn:

  • All about scale CHOICES and soloing OPTIONS.
  • To use arpeggios in this blues-based playing style.
  • Combination hammer-on and pull-off techniques and licks.
  • Tips and tricks on how to dial in these "inspired by" tones.
  • “Oblique" bending techniques that are very trademark to this style.
  • The trademark sounding Jimmy Page tremolo and hybrid picking of grips.
  • How to map Minor Pentatonic Scales, Blues Scales, and Natural Minor Scales.
  • To add string raking devices, reverse rakes, and "sweeping" rakes into your licks.
  • Tons of signature-sounding Page type licks and leaqrn to make them your own.
  • Learn great sounding arpeggios and how to tie them into lead lines using scales.
  • How to superimpose, or play different arpeggios than the chord you are playing over.
  • To combine licks for tons of musical sounding ideas from just a few basic patterns.
  • Master tons of juicy sounding two note grips that will add spice to your single note lines.
  • String bending techniques and practice tips to ensure you are always bending in pitch.
  • How to combine pentatonic and natural minor scale licks together for bluesy sounds.
  • Different chordal options giving you the ability to play lead and rhythm and the same time.
  • To connect notes with devices like hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides to glide into new positions.
  • Combination hammer-on and pull-off techniques and licks to achieve the Page/Zeppelin sound.
  • The technical elements and soloing approaches that make Page’s playing so creative and unique.

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Joe Satriani inspired lesson course

4-hour Videos + 2 Jam Tracks + 35-page Ebook

In this course you will learn:

  • Tons of licks in this style.
  • All about legato in this style.
  • One string and open string licks.
  • Chord centers and arpeggio playing.
  • How to build melodicism into your solos.
  • All about alternate picking in the Satriani style.
  • How to combine bluesy runs with legato playing.
  • All about chord centers and adding intervals and arpeggios.
  • Two-handed rock tapping with tons of deliciously hot licks.
  • Fun tremolo bar tricks and how to make wildly interesting noises.
  • How to add all the infamous "Joe-ish" nuances to your playing.
  • How to combine minor and major pentatonic scales in this style.
  • To combine modes together for new sounds, moods, and textures.
  • One-string patterns, sequence licks, and position shifting made easy.
  • To strengthen your fret hand with hammer-on and pull-off exercises.
  • Lots of Pentatonic and Blues licks and devices in the Satriani style.
  • To master tons and tons of killer pentatonic and blues licks in this style.
  • All about clean multi-finger tapping in the Satriani style using chords.
  • To combine legato licks with blues licks and with diatonic scale licks.
  • How to nail down the tone with a lesson detailing gear, effects, and amp.
  • All about modal playing - learn Lydian, Ionian, Phrygian, and how to apply them.
  • All about the harmonic minor scale and the Phrygian dominant mode.
  • Rolling patterns, sequence patterns, slide movements, and one-string patterns.

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Slash inspired lesson course

4.5-hour Videos + 5 Jam Tracks + 35-page Ebook

In this course you will learn:

  • Tons of licks in the style of Slash.
  • Slash inspired rhythms and riff building.
  • Secrets and tips to using the wah wah pedal.
  • How to add variation while repeating your licks.
  • How to build and create licks from scale positions.
  • How to get that signature “sweet” sound that made B.B. King famous.
  • Fast legato techniques in various forms of the pentatonics.
  • How to use your gear to achieve the much sought after Slash tone.
  • How to blend major and minor sounds together for that beautifully complex sound.
  • Practice tips and how to increase finger strength and dexterity.
  • All the foundational help you might need with the pentatonic scales.
  • Fun licks using the Dorian mode, wah pedal licks,and melodic licks in the style.
  • Mapping that gives you the ability to play in both major and minor pentatonic.
  • All about octaves, long big bends, string raking, half step bends, and building tension.
  • Practice regimens that will increase your speed and expand your capacity for learning.
  • Rolling licks, melodic soloing secrets, alternate picking, open string licks, and more.
  • Slash employed techniques like hammer on and pull offs, alternate picking, and pedal tones.
  • More techniques and lick building using palm muting techniques, string bending, vibrato and more.
  • More scale licks using Minor and major pentatonic, blues scale, major scale, natural and harmonic minor.
  • All the nuances and subtle "Slash isms" that you can easily bring unto your own style of play

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Stevie Ray Vaughan Inspired course

2.5-hour Videos + 10 Jam Tracks + 41-page Ebook

In this course you will learn:

  • Tons of aggressive blues licks in this style.
  • Killer sounding octave licks and octave devices.
  • Cool bluesy rhythm riffs and licks in this style.
  • Classic sounding clean bluesy licks in this style.
  • How to incorporate rhythm into your lead playing.
  • How to create rhythmic variations on a theme.
  • To add tremolo picking to create killer rhythmic sounds.
  • Cool jazzy sounding chords in the SRV clean tone style.
  • A boatload of bread and butter licks of blues-rock guitar.
  • Bluesy ascending licks that use hammer-ons in this style.
  • How to add different “tag” endings to expand your lick vocabulary.
  • To incorporate trills, bends, pull-offs, dynamics, and percussive muting.
  • To incorporate the wah pedal into licks for cool SRV/Hendrix sounds.
  • To incorporate devices like string bending, double stops, and chromatics.
  • The famous “Thumb over the Top” of the neck technique and why you need it.
  • The importance of targeting notes and note resolution while creating bluesy licks.
  • All about the aggressive lead playing, rhythm playing, clean playing, and gear/tone of SRV.
  • Flat to major 3rd bends, string raking, outside notes, slides, chromatic notes, and double stops.
  • To make licks sing using double bending, string rakes, two-string bends, and percussive attacks.
  • To incorporate big bends, double-stops, vibrato, rakes, slides, and more in this bluesy aggressive style.
  • The gear - guitars, pickups, string gauge, picks, tuning, amps, amp settings, effect pedals, and pedal settings.
  • Tons of licks using hammer-ons, pull-offs, double stops, double stop hammer-ons, two string bends, and passing tones.

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Alternate Tuning Magic Course

Over seven hours of videos lessons teaching 22 alternate tunings. Get a whole new palette of sounds and develop awesomely rich, ringing guitar voicings in a variety of tunings. Get out of the rut of playing the same old chords and play accompaniment that is more varied and far richer than what standard tuning offers. Alternate tunings open up a new world of chord voicings and musical textures that inspire new ways of thinking about and creating music. Expand your guitar universe with the infinite possibilities of alternate tunings no matter what style of music you play and no matter what level you currently play at - this course is perfect for both beginners and intermediate players. Learn open major and minor tunings like open C, open D, Open G, Open E, Open G minor, Open D major 7th, C6th, low C, and G Modal tunings. Learn Slack/Drop tunings like DADGAD, Processional, DACGCE, Pelican, CFCFAC, Admiral, CGDGGD, Double Drop D, DADDAD, and more. Also learn instrument tunings like Balalaika and Cittern tuning.

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Acoustic Guitar Maintenance & Setup Course

A poorly set up guitar plays terribly and may not stay in tune or play out of tune at different parts of the neck, which is extremely frustrating. Poorly set up guitars will discourage even an experienced player from playing the guitar. Why fight the guitar when you can have it set up to play like butter? Why continually pay lots of money for each guitar you own every time you need it set up or adjusted when you can learn to do it yourself. This course includes two hours of video lessons. Learn how to properly change your strings and stretch them so they will stay in tune. Learn how to set the guitars action, adjust the truss rod, string saddles, string height, nut height and nut adjustments, and intonation. Learn how to clean your guitar and what products work best. We cover all the bases to get your guitar dialed in just how you like it and playing its absolute best.

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Electric Guitar Maintenance & Setup Course

Have you noticed that your guitar does not play nearly as well as it used to? Does it seem that your guitar strings have gotten pretty high off the fret board, making it hard to play? Does your guitar keep going out of tune even though you continually tune it? Have you noticed that your guitar has started to buzz?Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions then your guitar needs a set-up. This course includes two hours of video lessons where we teach you how to make all the adjustments on your electric guitar to get it playing its best. Learn how to properly change your guitar strings and stretch the strings so they stay in tune, how to adjust the truss rod and make adjustments for neck relief, tremolo block adjusting and spring work, how to set the action or string height to your playing preference, micro tilt adjustments, how to set the guitar intonation, pickup height adjustments, and how to clean the guitar body and neck and what type of cleaning products work best.

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How to Purchase an Acoustic Guitar Course

This course is all about how to make a well-informed decision when purchasing an acoustic guitar, one that will bring you endless joy for years and years to come. Course includes two hours of video lessons. Learn the different types of acoustic guitars and the different characteristics of each. Learn and compare nylon string, steel string, arch top, and electric/acoustics. Learn about thin line acoustics, smaller sized parlor, travel acoustics, dreadnaught, jumbo, and other sized acoustics - all with playing and tonal examples and in depth discussion of the positives and negatives associated with each. Learn how to compare guitars tonally, how the size and shapes affect tone, and what to listen for in an acoustic. Learn about the WBSS principle – or Woods, Built, Size, Shape – and how these factors influence tone. Listen as we play various guitars made from different woods and hear the tonal characteristics of each. Learn about solid wood construction vs. laminate construction and the effects on tone and much more.

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The Ultimate Gear Guide Course

A complete guide that eliminates the distortion from the seemingly overwhelming number of gear choices, settings, and placements that we have today. Course includes six hours of video lessons on all kinds of guitar effects, effect parameters, signal chain, which pedals go where and in what order, effects loops, setting up a whole rig, choosing a pedal board, and even an amplifier purchasing guide. Learn all about boost, overdrive, distortion, fuzz, chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, compression, volume pedals, wah pedals, analog and digital delays, envelope filters, univibe, hall spring plate and room reverbs, and octave and whammy effects. Plus lessons on getting a great blues tone, country tone, rockabilly tone, and getting your guitar to cut through a mix. This course is for all level players.

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Beginner Epic Bass Guitar Course

Course includes over 4.5 hours of video lessons where you will learn different ways to tune your bass, the floating thumb technique, how to read tablature, the slap and pop technique, and learn the notes on the neck. Also learn proper thumb placements and finger techniques, string muting, rhythm and timing principles, bass harmonics, and bass drone notes. Learn critical bass techniques including hammer-ons, pull-offs, string bending, slides, and vibrato techniques. Learn tons of bass licks, power chords, minor and major scales, all about the 12 bar blues, and killer bass grooves. Learn how to dial in a bass tone, how to get different bass sounds, all about bass effects, and how to jam with a drum machine. Also learn everything you need to know about how to set up and adjust your bass as well as the proper way to change strings. This course is designed for beginner bass players.

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Bass Guitar Master Class Course

Course includes three hours of video lessons and 20 killer sounding bass jam tracks. We pull apart the tracks and teach you how to examine the track and lock in with the drummer, how to examine chord progressions, and the various approaches and thought processes for each track. Learn how to build your own bass lines. Learn how to embellish bass lines with walking lines, funky lines, old school lines, blues lines, modern lines, melodic lines, 16th notes lines, triplets, and 8th and 16th note lines. Learn the slap and pop technique, bass harmonics, modal bass playing, playing over each chord, how to lay back and "stay in the pocket", how to feel the groove, major and minor scale usage and application, chromatic movements, walk ups and walk downs, all about I-IV-V progressions, how to play in any key signature, and much more! This course is for mid level beginners to intermediate players and is the perfect follow up course to our Beginner Epic Bass Guitar Course.

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Ultimate Bass Guitar Bundle

Get BOTH our "Beginner Epic Bass Guitar" Course and our "Bass Guitar Master Class" Course in this special priced two-course bundle. See course descriptions for both courses above.

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